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  1. Dude.. at this point we don't need to keep stocking the cupboard as much as we used to, and, now we need to get our current propects into the line up and get experience and that will happen. We're no longer the Canucks of the old days with an near empty farm.. JT and Tofolli, 2 big pieces we desperately needed are in place, we're working on D next and have Rafferty, Woo, Train, Ollie, in the wings to help there so I wouldn't be worrying about more picks, we need to develop what we have a let it pan out.. We're going to have a reallyyyyy good team soon..
  2. Might not be another JT Miller homerun but Toffoli was a score.. he's owned us before in games in the last few years and seems to be clutch at exactly the right time.. he never seems to score a ton of goals and in mainly in bunches but usually at the right time to help win games, yeah a player who scores a lot of goals looks better on paper but unless it's in a winning cause then all it does is make him cost a lot more, where clutch guys are cheaper but in the end can be worth more.. Looks like JB is trying to get us past the first round, however our D being suspect now and probably at least 2 yrs from now but the entire team should be starting to get close/r to peaking so it might all gel exactly when we need it. C'mon Mr Stanley, you know you want to visit vancouver! Anyway hope he stays..
  3. Yeah and add to that, the percentage of the probability of making it in the NHL sharply can drop off after the first 3 picks usually and how often have we got in the top 3? With our luck? Ugh... Add to that even top pick has been a bust when a McDavid was expected... People forgot about that when JT was traded for, as gm do you make the surefire safe bet or do you sacrifice for a risk? At this stage of our build, JB did the right thing.. tired of this franchise selling out our future to appease the "win it all now" crowd instead of building.. how well has that worked for us so far? Thinking the zero Stanley cups no matter how close we got answers that.. We're close to that finally but still a cpl years away, and having to draft a kid that will "hopefully" become a JT Miller would have been redundant and he can help mentor as he came with leadership skills. I was shocked by how many even considered we lost on JT's trade.. way the opposite.. as of today, JT is tied for points with Petey and Ovechkin at 57 points.
  4. Well looking at his skill set and nastiness, we got exactly what this team needed and we could not have got a better player who was up for grabs, JB killed it!
  5. Dude... JB did his job adding pieces we needed up front to put goals in the net, next as he said himself is more work on D then see how it goes which is fine.. good job In the middle of it, we have our young guys still learning and trying to perfect their 200ft game and still put up points, plus our team looks much different than last year and TG has had to shuffle lines etc, so can you see how it's normal and it will slowly change as things move forward? Nit picking details is kind of pointless especially since we're supposed to be in last place in the league but here we are still in the playoff picture.. If you look back at when the Oilers got their 1st picks and new players, with the exception of McD and Drai's, they were way worse but when new players are added to a team possession numbers are bound to drop before they get better... If this is still a problem in 2-3 yrs then yes we're in trouble but this team with tweaks and everyone with more experience with each other will only get better.... Relax and enjoy the ride...
  6. Last I saw this has been our achilles heel since 2011.. hopefully TG is saying hold off until we get close to play off time or close to it then *SHOVE* but somehow I think that's not the case but one can hope..
  7. Agreed on the last part, on the first part is getting them practicing with the team and then being put in isn't necessarily a bad thing but we'll know soon enough.. personally I think that's the case but could be wrong ...
  8. Well kind of early to say either way about JV, I think a lot depends on if he makes 20 goals this year, which is looking like a easy mark to hit now the way he's playing but I bet he hits 3.5 mil for another 2-3 plus yrs but highly unlikely he sticks around for any less... will he do a hometown discount? One would hope so but all we can do is speculate in the meantime but a lot of our future depends on a cap increase or not, and how much.
  9. Screw the Calder, your last sentence is right and the most important part, he's a shoe in to become the powerplay QB and quick minded smooth PMD we desperately needed and got..
