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  1. Biden supports eliminating private donations for elections, paid FMLA, ending cash bail, elimination of private prisons, creating national registry for guns, minimum wage up to $15, public junior college should be free, gun buyback program, universal background check for gun purchases, citizenship for dreamers, ending subsidies to oil companies etc. Joe Biden was always considered more progressive member of the Democratic Party way before he was a VP. Even Sanders hardcore fans admit that, sure in comparison to Bernie he is more centrist. Biden is not going to have bromance with Vlad, little Kim, Bolsonaro, Duterte etc. But what we really need to stop is beyond unpresidential behavior in the White House. Name calling crooked Hillary, lying Ted, mini Mike, Pocahontas, shifty Schiff, crazy Bernie, fat Jerry, dummy Beto. Calling other people stupid, lazy, pigs, pathetic, slobs etc. Demonizing journalists as liars, fake news purveyors, insulting every single ally that we have, disparaging remarks about Mexicans etc. Corruption and nepotism unlike anything I have seen in my life, with the exception of Eastern Europe, Central America and Africa Most self entitled, narcissistic, incompetent, egotistical, arrogant and divisive president in the U.S history
  2. I wonder if there are any other countries we could invade. By the way Karl this is an article from January 27th. https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2020/01/27/coronavirus-donald-trump-made-us-less-prepared-joe-biden-column/4581710002/ Karl Rove: Joe Biden looks 'behind the curve' when responding to coronavirus pandemic https://www.foxnews.com/media/karl-rove-biden-looks-behind-the-curve-responding-to-covid-pandemic
  3. Arguing with someone like this is like arguing with my youngest son. When he wants ice cream or chips for breakfast or tells me to give him juice before eating dinner.
  4. Nah, we are full down here, got enough lunatics to last us a life time. We definitely don’t need hosers affected with Trump derangement syndrome.
  5. Come on now, according to some of our “friends”this is supposed to be liberal jerk circle where “orange man bad”
  6. If you are ready to take someone else’s life, you should be prepared to lose yours. Especially those convicted of heinous crimes.
  7. Not a fan of prison for profits and private companies running prisons. But I am in favor of hard time for hardened criminals. Few years ago I was reading about complaints from those guys that killed 6 people in Surrey. They were saying cell was too cold, mattress too hard, food bad etc. Gimme a break, you are not on vacation, that Norwegian maniac that killed 80 people. I mean his cell looks like a very nice hotel room, it’s like club med.
  8. American prisons are not very nice. One of my friends grandfather died in ADX supermax prison in Florence Colorado. He was serving life sentence, you are in isolation 23 hours a day.
  9. Governments kill its citizens through policing, wars, drone attacks, over prescribing meds, pollution, poor emergency preparedness etc.Very few people get killed in prisons especially Canada and Western Europe. CNN did segment called cruel and unusual punishment about people who went through botched executions. One of the guys featured killed an 11 month old baby in Oklahoma and he did some other stuff to her that I won’t even mention. Him living in prison supported by the taxpayers doesn’t seem like justice to me. Clifford Olson spent 30 years behind bars, while his victims had their young lives cut short. Also people do escape from prison and kill more, recidivism rate for those executed is always 0.
  10. That is why all those sentenced to death usually appeal to get life in prison. Especially if you live in a country where prisons are nice.