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  1. And worse case scenario is if we actually lose, we still win, a playoff style 5 game series will give our young guys a taste of how hard it actually is and the team with that experience together might just build something a huge step past that old broken identity after 2011

     We will get a D upgrade next and add that to our firepower as it is already will be a lot of fun to watch!

     Anyway, I'm stoked to see what this team can do as it is and hope we go far and JB gets a pat on the back he seriously deserves.. 

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  2. On 7/9/2020 at 3:59 PM, guntrix said:

    2 months is a minimal period of time in the medical world. 


    The reason for the $&!#show in the US is not so much the tests' accuracy rate, but the fact that people are refusing to listen to medical advice and are going about life as if the virus didn't exist. 

    They elected Mr Donald Rump so that shouldn't surprise anyone,  f'n unspeakably lame as that really is............ 

    Brings "stupid' to a whole new level 

  3. On 7/9/2020 at 2:32 PM, wai_lai416 said:

    I dont see how winning the cup will erase all the jokes. It'll be the canucks season is saved by the coronavirus. Markstrom was injured and we were spiraling out of a playoff spot. If the season were to finish without a pause and following the trend with markstrom not ready to come back. I think its fair to say the canucks were more than likely to continue spiraling out of a playoff spot.  We are only in there coz corona saved the season and now all the players are healthy lol.

    Or... Demko coming in and playing lights out... 

    You have points though but other teams had injuries too so it's kind of hard to say in a way BUT the team that has the most depth wins and for once we have "some"

    Both times we got really close we had lil to no depth at all so at least we're ahead that way but we have one more season before we're back in business

    The season after that will have a hefty cap increase when the tv deal is finally up and re-negotiated.. next year I see our guys signed for bridge deals that would have LE's and Lou's cap crunch finally irrelevant so on par will help us to ice a "elite" team and no, not just a really good but butter soft regular season team either, that's been our history less 2 times..

    Finally we're going to have a tough playoff team that can play deep for Stanley so in the meantime it's fun to watch our team knowing if a couple injuries happen it won't stop us like so many years before... 

  4. On 6/27/2020 at 4:46 PM, EP40. said:

    *Disclaimer: this coming from a season ticket holder if it holds any more/less merit.*




    So with hockey soon to resume, I've been thinking this and would like to hear people's opinions on this. Bottom line for me: it wouldn't be right for the Canucks (or any team as a matter of fact that hasn't already won a Cup or even in a long drought) to win this season as COVID has changed everything.


    To put into perspective, there's a long time running joke in the English Premier League that Liverpool would never win the League. They hadn't won once in 3 decades. People would say the world would end if they ever did, lo and behold, it literally got to that point. After 30 years they finally dominated this season & were easily pacing to win the EPL. 2 games away from clinching their 1st ever title, COVID suspended the season. The league resumed a couple weeks ago and they just clinched the title the other day. No fans in stadiums. No bus parade. No same atmosphere. No same memories as every other previous winners. Just very very awkward. If it wasn't for COVID, it'd be a very different story (partying/celebrating like never seen before) but that's obviously not the case.

  this something you'd be okay with as a hockey fan with a similar team that has never won before/long drought if they were to win?


    Try imagining this,



    but crickets in the stands as Pietrangelo/Bo lifts the Cup for the 1st time in Blues/Canucks franchise history.


    It's a very harsh reality those first time teams would have to live with for the rest of eternity. Sure the players will celebrate and won't let down one bit while playing but the circumstances undoubtedly have changed in the grand scheme of things. It just wouldn't be the same. Bitter-sweet would be the best way to put it.


    So as an avid Canucks supporter myself, I have to ultimately say I'd rather we not hypothetically win this season for the sake of reasons mentioned above. What are your thoughts on this?

    Ummmm obviously you haven't been watching since 1974 or you wouldn't give a flying f_ck when we win it, as long as we win ONE! 

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  5. On 7/1/2020 at 8:39 PM, MoneypuckOverlord said:

    he should be able to do whatever he wants in his own private time.  If we continue this, potential UFA's wouldn't even want to play here.  

    Yeah well, like that would be anything new, for the longest time we had to overpay to get guys to play here.

    However, JV does still need to mature a bit still and he's got leaders around to help with that, meh he'll be fine.

     JV should be paying attention and push himself hard, Hogs n Podz will be here soon and if he wants to make top 6 even he better keep upping his game or if he's topped out (which i hardly think it the case) he'll end up a career 3rd line, he does have 2nd line potential BUT if he makes it, it has to be from a lot more hard work. 

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  6. On 2/9/2020 at 11:08 PM, yes we can nucks said:

    Can I have what you're drinking or smoking...or both?!

    No! Their mine! 


     S4... We actually win the cup..

    Seriously, if other teams we met on the SC road have injuries and we don't? Who knows...

