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  1. Maybe but like what usually happens is injuries and no depth, or little anyway. Was pretty appearant when we lost to chicago and boston. Chicago was a bit different as they just parked Buffy the Louie slayer in the crease area and we had no one big enough to move him. Was a genius move by Chicago who went on to win the cup
  2. Ok that's not what i said, "depth" for those years you put up, we had a decent D but where is the depth? As in when our blue line was hit hard losing to boston where eddie was out, then hamhuis, and then erhoff and salo was playing hurt. Who jumped up and played D in their stead so we could take them out? No one and that hasn't changed YET.. and that's why mr Stanley never paid us a visit against the B's
  3. When have we ever had a D that had any depth at all? Most of the time when we had a team in front of Lou and someone went down on injury, well then we sucked "as usual"
  4. I hope not to justify over paying edler if he wants too much but we can't afford to keep an injury prone player too longer as we don't have depth to cover it (yet) cmon JB nothing longer than 2 years unless on discount but after over paying the declining sedins i'm skeptical. However that could have been just to keep the stadium semi sort of attended knowing a rebuild would have to happen. Anyway, as long as i don't read nmc or ntc in his signing i won't be pissed at all. No matter what, not just building a good D, we need depth too.
  5. Are you serious? Of course his numbers aren't elite, not in front of the worst defence in the league. No one would have elite numbers with our D and team D as a whole. We don't need to score a whole bunch more goals, we need to stop so many against us. Expecting a goalie to bail you out every night after you hang him out to dry is ridiculous. Have a look at how many give aways and shots against us. Our D was nothing short of laughable.
  6. Yeah hung him out to dry most nights... sound familiar? Cough cough luongo cough cough..
  7. I was thinking that too... botch of all people, wow but like it's said "feed em b.s. long and loud enough they'll believe it"
  8. Well don't list the injuries, just the source. Not including his 2 recently of course. Where did you look, site i mean.
  9. All these injuries? Like how many total? Seriously, if he was in his late 30's or older it will be a problem but at that age, recovery is faster and easier. Anyway OJ will be fine, did he get set back a bit by it? Sure but again, that young, it's a blip. Nothing to freak out over and write him off... oh wait, this is the cdc...
  10. And he was my second choice... $&!#e! Maybe his D sucks and needs work..
  11. Good points, we can only have so many elites and still cap space spent wisely then there's seattle.. ugh.. However if someone isn't elite but scores 20-30 then that would surely help if you put it with elites. I mean borderline elite on a 3.5-5mil a season and then D gets a make over, tanev and edler, if they stay, probably wouldn't be around after another 3 seasons that would take to develop and or season what we have but probably JB picks up 2 more, 1 ready and another developing who is already consistant but needs more ice time... think that would do it and see where it goes from there.
  12. sign him for and play him and demko tandem for 2 yrs and if demko works out then trade mark and move up mikey into a back up and if he gets good as a starter trade him for another Bo
  13. why would we trade demko or dip? markstrom is here for another 2 years Im sure and demko can back up both of those years and dip can play on the farm.. then trade markstrom when demko and dip have continued their development with ian clark and get to top nhl calibre goalie status.