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  1. Travel for the Prince George team will probably be now close to what Trail has done for years. Assuming back-to-back games in Prince George for Interior Division opponents, travel will not increase this year for most teams. For the 7 interior division opponents it probably means a maximum of 4 games (2trips) to Prince George which even could be combined with a game in Chilliwack or Merritt on the way home. That being said, most of the changes to the league this year (i.e. reduced rosters) are about saving the teams money and if it is cheaper for a team like Merritt to play one game, pile back in the bus and go right back to Merritt instead of paying for a dozen hotel rooms and a couple of extra team meals expect them to do whatever is the most economical Next season teams only face the 8 teams in the other division once, facing 4 at home and 4 teams on the road. Last year for most teams it was 2 long road trips per year to the other Division and this year I would expect only 1 trip. This year the 4 Coastal teams playing in Prince George could travel up and play PG on Wed, play Okanagan teams 2 games on Fri/Sat and Chilliwack or Merritt on the way back home on Sunday. Expect all teams to only have one road trip in the season to play teams in the other division. It is sad to see a town like Quesnel lose the Millionaires hockey team after 35 years. They had good corporate support and believe they still had about 500 season ticket holders. Transportation, billet, equipment, ice time, and salary costs have been crippling for even the big market teams in recent years. There are probably only 3 or 4 teams in this league that do anything better than break even.