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  1. Yeah i think we're ok since he doesn't look burned out "yet" this season but it's Demko time and hopefully he can step in for half that and give markstrom a rest, but get an idea of if he can do a full season and how Demko will perform... lots of variables in it all and it and anyone who thinks being a good GM who has to juggle all of it and do a "half @assed" job is a small miracle in itself but trying to gauge player ability and attitude and skill level is and mental toughness to make it through a full season and succeed to be consistent. Then the cap, who will demand what, will the cap rise in respect to that? Etc etc etc... good grief, Benning haters need to give their heads a shake, compared to other GM who are worse who aren't new to this as he is so him moving us forward so far is fine but if it doesn't get better in 2 yrs it might be time to change to someone else but the old team is gone and at least we have prospects and a 3 core of petey,bo, and boes to build on. Anyway, Benning is learning well and it's pretty blatent what we need so for awhile we'll keep getting better. Last thing... no more ntc's!! If your going to play like $&!#e then move on already! Or take a cut in pay! Either way lol Cough cough LE cough cough!!!
  2. Yeah but look what happened to schnieds.. it took him awhile but he did fine and we got Bo for him so.. i almost agree in some sense but i think 3 yrs would be too long but 2 is ok i think...
  3. We need ferland in the mix or someone like him in our top 6.. Soft doesn't get far in the playoffs usually
  4. 2 yr extension.. dipietro needs to simmer for that long too so in 2 years is where Demko needs to be pushing to take over and Dip has his back.. give markstrom 2 @ 5 mil if he can keep up his pace until seasons end and take it from there. If he falters, then 4-4.5 mil @ 2 years? Meh..
  5. Nah id say a bit more that but not as much as petey but still,together it's over 10 mil so that's going to hurt plus gaudette as well then others need raises etc etc... ugh.. i would not want to be in line as in JB's when he took over after we got F'd royally and lost our best chance for the cup in our history. MG had a lot of good players locked in and was only 2 players away from a win as in a top pairing big D and a power forward to play with the twins but we couldn't afford that with the cap available. Aqman would have shelled enough $ to do that and this life time 40 yr fan almost cried when i heard the words.. salary cap... i bet MG wanted to shoot himself with all the work and effort down the tubes... am i still pissed about it? Sure but meh the cap is at least going up but we're stuck with 3-4 mill as he's good defensively which a 2-3 mil a yr for someone no matter what they're name is.. yeah it still suck but meh it is what it is. Dorsett and pyatt off the books will help that thankfully
  6. And then there's a thing called a cap that says we need to sign boeser and the season after petey which will take 2 HUGE bites out of it and with LE still @ 6 mil it really hurts us, if we had that to sign a top pairing D then we'd be golden but we even have more spots to fill the gaps so it's not going to be easy. Cap increase to 78-82 mil is expected next season but it's if there's another one after that is the biggest issue as we have to sign petey. If it's another healthy jump to 86-88 mil we should be in a bit better position but that's a huge IF I'm actually nervous about it because a GM can only do so much with cap so where it goes will have a huge impact on us as there's another 2 years and possibly 3 to get our young depth the experience they need to step in when injuries hit so we don't fall out of playoff contention and seeing how our new picks this year start to turn out. This rebuild is still new and keeping it realistic as far as us fans go and not expecting miracles i think is the easiest way of looking at it.
  7. Well with markstrom, it could out really well for us if he keeps it up and it comes time to trade him when Demko or Dipietro streps in to replace him. We could get a good return if he keeps it up consistently and i don't mean having to stand on his head all the time for us but i could see a huge upgrade in another position for him easily if he just plays fairly well for the remainder of his contract.
  8. I didn't say it was a bad post but in a way, kind of meaningless since we're done anyway but if it would have been in another situation it would have been more poignant but the way we were/are headed it's not that massive of a deal. If we we're trying to protect a playoff spot we actually held and in danger of losing then sure but... meh at this point... you know..
  9. If all the games remaining were against the worst teams besides us, i'd say you have a serious argument but that's not the case, our team the way it is not elite no matter how positive you want to see it. Elite have good strong teams and depth, we have a so so team with so so depth, sooooo i wouldn't and am not going to lose any sleep over it as i would otherwise... We weren't even suppose to have even been in any playoff conversion at all so it was ok while it lasted but realistically i think most of us knew inside that we wouldn't but doesn't hurt to hope but simply a "not going to happen" scenario was/is more likely...
