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  1. 14 hours ago, Arrow 1983 said:

    You need to give up on the re-signing of Marky it's not going to happen 

    I wouldn't be so sure, we can't sign and trade him? That completely impossible?  At least that way he'd have a choice to go somewhere he could land in a trade where he might not land in free agency, the team(s) that he may WANT to play for a live might not have cap either but rather trade instead, much like our team right now. So never say never.. or he may stay for a discount we can afford, no one knows but him.

  2. 23 minutes ago, Robert Long said:

    thats true, but with what Tanev would get + and extra 2 mil or so you should be able to land something very good. 

    Hope so but I doubt JB will do that since we need it for Markstrom/Toffoli/Hughes/Alien so saving but still upgrading is still possible but we can't hope to win anything without good D and a 200ft game out of the forwards, forwards have bought into it but D can't be ignored.. 

  3. 6 hours ago, Robert Long said:

    it does from a cash flow perspective if you need the space to bring in someone elite this season. 

    Well we hardly need elite though, we just need a lot better than we have now on D and that wouldn't take elite by any means, we just need consistently really good.. as long as we don't get peppered in shots against  and hemmed in most nights and hope our offense/goalie to bail us out.

  4. 2 hours ago, mll said:

    The buyout period opens on 25 September and will close on 8 October - 1 day before the opening of free agency.


    It's not possible to buy out injured players and Ferland might still be considered injured.  

    Ferland can be put on LTIR or maybe see him retiring before concussion issues go any further and affect him worse for life.. if that's the case I'd rather him retire, it was worth a try.. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Law of Goalies said:

    I think no one here is not excited about Podz as I am also quite excited for him. My view is that keeping Virt here in Vancouver is not going to hurt the Canucks (financially or games won) and if Pods overtakes him (in terms of effort/passion/stamina/points/etc..), then we can trade Jake or we can push Jake to the 4th line. I mean everyone is saying Podz is going to be the next GOAT and will be the next [insert crazy good player here] but can you be 100%? I feel that if we trade Jake now, it is going to be a mistake.

    Well we can't afford to give JV a raise anyway so he's gone, just the math killed it for him too and there's no way Podz becomes a whipping boy here, he's got the Motte drive and serious sick skills so I hardly think that will be the case... 

     Good to be concerned yes but in this case I highly doubt it's a worry..  

  6. Thinks Podz and then thinks Virtanen who again? 


    Ok so had a few things to do so now time to edit and finish that statement, I was/is a fan of JV in a way but he still needs work in the head Dept which we haven't gotten finished with obviously or he'd have played more like we all know he can but still has to be consistent and we simply ran out of time on him but moving on from him to his replacement is something that excites me like the moment I had when I read we signed JT Miller and JB had surpassed my expectations and then some, on top of that, thinking of the future, he picked up Podz who needed development too but he wants the puck ALL the time and he'll do whatever it takes to get it which JV lacks, so walking in when we need him, Podz will be a huge help, that's an elite way of thinking the game in the raw but when honed to read plays and do damage, getting a player like that is a huge steal for JB.. and just like the Miller deal... Wait and see.. that kid has a skill set and mind set that will surprise a LOT of people. 

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  7. 5 hours ago, Shirotashi said:

    Uggggggg Wow does that sting. HUGE off ice personality great ON ice player. The intangibles 

    that we lost here with Manny, are off the charts. Maybe enough of the fundamentals are 

    ingrained deep enough we wont notice the technical side to the loss but hard to replace

    that level of character. 

    Actually not quite, he spent a lot of time with Bo who wants to win bad enough he'd happily show his knowledge from manny, and manny worked with Petey too obviously so with those 2 here for quite awhile I'd say for years but hiring him paid off so it was all win for both sides.

     We're fine dude...

    He left a Manny legacy so I wouldn't worry about it anytime soon

  8. 1 hour ago, Raspberries said:

    This is awful news for us.  Great for Manny, he deserves everything he wants, but this will be a huge loss for us.  Still, I am beyond happy for him. 


    Toronto does not deserve him though.



    Soon as he finds out how bad Toronto really sucks is when it's longer than a week, he'll be back!

  9. On 9/15/2020 at 10:28 PM, DefCon1 said:

    At this point, we need cap space not picks. We already have enough prospects for the next couple of years amd our window is open now. So the focus should be bringing NHL players like Toffoli to help our young players.Hoglander, Rathbone, Joulevi and Podkolzin will be on our team in the next couple of years so we have lots of young players already.

    That's pretty much it, AND Tryamkin hopefully.. every pairing needs a offensive speedy PMD  and a big framed partner stay at home to cover and crease clearing, we can't ask a goalie to stop what he can't see, and deal with anyone taking runs at guys like hughes. 

    JB had that almost perfectly aligned but it fell apart due to things not turning out in our favour but JB sees the need for it and if he ever nails it.. wow! 

