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  1. Justice system in Canada is joke, but hey people seem to be ok with it, so it will not change.
  2. I don't think he needed to use that algorithm, Trump won't even get 200 electoral votes. Can't wait for Trump to ride into sunset and goes back to doing reality TV. Anyone who thinks that he is not doing all this for self promotion is naive. As soon as the election is done he will write a book, promote his brand, give countless interviews etc. America loves TV villains.
  3. I am a white sox fan but I am really hoping for them to win
  4. Yeah, South side can be rough, I only go there to watch Sox play. Otherwise north side, downtown and lakefront, that is about it.
  5. He sees conspiracy in everything from hockey to politics, just read his posts and you will see. To answer your question, most debt is owned domestically, SSA is the largest debt holder. Everyone talks about China, they own around 5% of total debt, its in their interest to see U.S currency and economy do well. Walmart imports more from China then entire country of Canada or Russia. As far as collapse goes, i think those claims are exagareted to scare people.
  6. I don't think that you ever met a conspiracy theory that you didn't like. For some reason I envision you living in a jungle of South America or Asia.
  7. This thread is pure gold! Some on here are so passionate about this election, I think they should be allowed to vote.
  8. Those two wars were lost due to a lack of clear goal. Containg spread of communism in Asia and bringing democracy and sucesfully changing regime is not attainable goal for the armed forces. Military is not built to have a same role us United Nations peacekeepers.
  9. If people actually read what Putin said, instead of relaying on British tabloid garbage news. They might learn that he talked about perception that Russia's elite is sending their kids to western schools. And that they should return their kids to school them in Russia. I guess that doesn't sell the news as much as the scaring gullible sheep with stories of war.
  10. Trump is the best thing that has happened to the democrats in a while. Not only he is going to hand them over presidential election, GOP will lose senate and House of Representatives majority as well. Sometimes I think that he was "planted" to run as a candidate, I just don't think that anyone including himself thought he would win.
  11. It will never going to be stabile, Kurds, Shiits and Sunis don't get along, it has been like that for a while. The only dictator that kept them together got 3 feet of rope. Sadam was good for the republicans when he fought Iran, still remember that visit and handshake that Rumsfeld gave him.