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  1. iceman64

    Utica prospects graduation to big club?

    "We were as good as" with NO Depth.. Gillis was not handed a good farm in which to have good prospects/rookies to step in when we had that many injuries and i know i watched the slaughter of us with chicago and boston so nice try with your better person scenario... but typical.. blame the dude who almost fixed us a cup winner but couldn't get it done because of a thing called a cap... unbelievable, seriously... it's not rocket science to know we are on big tough SKILLED first line player as ALWAYS with the exception of Bert and a "few" others over the last 40 years BUT it still hasn't changed since MG, our " twins" are still getting beat on but the names are petey and brock, at least MG was after a player like that until we ran out of cash to spend when the cap hit... Can we afford one now? No and probably not after having to sign our new twins to deals.. nothing new in canuckland, unless we get brian burks back and he'd sell something to get a player like that as he's got enough balls to piss off people by selling off a fan fave to help but for now we wait for a tall french kid who is a late blooming power forward down in utica tearing it up...
  2. iceman64

    Utica prospects graduation to big club?

    Of course he didn't, vancouver has always had the 'win it NOW" thing going on and Gillis almost did it for us IF not for the cap.. people forget that, he tied up up a pretty good line of players and was about to go after more and then it hit... i remember that day when they announced the cap and F was i livid! We were a cpl of players away from a serious cup run. Still pissed about it to this day but when Gillis was handed the reigns it, and it could have been anyone it would have been and that same win it now would have been laid on and the same old "screw the future" for NOW routine.. Glad someone had the balls to tear it down and start over, was getting tired of watching the same old $&!#e year in and year out... entertaining to watch during the season but then witness a slaughter against tougher faster teams, at least we're getting there..
  3. iceman64

    A future goalie controversy

    A longtime fan too? Gawd i remember don lever... am i really this old? $&!#e!!! Lmao
  4. iceman64

    Bc assessment 2019

    Well that's because no one says anything. Pretty typical but when we do things get done but it's a typically corrupted government in many ways. Whatever fills the coffers and less spending on proper things is usually the general rule of thumb.. and then the cost of red tape that fees us to death in one way or another.
  5. iceman64

    A future goalie controversy

    Well JM has yet to peak but a lot on this site forget how much goalies and power forwards take to fully develop but i suppose the cdc is much like the media, mostly not clued in BUT there are some smart ones here who make well thought out comments not just regurgitate some media thought/s even if it's not correct.. meh..
  6. Seriously? I haven't seen much of him but speaking of soft, that's been our team for quite some time. When will it end? Way past tired of this b.s.
  7. iceman64

    [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    Pots a goal first game.. still as far as it goes he's here until Alien is back, nice to see adam getting nhl time even though short.
  8. iceman64

    A future goalie controversy

    Yeah they both have that quality... that's what makes it a bit better in "hoping" both turn out and we get something in return for picking and developing 2.. Meh it's hard to pick who's going to be better, my gut says Dip but who knows
  9. iceman64

    A future goalie controversy

    Lmao for us canucks fans we need allllll the encouragement we can get
  10. iceman64

    A future goalie controversy

    The makings of "what could be" and yes it's hardly for sure but if things go well and Demko and Dipietro end up #1 quality and have to let one go and we end up with another Horvat quality i'd be pretty stoked! Ok it might be a stretch since neither have had any nhl experience and success to speak but hopefully.. you know.. Anyway hence the "future" reference, probably a few years away from that scenario but it's cool to see it's a "possibility. Bets on who turns out the better goalie?
  11. Must you remind me of how old i'am mr alien?
  12. Seriously? Whose physically bigger? Unless we get dougie Hamilton by some miracle then we need Guds for at least "some" pushback when things get nasty..
  13. iceman64

    [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    Goldy sutter and granlund for? Makes a bottom team better maybe... shrugs.. For a D Though and physical who can skate punch and score... or a 2nd line quality tough winger who can play 1st line in a pinch and just be average good enough but has to be tough.. well imo anyway.. i'm tired of cream puffs who get slaughtered in the playoffs
  14. iceman64

    [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    Actually i'd rather see him packaged with 1-2 others for a big fast tough Dman... whilst we wait for Tryamkin back we still could use more grit and skill, why not on D?
  15. iceman64

    [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    Yeah "last" year...