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  1. Ok so who is your two? And what if no one wants them?
  2. Well shi_.. he still has me puzzled on how he's gauranteed it almost to get it done, is he that confident LE will be gone? I doubt it.. maybe a roster player for a pic? Still need at least 1.5 - 2 mill to sign Brock..
  3. Was thinking of what must be going on in JB's head as he seems confident on squeaking under the cap, I looked on cap friendly and and it pretty much has Sven's buy out would save us 1.7 mil and add 5 mil should sign Brock for 6.7 and solve the cap issue no? Makes one wonder if that's his contingency plan if he can't unload LE... Pretty sure Brock would sign a deal if that was on the table as 1st year starting salary then up from then on? Ok so was brought up it's too late for a buy out but there's always salary retention in a trade. I like the guy but also concerned that if he gets clocked one more time really hard then it might turn out a disaster for him in (life) and I'd hate to see a Malhotra ish scenario play out.. plus we already have enough lower paid guys for 3rd line that fits budget
  4. Maybe we can get Russell Peters to do a spoof on the CDC.. go big or go home right?
  5. Just no to all of the above, Bo has literally earned it..
  6. Happy birthday Jordie, welcome home!
  7. Rule number 1, it's not over until it's over. JV is still young and can be taught to overcome any deficiencies that he needs, to say he can't is simply short sighted because if you want to bad enough you can learn anything at any age. I'm 54 and learning new things about my job and getting better every day because I want to.
  8. Dude, it's swim, we missed the PO's by a short margin with the D we had and no Ferland or Miller, and a gruelling schedule that's a bit better this season so I'd be inclined to think about position instead of sink or swim. Going to be a fun to watch season... When it finally gets here that is so I'm with the op, yawnnnnn! Glad I work so it's tolerable at least but still it's thumb twittling time waiting. Especially in prince george that doesn't have near the things to do that I did in Vancouver.. ok great, add homesick to that list.. ugh.
  9. Easy answer, Vancouver has no patience to develop one.. aside from JV, who by the way is doing ok and getting better but there's often calls to get rid of him before he matures completely and fills the bill but typically we want it all NOW but how well has that ever worked here?
  10. Sorry but JV scored 15 g last season and hit 7 posts and 2 crossbars.. with luck on those he was an inch away from then he'd have gotten 24 total so no... just NO... His game still isn't finished being honed yet so that would be the worst thing to do.
  11. So take away points from our 2 top lines to somehow add scoring to 3rd line that's there to stop opposition from scoring? Hmmmm okkkk..
  12. The best part about this, and this for us now too is his maturity level is a lot deeper and that adds a mentor mentality just be the way he plays and if that rubs off on JV and Big Mac then this is a much better signing than the pundits or CDC naysayers ever dreamed of so hopefully it will and this team can finally put it all together and make a serious run in 2 years as new players are added for upgrades albeit only a few as Woo, OJ and others will be seasoned but playing on regular lines for once with the turnstile slowing to a dead stop for a change PLUS our current guys the same. 2 yrs is my prediction for it to all fall in place and in the meantime thanks to Ferland Miller, etc lately should add up to a lot more fun to watch! Can hardly wait to get a streaming sports subscription in Oct.