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  1. Well what does it say if we win it against the sc champ's? And as much as the haters would hate it, we'd point to JB for that scenario.. Like the team overall, he's been getting valuable experience as well...
  2. Would be hilarious is Petey lit em up.. but I predict 'Millertime" especially...
  3. Screw that.. Canucks in 4.. Miller is going to destroy Binning...
  4. Wondering if more folks are getting it that without TJ Miller, we're not here.. JB killed it with that one! That was his best work ever next to Alien/Hughes Can hardly wait for Hogs n Podz to take over roster spots too.. Nowhere to go with this team but up.. This reminds me of 94 when we barely made it in and almost went all the way because for some reason we were lucky enough to stay healthy with other teams losing key players, one never knows hey?
  5. So... I'd say JB has done pretty f'n well to have us a team built we can love watching like this.. wtg JB, keep it up!
  6. Well you can be certain TG will have a chat with him, which might be more than a game off like the first one but somehow, like TG probably thought would speak volumes but maybe JV is leery about playing with too much emotion and take bad penalties OR screw up defensively, idk but I'm pretty sure sooner or later he'll be pulled aside and ripped a new one or lose his spot, it's inevitable right?
  7. Honestly, I thought that move was to motivate JV but just a thought.. meh
  8. Anyone know of where I can find a good stream for the game??? (Please).
  9. Actually I couldn't stop laughing at those anti-benning people who criticized JT Miller trade, I'm still chuckling about it and so glad he was signed, would we be playing the Wild now without his efforts? Uhhh yeah right.. NOT! More like golf but here we are, great job Jimbo! Under the circumstances and Jim never being a GM before has learned a lot so I don't expect us to miss the playoffs again anytime soon especially with a D upgrade/s as we move forward and get back to cap par.. No he's not perfect but where we are now compared to when he arrived is so much better and with tweaks, pretty sure the word "contender" is going to be used to describe us for a long time to come, after another year or 2, 2 being more realistic..
  10. And I'm just happy hockey is actually on again!!! Was having SERIOUS withdrawls especially waiting this last few weeks..
  11. If we were getting badly outshot I'd be concerned, and it's hell in goal and he's not just any good goalie, Vezina nominee so it's expected to be tough to get rubber past him no matter what team you are but we'll give the wild a run for their money and pick up steam as we get rolling..
  12. Beer schmeer... Lol. Just give me hockey! Maybe one of these days you can take the golf club and ball out of the rink and replace them with a Stanley Cup instead, plus put it on my grave stone because if we do win one, I'll die of shock... Just saying...
  13. And worse case scenario is if we actually lose, we still win, a playoff style 5 game series will give our young guys a taste of how hard it actually is and the team with that experience together might just build something a huge step past that old broken identity after 2011 We will get a D upgrade next and add that to our firepower as it is already will be a lot of fun to watch! Anyway, I'm stoked to see what this team can do as it is and hope we go far and JB gets a pat on the back he seriously deserves..
  14. They elected Mr Donald Rump so that shouldn't surprise anyone, f'n unspeakably lame as that really is............ Brings "stupid' to a whole new level
  15. Or... Demko coming in and playing lights out... You have points though but other teams had injuries too so it's kind of hard to say in a way BUT the team that has the most depth wins and for once we have "some" Both times we got really close we had lil to no depth at all so at least we're ahead that way but we have one more season before we're back in business The season after that will have a hefty cap increase when the tv deal is finally up and re-negotiated.. next year I see our guys signed for bridge deals that would have LE's and Lou's cap crunch finally irrelevant so on par will help us to ice a "elite" team and no, not just a really good but butter soft regular season team either, that's been our history less 2 times.. Finally we're going to have a tough playoff team that can play deep for Stanley so in the meantime it's fun to watch our team knowing if a couple injuries happen it won't stop us like so many years before...
  16. Ummmm obviously you haven't been watching since 1974 or you wouldn't give a flying f_ck when we win it, as long as we win ONE!
  17. Yeah well, like that would be anything new, for the longest time we had to overpay to get guys to play here. However, JV does still need to mature a bit still and he's got leaders around to help with that, meh he'll be fine. JV should be paying attention and push himself hard, Hogs n Podz will be here soon and if he wants to make top 6 even he better keep upping his game or if he's topped out (which i hardly think it the case) he'll end up a career 3rd line, he does have 2nd line potential BUT if he makes it, it has to be from a lot more hard work.
  18. No! Their mine! P.S. S4... We actually win the cup.. Seriously, if other teams we met on the SC road have injuries and we don't? Who knows... (Meh, it never happens in Vancouver) like winning the draft lottery but we pulled off Podz who should have been 3rd overall had it not been circumstances that put him down to us. .
  19. Plus people forget a new very very lucrative TV deal will be signed as well and under the circumstances of covid, it might be a lot more than projected which with other sports renewing it was a huge increase already so the cap might just jump by a lot IF it's negotiated correctly but the NHL is rumoured to be shopping around a split between the big media players but they need to be careful about it..