    (Meh, it never happens in Vancouver) like winning the draft lottery but we pulled off Podz who should have been 3rd overall had it not been circumstances that put him down to us. 



  7. On 5/17/2020 at 10:54 AM, canuktravella said:

    cap doesnt count in playoffs we are fine

    Plus people forget a new very very lucrative TV deal will be signed as well and under the circumstances of covid, it might be a lot more than projected which with other sports renewing it was a huge increase already so the cap might just jump by a lot IF it's negotiated correctly but the NHL is rumoured to be shopping around a split between the big media players but they need to be careful about it..  

  8. On 3/2/2020 at 9:26 AM, Zigmund.Palffy said:

    Man we hired someone to deal with our cap situation, benning has a plan let it play it out and see what they have up their sleeves 

    Shhhhh I'm doing that and I can't wait to say "told you so"  Jimbo is all about the next 2-3 as the team moves ahead and matures and just making the playoffs during that time even if it's a short In and out but after a few years with tweeks and the on ice "mentors" contracts have been filled with upgrades from development and trades we'll finally take that run we're all waiting for... Has it been painful to watch it all set up to even get near what we already have now? Course but imo if Marky is signed and keeps his stock up until Demko and MD are ready we could trade him for a top 6 D, and Toffoli signed then we continue to build our D as we go..  wow.. will be fun to watch..


    And how soon we forget we clobbered Boston 9-3, not bad for a team 60-70 percent done building.. 



  9. 17 hours ago, Googlie said:

    For my money (and I know it's not) I'd retain Marky and Tanev and let TT go, if it boils down to just 2 of the 3.


    Toffee was never brought in to be a complementary piece on the top 6, but rather as an injury replacement should BB be out until deep into the playoffs.  We did just fine scoring-wise until BB went down (I don't remember Toffee on the scoresheet during the 2 long win streaks or in any of the 7 goal binges .... yes he did get 2 goals in the Boston rout, but they were the super insurance goals number 7 and 8)


    Let's face it, scoring wasn't an issue. Defense was.  So why wouldn't we try to resign our best defensive d-man?


    As an aside, I think Stecher is gone.  He'll get the Hutton treatment.  No qualifying offer, then a much lower offer to see if he wants to stay in Vancouver, especially if JB can get Tree signed beforehand.  I think Rafferty needs another 1/2 season in Utica to work on the defensive side of his game,  but I do see OJ starting with the big club, understudying the Eagle.  Even if he doesn't play many games initially, practicing and scrimmaging with the big club will help him immensely. But I think we will see a lot of Hughes/Tanev ... Edler/Tryamkin and Juolevi/Myers this next season.

    seriously? Tanev with his injury history over TT?   

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  10. On 5/3/2020 at 8:34 AM, Jimmy McGill said:

    there may not be any choice depending on where the cap is at. I sure hope there's a compliance buyout coming. 

    well we need the guy, obviously skilled and much like JT he can play with an edge...  I'm soooooo done watching a really good regular season cream puff team get creamed and yet another year without stanley, have'nt we had enough of those?

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  11. On 4/27/2020 at 9:18 AM, Jimmy McGill said:

    Nik is great, but he's no Tanev defensively. We'd still need to bring in someone who can eat up the hard minutes Tanev does, so I don't know that we'd really have any cost saving by letting Tanev walk, maybe  $1 mil or so? 


    From a goals against pov, it might be better to keep Tanev and bring in Nik to replace Stecher, and let Toffoli go if we cant buy out Loui. That would suck but TDL moves are often more expensive than they're worth.

     We need Tree back, you can't buy size and from most of this franchise's history, being a butter soft team has never won us a cup. Only when we had a bigger team did we come close.. 

     Anddddd only a complete idiot would let a player like TT go, we need that guy badly and letting him go would be a huge mistake. 

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  12. On 3/2/2020 at 9:14 AM, Alflives said:

    I said at the time of the Tofu trade that Madden and a second (assets wasted IMO) should have been used as sweetener in a deal this summer (or at that TDL) to dump Loui, or Sutter, or Baer.  We needed to clear one of those three deadwood contracts more than getting Tofu, and just trying to squeeze into the playoffs.  Now, we will miss the playoffs, and still have to dump those contracts.  Can you say wasted assets getting piled on to the already high pile?  

    I accept I’ve been negative on the team’s drpirection and coaching for a while, but IMO the facts justify the serious concern.

    We have Petey and Hughes.  These are two generational players.  We should be building around them, so when they are physically and emotionally mature we have the support players needed for them to lead us to Cups.  Going all in now is a foolish waste of assets, that will be needed when we actually are ready.  

    This is not JB though.  He is only the puppet; Aquilini is the puppeteer.  Any GM Aquilini hires will be one he can control.  He will not hire a strong willed, and experienced GM.  Plus, those guys won’t work here anyway.  

