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  1. Eriksson and Edler? Do We Really Need Them?

    Oh I don't know... maybe try to add a bigger skilled player with the sedins to get the most out of them and see how it goes? There's my thing... only one type of player would have done what was always needed for them. Bertuzzi style... d moves puck up ice.. waits and shoots the puck on Bert's side... he RUNS OVER the defender not far off Tryamkin style and feeds a Sedin for a red light shot... It has not happened... they got beat on... taken right out of the playoffs and poof another year gone... No one there to police for them plus skilled... however Loui doesn't have that nature to him... he's not small but... he's not a big skilled nasty power forward... SIGH! Nothing new....
  2. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    yeah so join the crowd, I've been a fan since 75... read my previous posts about that... this isn't news... it's olddddddddddddddddddddddddddd news... nothing has changed here...
  3. Will Tryamkin Return To The Canucks?

    Ok so if EVEN he's even at lowest possible money he makes there, say 1 mil a season... your hottie wife and family live there, nhl was ok but 1 mil a season is more than a guy like me makes in a lifetime at 22 an hr lol so why come back OR is it that big of a loss to go back? either way... Unless somehow they divorce and something happens (God forbid) that he has no more ties to Russia and wants to come back and give it another shot? heck ya! next flight to Vancouver please Train, we need you!!!! Ok so 99% sure that's not going to happen... but at any rate, life's not tough on him over there that's for sure... here in Vancouver every player is under the intense microscope of a cup hungry city that I don't blame him not to choose to come back. I wouldn't sign here if I was a nhl player... same thing in Montreal/Toronto...
  4. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    stretching for it are you? that's the sign of bandwagon,,, fans stay in the wagon no matter what... good try tho
  5. Will Tryamkin Return To The Canucks?

    He'd just "make" room! Hi Alien.... ummmm why would you not make room for a decent player who runs over guys and fights "ok".... he's not brashear fighter but if he hit your jaw full on as hard as he could? uh oh... reconstructive surgery? YUP! Anyway, His size gave us a added bonus we never had before when we needed it... if we'd have had him up against buffy in the Chicago series... we might have ended up with a cup... we had no answer for Buff, no one was big enough on our team so they moved him to center in front of Lou and it was over... just like that.... Try is Buff's size.... Furball? how could a team not want that? especially our fairly soft team...
  6. Will Tryamkin Return To The Canucks?

    I think his name is.. ermmmmm... a sarcastic slam on surrey? I don't know, I wouldn't want to be the king of surrey no matter how much I was paid.. some things just aren't worth it lol I could be wrong.... he might want to be the king of surrey but I can't speak for him
  7. Will Tryamkin Return To The Canucks?

    So how much exactly was Train's salary in the khl the year before he got here?
  8. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    The usual suspects aren't really fans anyway... cough cough "bandwagon" cough cough....
  9. Will Tryamkin Return To The Canucks?

    Thing is... realistically speaking on Train... He's gone pretty much unless he ends up moving here permanently with his wife but I'm sure her family is there and won't be going anywhere So Train is gone and we need another big body to take his place, a skilled and good skating one hopefully, but this soft team will be exposed soon or later as per most of the last 40 year but hopefully Benning pulls something out of his hat next year. I just wish we had ALL the twins salary to play with but doubtful as they probably won't play for under 4-5 mil a season... so not much saved there..
  10. Will Tryamkin Return To The Canucks?

    Anyway... things to do but this team isn't that much different than other years, getting a guy the size of Train was a step in the right direction but then he's gone and it doesn't matter how, but we need another Train... at D or F position...
  11. Will Tryamkin Return To The Canucks?

    Other hotel room parties rocked it lol
  12. Will Tryamkin Return To The Canucks?

    ermmmm... every team had those girls around and cute friends.. parties were fun... lund lake... no I never went to the camp ground parties...
  13. Will Tryamkin Return To The Canucks?

    1984 I played for the Powell River Regal's and we didn't get paid much either... ugh lol
  14. Will Tryamkin Return To The Canucks?

    So he can afford a hottie as his wife... can you blame him? Making that kind of bling AND a hot Russian wife? Yes please!!! LMAO!