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  1. If you watch the latest Benning interview, JB clearly stated that he wants to give chances to our best farm guys, if Raff makes it, it will be stech gone. If your JB and you watch guys like TT step in and gives the team a big lift, then your going to do whatever it takes to keep him even if it means you have to let another piece go and replace it with another that has a strong chance of making it even though it's a risk but can still work things if it doesn't.. Whether that's Raff or Chatfield, could be anyone's guess but until we see where the cap goes, we will end up shedding some cap somehow..
  2. I miss the giant who can level guys with not a lot of effort.. not a lot of guys who have that kind of size who can skate that well with a wingspan that would make an albatross jealous.. can't wait to have him back, wish we had him when Buffy destroyed us almost single handedly and we had no answer for someone that big, hence why Jimbo went after big guys like Myers knowing the playoffs get rough and then size truly matters and especially those who can skate.. C'mon Jimbo, get Train back here!
  3. Nah Rafferty looks amazing and it's got zero to do with who he's playing with, natural ability including great vision and finding open ice, plus we hardly have a dire need for another forward.. have a look at Raff's highlights and you'll see what I mean..
  4. That's par for the course on the forum for the most part... (Not everyone though) Even if it's not true...
  5. Your assuming their impatient, do you not think JB talked to TT's agent and TT himself and got a positive answer about staying with us? As a GM that's the first question to be asked and I doubt JB just got a "maybe" Just because someone says something, it doesn't mean it's true and only Tyler knows the truth and everything else is hearsay, but everyone is jumping on how we can't afford to keep him but I have faith in JB to pull it off, especially since both Lou's and Spooner will be off the books and I for one think that there's enough fans in Seattle to help with revenue and boost the cap up and then there's the tv deal with fox possibly, so the cap rising enough by the time the books are back to par with no bad contracts when Lou's and Spooner are gone especially so we'll actually have enough for 2 top potent lines and supporting cast for a serious run at Stanley but we just got through a rebuild and still need tweaks but have some fun with it, team is going to be fun to watch for years opposed to the agony of the last 4 seasons especially.
  6. Well looks like he's enjoying himself so far! Think of where we'd be in the standings had we had him start the season here... At least a few wins up when we needed one more piece with skill, vision, and not afraid to throw a punch if he gets mad enough... JB your a f'n genius with JT and TT... Front corps look great and hopefully as our D gets better it will all gel at once...
  7. Well maybe I mis-communicated what I was saying but don't forget some scorers can't play defense for whatever reason but this team can't afford to have that but hopefully Brock's game completes like Bo's has and then we're golden but I hope Jimbo pulls off both TT and Brock both on the team for awhile to come.. As for Jake, been a jake fan since day one, I knew it would take time and it's paying off and I still don't believe he's anywhere near his ceiling yet with the coaching and player coaching he's getting, I believe he will get there...
  8. Well we'd rock the show and make the playoffs every year if we can keep both of them and I hope we will but you pointed out age difference but some players just can't play D as well as others, why? Well just some players can and some can't or not as good and even in 5+ years, sorry but I can't see Brock being as complete as JT or TT, BUT do I hope Bes does? Sure, is that guaranteed? Certainly not... Anyway, I have confidence Jimbo will get it done.. he's mostly through his learning curve far enough along to pull it off.
  9. Brock as a better player? with Tofolli having one of the best 2 way games in the league, how do you figure that? It's not all about points, it's more about points that win games.. JT Miller is a prime example, right now he's lighting it up but usually he's clutch when the chips are down and count the most. That's what this team needs more than prima donna's who can't play defense.. not say Brock is one of those but JB has been on the hunt for support for Petey, Bo, and Boes... Look who he picked up.. JT or TT won't back down from giving a devastating hit or dropping the gloves if necessary and we need that, JB already knows how it goes with soft highly skilled teams and so do we, they don't win the cup... That route is not ours thankfully...
  10. Pretty sure Jimbo has something in mind, along with the team, he's progressed and learned, and as one poster put it, nothing huge is going happen until summer and there has been some news on the cap going up or down. We can talk this to death but at the end of the day it's all about the cap and until that's known, highly unlikely there will be a lot done.
  11. Uh huh, agreed, and we paid nothing really.. our pick won't be of any consequence or a long shot at best plus giving up someone average was larceny... Atta boy JB
  12. Keep it up JT! Making the haters look like _____ ....
  13. This year? Of course.. we're in no position so as long as our younger guys get a taste and see what it takes, that usually adds up to a lot more motivation, and in a 2-3 years when we're ready then that will pay off. Especially when both Luongo and LE will be off the books and not a problem anymore, and if the TV deal goes and we already have our top guys all locked in with enough support, then even better but we'll have better luck than Mike Gillis who tried the same thing but because the cap is already in place and no surprises this time...