    Alf..  JB will do what he has to do to get things done, cap wise I mean, if he signs TT then I love what we're going to look like top 6 wise.. the only issue we have now is on D and we're in the middle of seeing what the farm has and act accordingly, and for once, when that gets looked after (2 seasons) we will end up with 4 pretty good rolling lines and will be hard to play against, but Alf..  TT was the perfect fit for our top 6 to top off picking up JT Miller for peanuts... And by the time the team matures together there will be a dog fight for any available spot on the roster from farm depth.. when have we ever had that? Never! Not f'n once in the history of this franchise.. yeah there's work to do but we're getting closer than we ever had before and we can thank JB for that, no he's not perfect but he sure has caught on, is he done in his own development curve? Nope but like the team, he's close. 

    We'll be fine Alf... 

  13. On 4/1/2020 at 1:06 PM, Fred65 said:

    I've just read an article in the THN regarding a KHL team withdrawing form the league period. The reason that the writer speculated on was the sponsor of the team would likely suffer severe financial problems next season with the economy likely to fail post corona virus. It's a good point. Business will likely take years to get back to normal and many paying customers will neither have jobs or capital al to buy tickets. That leads me to wonder how secure the Aqualini family is and beyond them a number of the other NHL franchises. In Vcr the real estate market will suffer, many will be unable to pay their mortgages and that market is  a primary part of the Aqualini's  portfolio. We talk flippantly about buy outs but is it practical. I guess the question is will the NHL be on it's heels next season. A number of teams are owned by financial stock investors ie new money. Will they be able to weather this storm or will the NHL need to address the problem in a new era

    Well if a part of a portfolio fails then it just becomes a tax write off.. 


  14. 15 hours ago, TrickOfShapes said:


    Nikita Tryamkin deserves an opportunity to prove his worth to the Vancouver Canucks — plain and simple. His previous tenure with the team tantalized observers. His rare combination of size, strength and mobility left Canucks fans in awe of what the then-twenty-two-year-old was capable of becoming. At 6’7’’, 250 lbs, he intimidated opponents like few could, and he obliterated numerous victims with his incredible strength.


    Many were shocked, but not surprised when he departed from the Canucks. He believed that he had been misused. He desired more ice time than he received, and so he rejoined his KHL team, Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg. Always known to be vocal, he received the team’s “A” as an alternate captain for two seasons before being stripped of the honor this past season. Recently, his agent has been adamant that Tryamkin wants nothing more than to return to the Canucks.


    The Vancouver Canucks struggled defensively in 2019-20. They bled scoring opportunities and were often rescued by the MVP-like play of Jacob Markstrom. Although the team’s offensive play has improved significantly since Tryamkin last represented the team, they continue to be inept once the opponent begins to carry the puck back up the ice. The organization would be wise, thus, to explore all of its options, including the enigmatic former prospect.


    He was not so polarizing as a player for the team. He offered exactly what he was expected to provide. His physicality overwhelmed some opposition players, and yet he could transition the puck through the neutral zone quite confidently and naturally. He has done the same for his KHL team.


    Today, we have an opportunity to look at one of Nikita Tryamkin’s most recent performances: Game 4 of the 2020 KHL Quarterfinals against Sibir Novosibirsk on March 8, 2020.


    Read the full article at Nucks Misconduct:



    Of course JB will be more than happy or arrange to have him play there another year so we don't lose him in the exp draft.. trying to keep everyone now is going to be difficult as it is... or pay Seattle something to take a bottom six player or pick, anyway trying not to get excited for the big freight train back in a Nux uniform until it happens.. 

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  15. On 3/26/2020 at 9:35 PM, Elias Pettersson said:

    Eriksson and Roussel for me.  Eriksson is obvious and if Ferland can come back healthy next year then he will take Roussel's spot in the lineup.  Sutter is a good insurance policy if Beagle goes down and has less term than Roussel.  Baer is in the minors so his cap hit isn't huge and it's only for one more year.  Beagle is our only quality 4th line centre so not sure why people want to get rid of him. 


    Not sure why people would want to get rid of Myers, he's been solid in a lot of games although inconsistent this season.  I'd partner him with Tryamkin next year and let the big Russian do the dirty work on that pairing. Even with 2 compliance buyouts I still don't think we re-sign Tanev.  I'd rather focus on Markstrom and Toffoli and perhaps get another right shot defenceman through a trade or free agency.

    People want Myers gone because he's not smaller and super fast but that's fine for the regular season but in the playoffs that's going to get run over and go nowhere near Stanley.. simple short sightednews but thankfully JB made it known it caught his attention to the need for size and toughness which has been the usual in Vancouver for years with an exception or 2 so they forget about that.. that's why JB went after Guddy, had he worked out into a top 4 pairing guy to put with Hughes would have rocked the show but your right we still need that and hope we get one.. however I'm glad we have size in Myers and hopefully soon Tryamkin.. 