  10. Actually besides upgrading our D, we have players already about to help there so it's fairly easier to predict a better team next year in full confidence that the hard work is mostly done and now just tweaking where needed.. we're fine, right on schedule as most of us came to the realization JB had it in mind already..  I just hope when he goes for upgraded D, we pair a big stay at home player with an attitude paired with a guy like Hughes or Rafferty who are mostly offensive, pair that with our forward core with no shortage of firepower, things will look pretty good.. wtg JB!

  11. 2 hours ago, oldnews said:


    Without Markstrom...... standing on his head....the team needed Demko standing on his head.   As great as Demko was, I wouldn't assume the team would not have been in games 5 to 7 with Markstrom in net.  I guess the point being that Vegas' confidence 'could' have been broken down with Markstrom as well - as it was with Demko - and then furthered upon by Dallas.  And part of the collapse strategy, of protecting the hard areas at all costs - was to protect the young goaltender - a somewhat conscious strategy to depend on counterpunching - somewhat of a concession as well that the team didn't quite have the health and depth to assert their 200ft puck pressure game vs a healthy, fast, veteran Vegas.  I'm not downplaying Demko's performance by any stretch, I'm simply saying that Markstrom, in the same conditions, could have produced comparable results, and in fact was the better goaltender over a significantly larger sample size this season.  Some of that is certainly getting lost in the dust of an epic three game playoff breakout for the ages.


    That actually helps prove Demko's accomplishment because Markstrom has been around playing longer and more starts so experience rests on Markstrom's side, Thatcher comes in with even less experience and pulls that off..  your turning this into something it's not, it's a compliment to Demko, his work out in and the coaching he got to get there. 

     Markstrom should play like that since he's got the starting job in the first place but expecting to be shut down by our number 2 so hard it gets into their heads and confidence is a huge compliment and reminds us exactly how good he is and if we can't afford Markstrom then we can go with Demko and be ok with it as we go long term and he's not even done yet, just getting his feet wet and it went exactly how we needed it to go so no worries about goal and continue to build our D knowing we have the most important position covered.. 

     We're almost there, thankfully Demko is matching the team development of our young guys so it's all progressing as it should, remember when we were ranked at the bottom the last 2 years? Can we just not say thank God Demko is doing that good as to rattle one of the top teams in the league? 

    We all know how good Markstrom is with an all-star appearance but that was the last 3 games with Vegas for Demko as he played like an all-star too, how f'n cool is that? 


  12. 8 minutes ago, oldnews said:

    While Demko was outstanding, it was a limping, but team effort that various foundation guys deserve a lot of credit.

    But that's the risk Vegas took - with their arrogance, their chirping, their disrespect for their opponent.

    In belittling their opponent and pretending that they could merely impose their will - 'step on the throats' of an inferior opponent....

    They ironically reduced themselves.

    When that opponent proved capable of taking them to the closing minutes of game 7....

    Not only had the Canucks broken their overconfidence, but Vegas had a huge role to play in that themselves.  They dramatically widened the gap in which they fell.

    Dallas imo did benefit from getting to watch that play out - and continued to execute it themselves- with a healthier, more veteran lineup.


    I sort of agree with you that it was done as a team BUT without Demko standing on his head while our team let him get peppered, yes we had the firepower that kept us in it but without Demko we would have probably seen 4-5 games instead of the last period of game 7

     And only one goal got by him while he was standing there and it got in their heads and STAYED there, so as much as I agree with you the fact still remains that this team will have a bright future with Thatcher between the pipes, thankfully that's not just skill but calmness that matches almost anyone in the league that has the Elite label attached. 

     Team wise, it all starts with having a great goalie, then D and JB is upgrading the D and 3/4th lines with our set top six, we're getting close.. 

     Thank God the rebuild or whatever you want to call it, is pretty much over, hard to see a team like ours will look like in a couple of seasons not making serious cup runs.

    Pretty fun to be a nux fan these days and looking forward to watching this core for years. Just a tweak here and there and we're golden! 

  13. 5 hours ago, Mike Vanderhoek said:

    are you sure about that ? I mean Vegas took down the Canucks and popped some goals in for good measure at the end. I think what people are underestimating is the strong game the Stars play.

    Yes I'm quite sure how Demko was making save after save and the harder they tried, the harder he played and matched them at every turn.. we're we not watching the same games? Demmer had them looking to the sky shaking their heads.. what more do you want?

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  14. On 9/10/2020 at 3:16 PM, billabong said:

    jimbo has become more honest in his interviews as of late compared to years past and I like it :emot-parrot:


    Nothing earth shattering here, but his comments are directly sending a message to markstroms camp that they are content with demko so if you wanna stay its on our terms or you can go somewhere else; we dont really care.


    He also pointed out that Toffoli is high on his priority list of things to do this summer (fall?) 

    I'm onboard on Toffoli, was hoping Virtanen would have filled a spot in the top 6 by now but his time seems out and we have other guys who can do what we need in his spot, a proven vet or a promising up and comer who should have a shot, even now as Big Mac is developing makes Jake redundant, especially since Mac still has a bit to go but has a better value in other areas of his game that tip the scales in his favour. Even Hogs n Podz will have a hard time getting into the top 6 for cpl of years at least. Can see them both going the 200 ft game practice and work their way up which is great for competition so guys play hard for their ice time and not take it for granted.

