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  1. NFL thread

    Driver who killed Colts LB Jackson sentenced to 16 years in prison. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/driver-who-killed-colts-lb-jackson-sentenced-to-16-years-in-prison/ar-AAAsC2R?li=BBnb7Kz
  2. You don’t need to twist my arm, we all deserve break from this thread.
  3. NFL thread

    Would like to thank Raiders organization, once again for trading Khalil Mack. Yours truly Monsters of Midway
  4. You have to be careful these days, lot of angry people out there. There are people that are ready to harm others over race, religion, politics, abortion etc.
  5. People are stupid, once someone called me at work to threaten another person. Person did not even block their phone number. While talking to her, I found where she lived, where she worked, her Facebook profile etc. You gotta be pretty stupid to make threats over the phone.
  6. Mr Putin had earlier called the incident "a chain of tragic accidental circumstances". https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-europe-45563304
  7. It was directed at people in general. Also we have another crying type that exists on those boards. The ones that can’t wait to point out how killer is white, Christian, European descent etc. Same types are absent when crimes are committed by minorities, refugees, foreigners etc. Isnt that democracy, they get to talk about evil Christians while others talk about evil Muslims? Same $&!# just a different smell.
  8. I agree with most of your post, killers just being killers, media driven agenda, driving a wedge between people etc. Yes, this particular murder is being highlighted in part by those that oppose Trudeau and immigrants. You can’t control who is born here, unless we create a society, where you need a permission to have kids. Now the accountability part, U.S governmental agencies have failed to protect citizens on 9/11 They bear responsibility, same goes for terrorist attacks committed in USA, Germany, France etc. committed by refugees/immigrants. When something goes wrong, people should know why, and have the right to question the immigration system. Instead of people throwing phrases like “look how many white Canadians kill people” To me it sends a signal that you are becoming complacent and it’s a straw man. Why try passing gun laws, more people die in car accidents and from drug overdoses, why bother? Letting a man out of mental hospital after 8 years, who cut someone’s head off and consumed parts of his body, is a failure by medical and judicial system. Same goes for giving out lenient sentences to rapists, molesters and killers in Canada. NRA bears responsibility for increased gun violence, same goes for lobbyists and politicians.
  9. I don’t get the argument when people compare native born killers to those that immigrated. There are bad people everywhere of course, that goes for every ethnic group, race, religion etc. My point has always been, since we have plenty of American born gang bangers, criminals, drug dealers, terrorists etc. No need to import people like that from Mexico, El Salvador, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Italy, Somalia etc.
  10. I remember reading the story about the narcotics squad down in Jasper AL that got 2 week suspension. Anti Defamation league claims that O.K sign is some sort of trolling attempt by 4chan users, they published a story about it. You would think that cops in small down wouldn’t pose for a newspaper photo with WP sign. In the age of social media, it is easy to spread misinformation and lies. Back in the 80’s I got one of those handwritten chain letters, that I was supposed to forward to others. That person actually had to sit down write the letter, and drop it in the mail, today all that can be done with a click of a mouse. Target audience is so much larger. As far as your other point about symbols being used and reclaimed to promote hate, it’s complicated issue imo. Its like some black people have been trying to reclaim and repurpose the N word, I have seen lot of heated debates on this. In Germany, nazi salute, memorabilia, denial of holocaust etc. is criminal offense. Is that curbing nazism or making it more attractive since it’s forbidden? KKK also uses holiest symbol for Christians, Aryan Brotherhood uses shamrock and Viking symbols used by hate groups. I think they are trying to use these symbols to appear mainstream, “look we are not racists we are just like you” I don’t mind longer posts, it means that someone took time to think and respond, instead of usual 2-3 word liners, dumb comments and insults. https://www.adl.org/blog/how-the-ok-symbol-became-a-popular-trolling-gesture
  11. The only way to be in power in America is to tow the party line on everything. Most politicians are spewing nonsense, that plebs are eating with a spoon. It is like that everywhere with the exception in handful of countries. My current republican governor Bruce Rauner had income of 91 million in 2016 and owns 9 homes. He is going to run against J.B Pritzker a democrat with net worth of 3.4 billion. You should see ads in which these guys attack each other, how the other one doesn’t care about the poor. Only an idiot thinks that things will change, one billionaire replacing another one.
  12. Very smart decision my friend!
  13. It is a very strange story and her original statement does not make much sense at all. I agree that there is more to this story than meets the eye.
  14. That can be told by his shaved head for sure.
  15. Anytime something like this happens, both sides try to vilify each other. First thing cops did was to search his place and said that they found 10 grams of weed. Slowly painting a picture that somehow it was his fault that he got killed. Also there is picture of the cop and her brother in law, King/Root have said that he is holding white power hand sign. The only problem is that he is of Mexican decent, and that hand signal has nothing to do with white supremacy’s. In my eyes, people like Shaun King have credibility that is few steps above Sean Hannity. Plenty of stories he had to back paddle from and retract, last being story of Sherita Dixon-Cole.