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  1. Should Canada join the EU ?

    Regardless of implication, Sweden exceeded quota by taking half a million refugees since 2008. Most asylum requests per capita in the E.U. Since this is a topic about Canada joining the EU, that would be equivalent of Canada taking in 2 million refugees.
  2. Should Canada join the EU ?

    I just said that they took 150k refugees in, my post did not mention rules or limits.
  3. Different times. Soon enough, everyone that lived before will be considered racist.
  4. Should Canada join the EU ?

    Post was satirical but since you responded, what exactly is false truth?
  5. An Intelligent Debate on Ancient Alien Theory

    Giant ladder on top of the hotel.
  6. Another Italian, who appears to be very knowledgeable about the real estate. Must be Harvey’s twin brother!
  7. Kid keys cars. It doesn’t end well.

    I pay taxes, so I can call the police if necessary.
  8. Should Canada join the EU ?

    I like that idea, taxpayers of Canada should support those less fortunate in the EU. And also start taking more refugees in. Let’s see, since Sweden has taken around 150k, Canada should take at least half a million. Also no more targeting educated immigrants, you get what lands on Europe’s shores.
  9. That is a good observation about the cons, Trump won the religious vote as we all know. I guess infidelity, immorality, divorce etc. were not important character traits to consider. Anyone but the democrats was their mantra, party before country and human decency.
  10. Those 3 things that you mentioned are the most important to me as well. As far as country goes, I always put country ahead of politics or any party. Those that take party over country are treasonous bunch, libs as well as cons play this game. I did not vote for DT, don’t agree with lot of his policies,but as a citizen, I would never root for my country to fail.
  11. Color doesn’t matter, qualification does. His family business has not done that well, so he might be a bad business men.
  12. I get why people voted for DT, but I don’t get why anyone in Canada would support him. He has been taking steps, that will have a negative affects on Canada. For me it’s country before politics always.
  13. Lower Mainland Firefighters Riding with Hells Angels

    There is no way in avoiding taxes, legally that is. Bike riding scumbags that deal in drugs, guns, prostitution etc. belong behind the bars. Anyone associated with them should be ashamed.
  14. G-7 should be a total $&!# show.