     However it's not our offense that I see JB going after at all, with a better D we'd have made it past Vegas but it won't take as much as some think to have a legit top 4 D and reasonable 3/4th pairing either while dumping some salary anyway we possibly can.. 

     A pretty f'n good top 6 

    With a upgraded D and a very good player in goal whether it be Markstrom or Demko, next season should be reallyyyy interesting.


  15. On 9/7/2020 at 7:59 AM, Canuckster86 said:

    we need picks in the higher rounds to have a better shot at getting quality future nhl players. No pick till round 3 this year, so very unlikely we see that 3rd round pick be on the team for 3 years minimum.


    GM needs to cut some salary this off season, get creative and IMPROVE this team. We can't afford to already be taking steps back, we need to get better each and every year

    It would be nice but for once we can afford to do without picks for one year, TJ is here for 3 more seasons so there's no need for that elusive final top 6 push he provides that we needed, D-wise is where the changes will be and we're starting that so I don't see any regression at all, even after we lose a piece to Seattle but if the right contract leaves we'll have that $ available when we need it the most, I think JB is counting on at least one of our D prospects to work out and trade for one but both would be needed for 2nd pairing I imagine but 3rd-4th pairings can be used to try out what comes out the farm..

     Either way, we can't have our goalies peppered every night! 

  16. On 9/9/2020 at 9:17 PM, Petey40 said:

    100% I would be on board with that, rumour that Vegas might already have a deal done with Lehner that is 5x5. I can’t imagine Markstrom would be worth more than Lehner so it’ll be interesting what Benning does and what Marky accepts. Guaranteed a lot of other teams will be chasing markstrom and willing to pay him.

    Well the guy worked his ass off and with all he's been through he deserves a cup ring and if not with us then someone else.. not against us hopefully ever but I pray he gets one..  

    Well even against us IF we've already won one that is! 

  17. 11 hours ago, BCNate said:

    I put Tryamkin in potential because I am not sold he ever plays another game here.  I'm not sure I consider Bailey to have legit NHL yet.  


    Either way, thanks for the feedback, my point was really just to prove that we have a ton of depth coming through the ranks, and are in a great spot prospect wise.

    Why would you not think Train will be back? I think it's the opposite if anything, I can't tell you which interview it was with JB but it was after the playoffs 2 yrs ago when JB mentioned specifically noted how physical the playoffs were and to prepare to get there he wanted to add grit and size wherever possible and that still stands, we need guys like him, just enough to say "don't F with us!"  

    Last time was 2011 as I recall, we're way past due to have a evenly balanced skill and grit teams but it takes time to get it done but JB has it is his head so he'll get it right or as close to it as he can to keep us competitive but Train fits that so I'm still curious why you think that? 

     From what I've read he's kept up on the Canucks and wants another shot and I think JB will, it would be perfect to do that on D, a big crease clearing stay at home D paired with an offensive PMD sounds pretty good to me.. 

     Still seems funny that the boards want more out of the upcoming draft for a top 6 draft forward spot but we got that covered for awhile, so do we need a 1st this yr anymore to try and develop someone when we ended up with TJ instead? Not really, we still have Hogs n Podz.. among others so as you said we're sitting in a decent position now but even better in a cpl of yrs... c'mon Stanley.. time to come home ffs!!! 


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  18. 1 hour ago, Pickly said:

    Or, Tryamkin burned that bridge himself. He was given a chance to be an NHL player and that’s all that matters. Yeah, Willie D didn’t do his part in giving him more of a critical role on the team but all in all Tryamkins time here in Vancouver has been grossly overrated. He was a nice bottom pairing guy on any decent team who wasn’t overly aggressive considering his size but had a long reach and could take away shooting lanes with his size and reach. People speak of him like he’s the solution to the Canucks defensive woes which I won’t totally argue against because I would welcome him back on this roster but he took the selfish, entitled road back to Russia because he wasn’t handed minutes instead of earning them. 

    Are you kidding me? First, Willy was a horrible mistake with Tryamkin and I say this in a hindsite manner, the team should have made sure he was as fit as he needed to be before he stepped a skate on the ice and honestly that's on the team not the player first, same with Virtanen, he needs a full-time leash but Jake is naturally.. ermm.. stubborn and that's why TG still hasn't been hard enough on him, hire someone to do that with players in the off season who show identical signs of not being serious enough as a pro should be but it should have already been done and this should not have been or be an issue now because at his entrance he would have been a prime target for head work and that's Jake's last and remaining issue but because of it he never really played like he can in the playoffs where we all thought shotgun Jake will finally have his day and step but... 

     Anyway IF Jake gets one last shot, see him on a one yr show me contract.. TG should have given no quarter to Jake, make him work hard like a mad man and make sure he does it in the off season but this has got to stop with anyone coming in new to the team, only way to have a winning culture in everyone, NO exceptions! This is getting old.. I remember when Larionov came in out of shape so this isn't anything new, trust me..