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  1. So, they should have stayed silent is that what you are implying ?
  2. Don't get me wrong, I am all for protecting the environment as much as possible. Sometimes, strategic interests are more important. I rather get the oil from North America, and stop supporting medieval regimes.
  3. What makes this even more disguisting, is the fact that so many people in Hollywood knew about this for years.
  4. Your oil gets sent down here to the refineries, and it is sold back at a higher price in Canada. That is some crazy stuff!
  5. Well since you have no opinion on Vegas shooting yet, lets go back little further. Who do you think killed JFK? Do you think moon landing was staged? What is your opinion on 9/11 and Sandy Hook shooting?
  6. Lot of people, would have to have been Involved in the conspiracy, but yet no one has talked. Two people can't keep a secret, much less hundreds or even more.
  7. City of Vegas is trying to move from this story because they live off tourism. Hotel chain is going to get sued, so they might try to cover up the fact that the security guard got shot before the massacre. Police would probably like to "bury" the fact that it took them so long to locate the shooter. People that question things like that, are within their rights IMO. People that believe that the massacre was staged like sandy hook, well they need psychiatric help. Like that German guy, that asked father of one of the sandy hook victims, to exhume the body of his son to prove that he died. Now that is a special piece of $&!# right there.
  8. So many guys from that thread got banned, RR, Mr. ambien etc. Topics like that one are like giant $&!#, flies just can't help but to land on it.
  9. You should put a no trespassing sign on your door.
  10. Oh yeah, lot of similarities between Canada and Saudi Arabia.
  11. I think Boeing's next move is to argue that the tariffs should be imposed on parts that will be assembled in Alabama. Also, I am interested to see if Boeing tries to work closer with Embrear in the future. Intersting turn of the events for sure, Delta has to be happy about this for sure.
  12. Just when you think that DT can't surprise you by his comments.......... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/kelly-tried-to-keep-his-son’s-death-out-of-politics-trump-had-other-ideas/ar-AAtEX5I?li=BBnb4R7
  13. I might be missing something here. This project has cost over 5 billion dollars, Quebec alone has "coughed up" 1.3 billion of tax payers money. Now Airbus is the majority owner of the C series, and they might be adding second assembly line in Alabama for these planes. Airbus did not put any cash into this deal, that is an amazing deal for them! Sure it's a big f you to Boeing, but also an example of burning the house down to save the furniture.
  14. All that stuff is great, no argument here. I just would like to see a country with large population with all that.