     The other comment in the same idea is our new additions of JT and TT, both have skill but also some grit.. glad it's not just on the back end, not saying their fighters or anything but their not pussies either but at least not the butter soft team we had that was fun to watch until we got pummeled and ousted every year come playoff time which was always heart breaking for buck fans... 

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  16. 1 hour ago, Tre Mac said:

    I want to clear as much cap as possible.  If this team doesn't retain all three of those UFA's then I am afraid it'll take a step backwards.  There will be no Boeser, Petey or Hughes coming in on the cheap and being a legit piece to this team and you'll be losing value looking to free agency to fill those holes.

    Boeser is signed until LE is gone, then he gets a portion of that added to what he has now on his contact so he's paid for but it's Petey who scares me cap wise, but JB will do what he has to do, at this point, I just want to see our top 6 stay as it is, Tofolli was the icing on the cake along with JT added to our guys looks like a pretty solid top 6.. and our bottom 6 will look better as players settle in and then to work on D but we still don't know exactly how that will work out but the expansion draft doesn't excite me.. only so many guys we can protect but we still have Hogs n Podz to hopefully fill the void of a lost forward which we probably lose unless by then we agree for Seattle to get Markstrom in exchange plus they take LE's contract plus a 1st round pick coming to us? Meh idk.. lol can you tell I hate LE that bad to package Marky? Lmao yup!!  



  17. 1 hour ago, Tre Mac said:

    I want to clear as much cap as possible.  If this team doesn't retain all three of those UFA's then I am afraid it'll take a step backwards.  There will be no Boeser, Petey or Hughes coming in on the cheap and being a legit piece to this team and you'll be losing value looking to free agency to fill those holes.

    All I want for Christmas is Toffoli.. man I hope we get to keep him, Alien Flow TT JT Bo JV can only get better as the young guys gain experience and the team as a whole actually playing a lot obviously will help, been a turnstile team for long enough, yeah a lil bit with tweaking but hopefully it's over soon and we can actually grow a identity for a change and keep it.. fast tough and skilled.. yes please, had that 2011 but no depth but that's changing! Yay! Lol

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  18. 4 hours ago, Tre Mac said:

    So for the sake of discussion let's say this season is scrapped and next season starts on time.  The cap is either the same or lower and as such the NHL gives each team 2 compliance buyouts(CB's).  You're in charge, grats, what 2 players do you say adios to in order to re-sign the big 3 UFA's(Tanev, Toffoli, Markstrom)? 


    We'll use the same criteria as last time, so you cannot buyout a player like Eriksson then re-sign him on the cheap. 


    I chose two because I figured Eriksson would be a near obvious choice.  Here's a list of contracts according to capfriendly:


    My choices:


    Loui Eriksson

    Tyler Myers


    Other possiblities:

    Brandon Sutter

    Antoine Roussel

    Jay Beagle

    Micheal Ferland

    Sven Baertschi


    Not a fan of Myers at that caphit.  I think he's a 3rd pairing defensemen that might be able to fill in if injuries arise.  By using the CB's on Eriksson and Myers that'll free up the most cap space and I also feel that Tryamkin can fill in for Myers just fine.  


    To add a little more discussion - Who would you buyout if you're only given one CB?  I still think Myers is the best option over Eriksson due to the longer term.  I do understand Myers could be exposed in the expansion draft but I doubt Seattle would take that contract.  Ferland due to his concussion history might be another viable candidate.






    So you want to trade 1 of 2 big dmen as in Myers when we'll need it in the playoffs? We should have 2 big guys because what if we have a playoff run next year and Train gets injured and things get really rough? 

    And Train isn't a lock yet until he signs.. 

    Not a wise idea, LE of course but Sutter can now be replaced by AG since he has another season "almost" under his belt and played well enough to take the reigns as a top shutdown player for us and should pot 20 goals.. 

    There's my 2.. 


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  19. Well I think we can all agree it's great to see JV aand Gaudette produce out of the system so we can let go of other guys as we keep tweaking.. hopefully Hogs n Podz next and OJ doing the JV thing and grow into his top 4 D assessment, plus Woo.. and then train back but headed in the right direction with a farm producing just at the right time and in the next few years, yeah we still need tweaks but getting less and less for a change.. 


  20. For what it's worth, JV was voted most improved Canuck.

    Do you agree with it? I can't think of anyone close except for Hughes but he wasn't on the list but he's already shown so much natural born talent that he wasn't included? idk.

    FanSided author Brayden Ursel listed an article wrote it up.

     voted 1-4


    Big Mac




    Have to agree and stoked at how Big Mac turned it up a notch too!