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  1. Well I'm sure he already had way past enough b.s. the same way I have had in the past when it was a case of too little, too late. One can only take so much crap before losing patience and walking away.
  2. Well maybe, maybe not.. usually that's the case but for a change we actually have some depth..
  3. It's credibility you know what your talking about.. Goldy is in the AHL for a reason and until, if and when he does, then he can come up but not until then, we don't need that bad of a defensive player in the line-up who doesn't score enough to balance it out. Thinking otherwise isn't credible it's more like dreaming and wishing..
  4. Minus Baer.. we need our young guys getting more ice time more than we need Baer.. it's not even close, same as we needed TJ Miller more than a conditional mid round first pick We will get better as we go along, you can take your finger off the panic button, we're still just getting used to all the new faces but we need more time together to get better and there's no way we're anywhere near where we can be but that will come.. no worries..
  5. No he walked out on WD as I would have done as well, only and idiot would have stayed.. It had zero to do with his teammates or Vancouver. if you think that then.. whatever.. WD F'd that situation up more than I thought possible from beginning to end and could have been solved easily. All WD had to do was put Train through everything else that the team did and if he couldn't because he was only in khl shape from a lot less games played and put him in the line-up and up minutes as he got caught up and leave it at that but it became a media circus.. how classless and stupid can you possibly be?? Would YOU want to stay with a team whose coach is that bad? If I was any player on that team I'd have asked my agent to talk to JB and said, get rid of that jackass or trade me..
  6. Smart thought sir.. plus 1. We all love Eddie Chris, Benn fits but Train has gained a lot of experience and he's a lot better now than he was when he was here and those thinking he would come here out of shape or playing (skill ) need to give their head a shake maybe to get that but that's their problem.. It's the same thing, different situation as with TJ Miller the way a lot of people here fell for the media's assessment of a conditional 1st which was a complete joke that made me just shake my head.. People need to start researching things for themselves instead of taking someone's word for it. That'd be like trusting in our pathetic government to do the right thing.. they know how to make it "sound" good but much like sugar coating a pile of $&!#e, once your past the sugar it's the same old story... Just because a so-called "analyst" or "expert" says something, doesn't mean it's true. At the end of the day, come playoff time, we not only need his skill, we need his size more. That's the point that most are missing..
  7. Ummm Train's personality nulls that because he brings another size component to match to smaller faster PMD, that JB was trying for before.. pretty safe bet he's trying it again with the latest trades coming in...
  8. If JB can negotiate a trade including LE with a gimme of Tanev thrown in if it takes that but only IF Train is signed.. that way we have Trains signing money out of Tanevs cap plus the cap recovered from LE and then it's other Luongo's 3 Mil we have to wait but in the bank to help sign Boeser when he re-ups, hope JB can pull off something..
  9. Totally disagree.. Stretch is a middler, Benn is a 3rd pairing guy, 2nd pairing if a 2nd gets injured, and your not taking into account how long Trains stick reach is which makes it hard to get around without risking a poke check and/or leveled and the puck going the other way as Myers does periodically. And top 4 for sure as we need to give Tan and Eddie some sheltered minutes for a change to keep them rested. However there's an option of dressing Train as a 7th D and cycle him into each pairing for him to get used to playing with every D so when someone gets injured as it WILL happen he can step in to any pairing seemlessly and we don't lose a step.. this is going off in a trade scenario now? Seriously?? Are you the same ones who thought Miller was a bad move??? It would not surprise me.. wow..
  10. Well yep but hey if the attention of a opponents best shutdown line really does shut Petey down to some degree then it's not that big of a deal really because now we have scoring coming in from everywhere, especially D of late has been chipping is as well so I think until Ferland is back on top line clearing out lanes and causing turnovers plus feeding Alien and Flow the goals will come but for now we keep getting W's and in the end that trumps personal player glory down to just doing what your paid to do. Meh Petey is relatively new at this but he'll keep showing more, it's not like he's reached his ceiling but we need to give him some slack when he's showing his human side and isn't perfect, and as you pointed out, it takes everyone on the same page and not just 1 guy shouldering what should be shared but it's taking a step in that direction now that JB has upgraded our top 6 and D so this isn't a one trick pony team so much anymore and still are in the the start of the learning curve playing as a complete team so I know we'll get better as we go along but we're not playing anywhere near our potential at the moment but it will come!
  11. Arguably stole Pods.. so even if we did over pay then it sort of evened out, worst case scenario but JB nailed it, wait until Ferky turns it on soon, Myers is playing well, same with Benn, and Hughes? Wow.. was hoping to see him In SO, blast a 25 foot slap shot and lean into it like his first goal but he was beaten to it.. Demko? That was shutting the door on some skilled shooters, no not Ovie, McDavid, Marner etc but stoned em all! Wtg Thatch!
  12. Yeah and he hasn't had any action before last game, impressive, and I still think he has one of the best goalie last names out there.. Looking for to more announcers saying " Great save Demkoooooooo!!!! on a regular basis, seems exactly the model of our team.. the more he plays the better he gets.. Thanks Jimbo for having the best goalie coaches around and for awhile now, paying off in spades!
  13. After last game we were 16th overall and now 13th.. put on your climbing boots boys and pedal down!