  10. The bottom part looks ok of your post but someone needs to want them first and i doubt anyone really does. Except sutter and "maybe" LE but that's a big maybe... even with salary retained but yes better than a buy out...
  11. Well i agree with this but also if we had strong team defense then we wouldn't need to score as many goals to win games and we've lost at least 15 games by a single goal, so add 20 points to our current point total and we'd be solidly in a playoff spot if we only won 10 of those 15 or so 1 goal losses. People seem to think if we get a couple better players in the top 2 lines then we're golden but that's not exactly true if we continue with horrible team D. Not only that actually, give-a-ways have been atrocious. The elite teams have very good puck possession numbers and lower shots on goal by far better than us so unless that's addressed then even more goals by a slightly higher margin aren't going to make that much of a difference and it will still be a struggle even after we start getting into the post season where it will show blantantly against the teams who do better than us at those two issues.
  12. That is a perfect estimation of team D here in vancouver as i've seen. The shots and give-a-ways by forwards and D has been horrendous. If it had been a lot better then we'd have won a lot of those one game losses this season and we'd be in the playoff picture as in teams trying to catch up to us instead of the other way around and not having to rely so much on our goalie to play like superman night after night until he finally falters and then gets blamed for all of it. No wonder vancouver has been a goalie graveyard for so long with only a few times did we play a complete game with good team D and tenacious forecheck which led to some success but lack of depth killed us when that happened too.
  13. Well... yes vancouver has been a crappy, soft franchise for most of it's existance but not ALL of it. EG is certainly not a sniper.. Think that sums it up unless you count a seasonal team that has never won a stanley cup a success, we have had a few good runs that i count as a partial success i suppose but i think finally it's turning around and heading in that direction but time will tell especially in the next 2 years.
  14. Well it is official that we suck, not quite as bad as last year but still... I suppose it's better than we had before, as in a regular season team with no depth to make it anywhere but at least most of that old team is gone and maybe better days are ahead but at least 2-4 years away. 2 at best, 4 at worst. Then again there's there's the curse of the goalie graveyard and butter soft that keeps on kicking our @ss all over the nhl but that's the norm it seems in nucksville...
  15. We need D, 10 times worse or more. Have you noticed how many shots markstrom is facing? Unless JB has some trades to make for D then we need to draft for D, we have enough forwards to exchange if JB can fleece someone and throw in a 2nd round pick.
  16. Dreamer! Lmao.. if only! I think we'd all faint in disbelief, this is vancouver after all
  17. No that would be a very stupid thing to poll. No one could have done much with a team full of locked up players who were aging out, his moves have been 50/50 ish and even that is impressive for anyone considering the circumstances of this mostly soft/garbage team he was handed and if you don't think it was then...
  18. You didn't know that already? We have a new core, a few good extra parts and that's about it. We have depth but not will a lot of experience and that's about it. I think people forget about the cap and how tricky it is especially in the next 2 yrs for us and JB has to be especially careful with that with 2 players who will be looking for huge HUGE raises then Gaudette, then Hughes, and whoever else so i don't envy JB in the next 2 years but here's hoping the cap with increase by at least 4-5 mil but who knows...
  19. Unless there's a media leak, the players are usually told last. So atm they have zero idea..
  20. As especially being hockey fans, learn to expect nothing and we won't be disappointed...
  21. Same ole situation... meh...
  22. At what cap cost? That's the issue on that i think but if we could.. sure!
  23. Well i've been waiting since i was 10 and until we win "ONE" until then i want to know too lmao! I'm laughing because if that ever happens, then i probably won't care after that! I'm pretty sure you understand that logic! Grins... Sighs and thinks if i die before we win a cup, well.. that'd really suck! Anyway, at least the fun to watch "season" team with no depth at all, is pretty much gone and maybe mr stanley will come and visit for a year so soon (2-3 yrs) yep until that happens.. i want to know too demmit! Lol!
  24. If only the season ended right now i'd be happy too. boes petey and bo all three healthy.. However teams for the rest of the season can go at them with no one who can truly take care of business. Excuse me while i shudder... sigh.. Thing is it's the worst thing to happen in a rebuild where we are exactly trying to fit lines together and hanging out to dry bo and petey who we depend on for a good chunk of scoring is ummm.. well you know but for the first time in my life i hope we don't get in the playoffs because we all know who would be targeted just like the sedins. In reality we need 2 ferlands and hopefully big mac gets better and fills that beside bo but if not i sure hope something happens but maybe jb will surprise us with a power forward who can punch as equal to skill who has plenty of both if needed.