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  1. Teams will be kicking themselves for not taking this deal after Raymond wins Olympic gold for team Canada.
  2. You don't make that trade unless there is an agreed upon extension.
  3. Eriksson has value. Not worth 6 mill, but Benning had to overpay to get him. Eriksson needs a haircut.
  4. (Proposal) VAN - TOR

    Toronto is tight on cap space, I don't think they can take on Gud's 3.5M. They are also maxed out at 50 contracts so maybe van takes on a bad contract in this proposal. I'm guessing it takes a huge overpayment to acquire Liljegren. Might need to throw in a higher draft pick too.
  5. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    Sweden's powerplay unit is stacked with talent. Andersson, Nylander, Pettersson, Dahlin. I'm very grateful that Vancouver has one of those players, but it sure would be great to have anther one (crossing fingers for some kind of draft miracle). It wouldn't surprise me to see Sweden win this tourney, they have a great team.
  6. Some player make their holes (make the goalie move out of position). Bure and Naslund were great at this. I've seen Brock do it a couple times just by delaying his shot. He picks his corner then just "outwaits" the goalie. Great instincts and hockey sense.
  7. Boesser's wrist shot reminds me of Joe Sakic. Lethal, don't give him an inch.
  8. You get an upvote from me because you were right. I did this post well before Xmas though....
  9. what's wrong with Vans history in brothers? I loved watching the Courtnalls and the Sedins will be hall of famers. The history of only 1/2 of the brothers tandom (typically the younger one) is where trouble begins. Federov, Karia.... Grandlund? Kidding about Grandlund of course.
  10. Emil Pettersson (Elias's older brother) would be an interesting player for the Canucks to target via trade. Now 23, Emil is almost a point per game player in the AHL, and was also around the point per game mark last year in the SHL. He plays center, is 6'2" (only 176 LBS) could possibly be a good depth 4th liner. Worst case scenario he would be a good addition for the Comets. I would like to think Emil could help his brother with the transition of moving from Europe to North America as an added benefit. What would Nashville ask for in return?
  11. You make good points, and I am not stating in any way that Glass is a bad player and I won't ignore that his WHL stats are good. But it is a league that isn't taken as seriously as others, the guy currently leading the league in points was drafted in the 2nd round last year (71points in 29 games). I did however state that I am basing his "Stock being at a low point" based on being outperformed by players picked lower than him. There are 3 players in the WHL, drafted in 2017, that are above him in overall point production. There are players named to Team Cananda that were picked lower (2017 draft picks) than him. This is potentially the lowest his stock could go. I highly doubt Vegas would give up on him, but if a trade scenario came up that made sense to the team, you never know. I doesn't hurt to inquire.
  12. I was basing it on the fact the Glass has been outperformed by players picked lower than him. I should clarify, what I mean when I say his stock is low. I don't mean bottom of league low, I mean low based on the players expected performance. I expected Glass to make the world junior team.
  13. Though I agree it is unlikely, playoff (cup contenders) have done this sort of thing before. Example from last year: TO CALGARY: C Curtis Lazar; D Mike Kostka TO OTTAWA: D Jyrki Jokipakka, 2017 second-round pic Lazar was 17th overall, so not quite Glass compairable, but Gudbranson is a lot better than Jokipakka (IMO)
  14. My apologies, I rushed my post a bit (trying to get it done before the little one wakes up from her nap), I saw the jerseys and assumed that was their draft teams. Thankfully Winnipeg and Vegas are still in the playoff pictures, so the question remains relevant.