  10. You may be reading this all wrong, the team is winning so it's not a bad time to help his D game which doesn't match his O game, plus that adds a bonus scoring punch on 3rd line and that's not even bringing up he's not having to play top minutes and be more fresh later on in the season when we'll probably need him back up but as long as we're winning I doubt Flow cares all that much, he's made us all proud on and off the ice, I believe he has way too much class to worry about it..
  11. Way to hit it over the fence JB... It's still going, just like JT Miller... Another one, this is getting to be a habit, way to shut up the haters!
  12. It's obviously Tanev... If... That's the case but let him play where he wants (if we can't keep him we owe him that) but things can change in the meantime Plus I doubt his body could stand a playoff run, he's been pretty beat up over the last few years especially...
  13. I thought most people caught that Benning said he noticed that so was it such a shock that he picked up Rous and Schaller the season before followed up by this year and the off season signing of Myers to replace Guds as in an upgrade with skill and then signed Benn... This should not be a surprise especially since the "Twin" beatings happened on a regular basis and so what choice did he have but get more size and grit to protect flow and alien, and adding to overall team toughness.
  14. Not really, finally put on a real line consistently and it simply wasn't utilized in that capacity playing on top teams who already had plenty of firepower but with his good defensive side he wasn't used top line much like he is here so all that skill is paying off way larger than what we paid...
  15. Ummm a bit under payment..
  16. I think 8th place overall as of tonight speaks for itself.. not bad JB! Considering we were project to be between 20-30 ish so ummm JB haters.. (suck it up buttercup) And we're just getting started, Hogs n Pods, Train, etc entering the fold soon and not far off from when we need them, Gaudette more experienced, JV same, EP, Brock, Bo, Hi, will be just hitting their stride in a cpl of years more and then both Lou's will be off the books for another chunk of bling lost to the cap on top of a rebuild, doing it with that kind of handicap is pretty impressive, but that extra cap space might make more of a difference than we think but so far so good...
  17. Ikr.. has he even watched hockey??? Honestly, Ikr.. just because he was a smart man and a successful hockey career and teaches it means squat!
  18. Yeah yeah the media is ALWAYS right, I forgot... My bad... They nailed JT Miller deal perfectly, what a bum! We got fleeced! EP40 is too slight and will never make it in the NHL, Marky was all but washed up with no hope for improvement ever... How can you even consider believing the crap, was pretty much my reaction.. media blah blah blah.. according to them, aren't we supposed to be in last place or close to it? Seriously? Lmao!!!
  19. Yep.. that's pretty much it.. plus we'll have to sign Boeser after LE is gone and Demko will need a contract providing he works out then Hughes as well but we get another Lou off the books too but this is all just based on the cap and that's a variable that might change so this might be all void if it goes up a lot or a little but who knows right? It might drop or stay the same depending on the market then.. new tv deal? Lots to it..
  20. Can we even afford to keep him is the real question here, Petey is not going to be cheap and if Marky wants 7-8 mil a season, not sure we can afford that..
  21. Your serious??? Put down the joint sir.. or whatever it is your on... LoL
  22. Yeah I guess so hey? Tired n under the weather so not on my game but at the end of the day we look better now than we almost ever did in the past save a cpl of time but in a few years I bet we have the best team this city has ever seen
  23. well a conditional pick back is "almost" redundant but we can always develop and trade, have quite the logjam of new prospects already but it's not like we're in dire need anymore
  24. Just happy JB mentioned Big Mac as a player he's looking forward to having on the team on a reg basis and Rafferty as well... Tired of big name players over the years eating a cap hole instead of developing our own and as he pointed out, we have that finally but whoa it was a long time coming..
  25. I'm not surprised, better roster, better depth. We were supposed to be the bottom 5 by all the media etc starting with the Miller deal (after he stole pods) so losing what will end up being a late first rounder was funny and JT fit immediately.. Shows how much they know but a lot of people were fooled and repeated it here... Geeez.. Will we make it deep into the playoffs? Assuming we do and other teams have sustained injuries to their stars, then who knows...