  14. True as the you said about prospects but we have enough as it is and if we give up one year of picks to solidify our line up as JB did then we're fine. Finally have a 1-2 punch with our top six, a really good bottom six and guys in the pipeline for D that we need plus Train coming back, added to Hughes and Myers already here, and Rafferty especially who will probably be added in, this coming up season or next, should put us where we need to be and still have all our picks after this this year's draft, so I don't see making the post any issue but it's how far but all we need is D shored up... We'll be fine
  15. I wouldn't worry about it, I can see TT wanting out and to stay out of LA, there's not much chance for them in the near future as there is with us. Lou's cap will be off the books in 2 seasons and we need that time anyway to get our guys with more playing time together and that will be done around that time too.. Bo is there and has some time under his belt, Boes and Petey could use work on their complete game and it's happening, AG same, Hughes same, so we're ok but if the TV deal goes through and the cap goes up by 5-10 mil and maybe more, both LE and Lou's cap space won't matter then and will have the big bonus when their off the books in 2 years so not that big of a deal.. we'll be fine
  16. Dude.. at this point we don't need to keep stocking the cupboard as much as we used to, and, now we need to get our current propects into the line up and get experience and that will happen. We're no longer the Canucks of the old days with an near empty farm.. JT and Tofolli, 2 big pieces we desperately needed are in place, we're working on D next and have Rafferty, Woo, Train, Ollie, in the wings to help there so I wouldn't be worrying about more picks, we need to develop what we have a let it pan out.. We're going to have a reallyyyyy good team soon..
  17. Might not be another JT Miller homerun but Toffoli was a score.. he's owned us before in games in the last few years and seems to be clutch at exactly the right time.. he never seems to score a ton of goals and in mainly in bunches but usually at the right time to help win games, yeah a player who scores a lot of goals looks better on paper but unless it's in a winning cause then all it does is make him cost a lot more, where clutch guys are cheaper but in the end can be worth more.. Looks like JB is trying to get us past the first round, however our D being suspect now and probably at least 2 yrs from now but the entire team should be starting to get close/r to peaking so it might all gel exactly when we need it. C'mon Mr Stanley, you know you want to visit vancouver! Anyway hope he stays..
  18. Yeah and add to that, the percentage of the probability of making it in the NHL sharply can drop off after the first 3 picks usually and how often have we got in the top 3? With our luck? Ugh... Add to that even top pick has been a bust when a McDavid was expected... People forgot about that when JT was traded for, as gm do you make the surefire safe bet or do you sacrifice for a risk? At this stage of our build, JB did the right thing.. tired of this franchise selling out our future to appease the "win it all now" crowd instead of building.. how well has that worked for us so far? Thinking the zero Stanley cups no matter how close we got answers that.. We're close to that finally but still a cpl years away, and having to draft a kid that will "hopefully" become a JT Miller would have been redundant and he can help mentor as he came with leadership skills. I was shocked by how many even considered we lost on JT's trade.. way the opposite.. as of today, JT is tied for points with Petey and Ovechkin at 57 points.
  19. Well looking at his skill set and nastiness, we got exactly what this team needed and we could not have got a better player who was up for grabs, JB killed it!
  20. Dude... JB did his job adding pieces we needed up front to put goals in the net, next as he said himself is more work on D then see how it goes which is fine.. good job In the middle of it, we have our young guys still learning and trying to perfect their 200ft game and still put up points, plus our team looks much different than last year and TG has had to shuffle lines etc, so can you see how it's normal and it will slowly change as things move forward? Nit picking details is kind of pointless especially since we're supposed to be in last place in the league but here we are still in the playoff picture.. If you look back at when the Oilers got their 1st picks and new players, with the exception of McD and Drai's, they were way worse but when new players are added to a team possession numbers are bound to drop before they get better... If this is still a problem in 2-3 yrs then yes we're in trouble but this team with tweaks and everyone with more experience with each other will only get better.... Relax and enjoy the ride...
  21. Last I saw this has been our achilles heel since 2011.. hopefully TG is saying hold off until we get close to play off time or close to it then *SHOVE* but somehow I think that's not the case but one can hope..
  22. Agreed on the last part, on the first part is getting them practicing with the team and then being put in isn't necessarily a bad thing but we'll know soon enough.. personally I think that's the case but could be wrong ...
  23. Well kind of early to say either way about JV, I think a lot depends on if he makes 20 goals this year, which is looking like a easy mark to hit now the way he's playing but I bet he hits 3.5 mil for another 2-3 plus yrs but highly unlikely he sticks around for any less... will he do a hometown discount? One would hope so but all we can do is speculate in the meantime but a lot of our future depends on a cap increase or not, and how much.
  24. Screw the Calder, your last sentence is right and the most important part, he's a shoe in to become the powerplay QB and quick minded smooth PMD we desperately needed and got..