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  1. I'm gonna start this blog by saying that i'm from Finland , so try to understand what i'm gonna write . I've receved information that Canuks have the following draft picks ( Correct me if im wrong . ) 25th 115th 145th 172th 175th 205th . So what i think Canuks should do is get Tampa Bay's first draft pick by giving them our 1st ( In this case 25th . ) and a talented forward like Mason Raymond ( Gonna miss him . ) to Tampa's 1st pick ( In this case 5th ? ) they doesen't really need Raymond but now that Gretzky is in the organisation he's gonna take Raymond 'cause he appriciates talent and we know as well as The Great One that Raymond has IT . But know to the pick we would be receving . Theres going to be coming a star that scouts have totally missed on . I've seen him and he HAS it like Sid the Kid ( Hate that guy . ) He's name is Mikael Granlund (Ranked 1st European Skater ) he's from a finnish team called HIFK (Greatest team in Finnish history ). Helsingin (City . ) IFK has made ceveral superstasrs like Olli Jokinen , Toni Lydman , Tuomo Ruutu , Jarkko Ruutu and Niklas Bäckström ( Just some . ) But even bigger thing is that players like Tim Thomas , Brian Rafalski , John Madden , Tomas Vokoun and Marek Zidlicky have played there and Granlund just smashed everything that they ever did in HIFK and cleaning the award table . What i've seen Hall and Seguin do Granlund does better . ( Hall is way Better than Seguin ! ) Granlund is a defensive GOD . lets make a situation where the big bad BUFF is in front of the goal Granlund would take him out one-way-or-another . If anyone can see this and has some saying in canucks organization please take this idea and think about it . Canuks for ever and go get Erik Johnson .