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  1. well in the past we never had prospects or anyone to speak of in development either. maybe the odd occasion but nothing like now and last years win against the caps was before we got the injury bug so the team was not bad per se' but this team is better and now with schaller here as well as Roussel and Guddy, teams wont be taking liberties on the twins aka now as brock and elias so they can do their magic. i still say this is a better team this year and i'm excited as you are and finally we're having guys ready when we get slaughtered by injuries and they need to get their feet wet anyway.
  2. we're not that bad.. we beat ovi n the caps 6-2 last season and people forget that and this team is better THIS season...
  3. Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    schaller against maroon now...
  4. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    well the poster you replied to forgot all the the ntc and long term signings we had on the roster for quite some time and only recently is pretty much gone except edler so a re-tool on the fly was the only option until they dropped off 1 by 1 until gone. What more could have been done with those lack of options and yes he did a cpl himself but maybe louie e can turn it around but new additions have been coming and some fists to help protect them who can also score.. schaller was a lot smarter of a move than most people realize but yes the future really is bright and even last yr before all the injuries we beat Ovi and the caps 6-2 This year is a better team... and getting better all the time Not bad Jimmy.. not bad...
  5. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    virtanen cant be put on bennings plate anymore than any other GM trying to get a bullish power forward to find focus and commitment after years of growing up with "some" to get there but not enough to stick but thats typical development for a power forward anyway... i was around when messier was a rookie and he was exactly the same way and sather stuck it out with him even though he lacked consistantly and took some really dumb penalties but when he got it under control in his head with proper guidance then look what happened! Any power forward needs taming "a bit" like that... some faster and some slower and Virtanen is no different but he has the talent so all that needs to develop is his head first and everything else will follow but here in vancouver we want NOW or nothing..
  6. Waivers: who gets claimed?

    Someone with a lot of time to waste waiting for hockey to start again... Obviously... Thought anyone could see that! Lol
  7. Hopefully #1 will be Demko... working his way into it.. i can see nils being traded since he did so well at the worlds and Demko being #2 behind mark for a yr or 2 depending how it works out
  8. Quinn Hughes Vs Rasmus Dahlin!

    I just hope OJ becomes Salo 2.0 Hopefully Hughes bulks up on weight and muscle and get's even faster but if Hughes is even on the same field as Dahlin it's one less spot on the roster to be concerned about.. in spades... However i like a line Greener could use for late game pushes for goals... Guddy and Hughes, Bo, Brock, Elias... but have Elias second line usually to spread offence...
  9. Quinn Hughes Vs Rasmus Dahlin!

    Saw a lot of dahlin's highlights and he's the real deal... sucks we missed him! If he shows even somewhat close to Bobby's skill set we'd all be more than happy with that...
  10. Quinn Hughes Vs Rasmus Dahlin!

    we're bored...
  11. [Discussion] New Canucks President

    Actually there is... i doubt anyone would have thought he'd do badly with the twins, i thought for sure it'd become a huge lethal line too. Heard that from a lot of people and agreed with it. I thought if that was the case Benning killed it but... that's the ONLY defence it has... what a waste but i hope for some weird reason that something changes and he lights it up. who knows.... doubtful yeah... buy him out? ugh... maybe... then pass whats left over to brock or elias
  12. [Discussion] New Canucks President

    who would want to play in vancouver if he didn't? Think about really... for the last 5-8 years especially... who would want to play on a team that can't protect their stars i.e. the Sedins and they get beat up and out of any contention, that's why Benning did the signings, like i said before, if he didn't get us tougher it'd be more of the same with Sedin/Sedin changing to Boeser/Petterson and we'd still get nowhere... however now that's not the case... mess with those two and your fighting for sure and schaller can fight and Roussel with drop them too and can fight as well just not quite as good and plus Guddy and Archie so no fear of Rats........... So until it's seen as changed and we start winning anyone who will play here usually has to be overpaid for that reason...
  13. Can Brock beat Bure's Record (eventually?)

    IF he can develop his skating like barzal then yes... otherwise no... but then again goal "timing", matters, if you score more goals in a losing cause during games so what but if you score less but in games in a winning cause is far better no? So it can't be all on one guy... obviously... but love watching him snipe win or lose...
  14. Thank You Jim Benning.

    Have you noticed a cpl of things he was trying to do as in pairing a bigger stay at home dman paired on every line with an offensive D? it worked to a certain degree but it fell apart a bit with Tryamkin leaving etc but also and he's doing now is getting depth for every position.. and not just depth but really talented depth and we didn't even have depth before let alone really talented. like if Jake fails at power foward Benning picked up Jonah and that will also push Jake so he doesn't have a choice but to perform consistantly or get traded with Jonah waiting to fill the spot.. now if brock goes down or has problems then Elias is around now... BUT thank God, Mr B went out and got us tougher or Brock and Elias would be target 1 and 2 for other teams like we saw with the twins, who would get beaten on if we even got close to the play offs... as usual...
  15. [Discussion] New Canucks President

    No that would be Bettman... in Burke's body...