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  1. Your half right, we did have a semi-grit team BUT look at the depth we had... ermmm.... oh wait.... there wasn't much ooooops... yes we screamed cup for so many years we gave up building for tomorrow usually so "finally" NOW we're getting somewhere near that, one might say in various degrees but at least we have prospects and younger players coming in slowly. That's why Boston beat us, and before that was Chicago when we had no answer for Buffy running Lou and no one to move him and liberties galore. THAT really sucked However... Benning will try and sort that out with what's available (I hope) lol So it was lack of depth too, and Torres waking the bear sure didn't help... A positive note says with the exception of Eriksson not exactly working out as planned but who saw that coming? Benning has done reasonably well except *imo* going for Elias instead of a top line bigger center and extremely talented type of player too but then again there's the dark horse in McEwen that may or may not pan out depending how his game progresses in his development, some late bloomers have turned out awesome in the NHL and hope we have one in him.
  2. Wait a minute, I thought we were supposed to be last in the league, get blown out in games like playing Kopitar and the Kings? Like WTF? Could the media and lots in the CDC actually be wrong? Could this team go for a playoff spot? Sure it was pre-season but if we were as bad as people say then we'd have lost 4/5/6 to zero last night, well that's why their wrong. if we miss the playoffs then I bet it'd be by under 10 points at the end. However imo we do squeak in but not past the first or second round. Why? well for 1, as in last night, Boeser, and he's still improving and not to his full potential.. (looking forward to seeing that) and the rest of the new signings and talented young guns fighting over roster spots finally getting the depth we need so if injuries happen or players just aren't putting in consistant effort they can be replaced and with that firmly in your mind I can't see why you'd do that but now competition says you slack off your done and that's why Travis is here to help that along. Even though he doesn't have experience as long as he helps keep the kids developing and the vets on their toes because of it then this will be a very entertaining team to watch and follow for years to come. `
  3. I disagree with keeping that line together when Vanek has been signed, drop Baer to 3rd line to add a bit there but I believe if Vanek Bo and Boeser play together then that's one potent scoring line. Sedins with (Rodin) /Gran 2nd line now that he's healthy and Gran a standby if he doesn;'t. the 3rd/4th line is interchangeable and can be fairly talented with the young guys fighting over the bottom 6 forward spots. Ok and sure you can call me insane for saying this but I bet we squeak in the playoff's this year... out in the first round sure but... you saw here first! lol ok so super optimistic but hey.. who knows
  4. mine is a bit different with Rodin on a with line with Bo and Boes Sedins with Vanek Eriksson Gagne (gran or baer) Guance Sutter Dorsett
  5. usually I agree with half of what you type however, player can change and get better even older ones if they want to play bad enough or just be better. As per Loungo and Roland M. Sure Lou was really good before him but Rollie got him to change his style and added to his talent by a long shot. We happen to have the right coach for it too, IF green gets the vets to buy into improving their skills "and or changing aspects of their game to get better" Green is the guy to do it but IF he can is another story but I can't see why not but if Green can't do it then we need to get someone who can and then get the those same players to help coach the kids after they've been helped tweaking theirs. I do however whole heartedly agree losing Try was a huge loss especially in the toughness dept but then again have you seen Wiercoch mad? dude can fight... we need that!
  6. Pretty much... plus what happens when the injury bug hits us as hard as it usually does? Oh wait depth maybe? Or have canuck fans forgotten we've never really had that or prospects to speak of in years? Oh and throwing in the media "trade Guddy in" as well... ARE YOU F'N STUPID??? Sure throw away any push back and let other teams do to our talent as they've always done... sure why not? look how it worked with the twin bashing... that worked just great hey? (cough cough punching bags cough cough) Do we have a cup yet? If this continues with no toughness as people would have it then forget a cup any time soon.. Teams will target Bo Boes petterson etc then what? omg you can only have so much depth to exchange when punch bags that have been cheap shot injured (Rat) from the Bruins and other says "hi remember us?" ohhhhhh your soft still and want a cup? not gonna happen... geeeez wtf are people thinking?
  7. Yes this has been discussed before but after seeing what kind of skill Petterson has and the mentoring he would get IF Jagr retires if just signed for year and then offered a lucritive skills coach job... I mean what would it hurt hsving potentially the second best line in the nhl... jagr isn't eriksson and i doubt it could fail unless backed up on defence with Guddy and Wiercioch as back up so gooning is deterred.
  8. wait... your using logic... is that even allowed here? lmao! Omg I miss Train already... was a huge loss (excuse the pun) but hopefully the new signing helps but yep we need a big tough center to help keep the opposition honest and not beating on our young guns. Personally I doubt we'll do any better than top 10 ish on picks or even later if the team, and I don't see why not, does a lot better than last yr and accepts the experience of the team developing together over a higher draft pick that may or may not pan out...
  9. Well i agree with most of it except we need a BIG skilled elite player played with Bo and Boeser and put cheese on second line so we protect or stars for a change, what was done to the Sedins IS unacceptable! It will kill us now as it did then! Another cup run crushed by being physically beaten on the boards and then scoreboard again the B's let it be known is just beat up a cream puff team and vancouver has another year of zero in the cup win column... More of that? no thanks... p.s. i have my fingers crossed that mcewen can be that elite guy with bo n brock hopefully within 2 years and if Virtanen progresses he can always do second line duties since power forwards take longer to break and re-train into thinking the position required more than just brawn but brains and skill too that has to be consistant and no one that young can be like that. well maybe messier but he too took time to get over that
  10. Bo is constantly improving and still has things to work as he himself stated so with 4.5-5-5.5 over the first 3 years and see how it goes from there, just how "elite" will a mature Bo be? Well only time will tell but why pay something crazy until it's known for sure?
  11. shhhhhhhhh..... don't even think that!! He's finally healthy.. want to see that mvp of the SEL put it together finally, crappy luck at the wrong times for him through his life but finally a true legit shot if he plays lights out or a year in utica to help him ease into speed and see how his knee takes it if he's ok with it or he finally walks which would suck with all that late blooming elite skill we could have a pretty sick 2nd line winger
  12. with or without a wheelchair clause???
  13. Well i can see LE having a huge bounce back season OR getting a hint to losing top minutes and relagated to 4th line or say, play your ass off or play well for a month a 2 and then go for a trade to a team who can handle losing that kind of cap on a player who just stopped doing his thing... i can see JB tiring of hearing about him and losing his patience but we are talking about jagr so it "could" be a decent signing if LE fast tracks and asks for a trade and we got jagr for super cheap. I'd be ok with it but we have 8 mil in cap space according to nhl numbers and Bo to sign so there goes half for sure. Thankfully some of jb's signings are 2 way deals... Thing is... who would have thought LE wouldn't have worked well with the twins? Everyone pretty much thought it was a great move but they need a skilled big tougher faster guy on their line BUT since anson carter's departure way back then... nothing since and twins got beat on and still no cup... sigh!!! However those 2 ways helped so vets are pushed and not be "meh" at some games that we can't afford to lose.
  14. do i even care why he does that?
  15. woooohoooo 7! 7-7-7-7-7-7-7 do we hear 8? 8? 8? Nuetral? that's some understatement going on! :D Did you see the guy who started the thread "Burrows do we really need him?" and got scorched so bad it will hold the cdc record forever! Did that scare you off saying things? :D Well, no and i do mean no one is to the level of _______ to ever top that so you can relax and input as much as you want