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  1. Where do these thoughts in your head come from? Want me to pick apart most of what you said and ask you what you'd have done assuming you put yourself properly in the place of JB and in his head as he took over a aging seasonal team rivaling other clubs with ntc's and nmc's and not much in the farm and doing your best to try and make it all work until their all gone and some deals he made, made sense at the time. Like Vey, who was lighting it up one down and may end up helping if he could make the transition but i would have given him a chance too. Guddy the same as in physical play and failed to at least be effective, LE looked like a shoe in line mate for the twins, baer has had plain bad luck, dorsett turned it up a notch then injured too. Last is Pearson and he's turned out well with Bo so far... plus Tanev and Edler going down a lot, you don't ask much do you?
  2. Honestly that's not bad considering this has been his first gig as a GM and handed a aging handicap off the get go so he's learning which people aren't prepared to want to believe it but after LE is gone that's the last bad contract so see how it goes, but he's done ok.
  3. Ummmm who is willing to trade a top 4 D for a draft pick? think about it, getting in the playoffs means having 2 top pairings who can consistently shut down potent offenses or slow them down for your snipers to win it... how easy do you think you'd let go of one? unless the circumstances were perfectly right, not very I imagine... and even worse, there's no guarantee in drafts, from 3rd overall on down is a crap shoot usually... and since when would JB turn down a trade to get a top 4 D if one was available for the right price?
  4. Yeah he'd charter small planes instead or buy his own..
  5. No unless he's pretending on twitter, To "so and so" welcome to the team etc etc... kind of thing a unofficial captain does and he knows help is on the way, he is watching it all and you can't tell me that he hasn't talked to JB and JB pointing out what the plan is and how it will pan out if things go relative and making his money isn't exactly chump change either! Just sayin! Seems to me he knows what's going on and is ok with it.
  6. He is but unless we have more depth at D to cover his injury time and we don't collapse if and when we get injuries up the yang as usual so we don't drop out of a playoff race as usual... if it always has to boil down to that i'd say trade him to a contender if they want him, so at least he has a chance at a cup ring but like edler i doubt he'd get more than a 2 yr extension if he were to stay but somehow i hope JB can sign someone who can play up and down the D pairings as needed so we can actually get somewhere instead of out of post season run...
  7. Easy, that's a cap issue and we can do better in trades which JB is working on but it's a ways off to oct so it's a bit early to say he's done...
  8. Why does it seem strange? Since when do we ever get in the top 3 in the draft? Btw, that first round pick will be a late first round or mid at best which means most of the meat is off the bone first and then you settle for left over.. once in awhile it might go well but not worth the risk when you have a chance to upgrade your top 6 which we have. Picture JB working the phone to trade the extra forwards for D... How do you figure strange exactly? Oh and Maz was deemed expendable in lieu of Jake Kielly being signed and a 3rd round pick hardly ever makes it..
  9. This is news to you??? petey brock bo (pearson/miller) --- toss up
  10. Are you for real? Exactly how many 3rd rounders make the nhl, news flash sir, 2nd rounds are a "maybe", late first rounds are strong "maybe", mid first are "probably" and top 5 are usually a gimme but since when do you think losing a 3rd round pick is that important when you get a upgrade on your top 6 to compliment the STYLE of the players you have already?
  11. Right up there with "burrows do we really need him?" Shout off brain and type bull_$&!#.. man it never ends
  12. Do you honestly think your not the homer here? Like it or not, you are. If not, a troll at best. So let's play that out shall we? Say we do the same as last year, end up with potential 7th pick and as usual we drop a few spots to 10-12... do you actually think your going to get some super kid guaranteed to make top 6? If you do your a complete fool.. Maz was expendable due to Kielly and MD isn't too far away from depth at G.. So how is this some sort of an over payment?
  13. With the luck on our lottery, are you kidding? I started laughing when i read this... and since is there a guarantee all first rounders are destined to play top 6? Let alone make the nhl? None whatsoever, imo the OP is an idiot and you nailed it. I didn't think it was rocket science to know our top 6 needed a player like miller with his style of play to compliment our core as a top tier team needs balance and we're getting closer to that with this move... however i suppose not everyone sees it that way...