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  1. Exactly! Joe has lost his mind and the strings will be pulled by Soros, Harris, China, Sanders, Clinton, AOC, BLM, antifa etc. Might as well add Stalin, Mao, Marx/Engels, and Lenin to that list.
  2. Bernie is definitely more electric candidate. I just think JB appeals to more voter groups besides youngsters and progressives. Including some that voted for Trump in 2016 but have changed their mind. For all our sakes I hope I am right.
  3. Bernie ripping into DT! Let me make this clear to Donald Trump,” Sanders said. “Too many people have fought and died to defend American democracy and you are not going to destroy it.” https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/sanders-issues-stark-warning-on-trump-and-calls-for-election-commission/ar-BB19oHcS?li=BBnb7Kz
  4. In November we get to vote in Illinois if tax rate should be based on income and gradually increased if you make more. Opponents have been running ads where it shows an older retired woman saying that this will increase taxes on all including retirees. In reality it will affect those making over 250k per year. Last year Ken Griffin who owns Citadel has made around 1.5b in income and he paid same tax % as rest of us did.
  5. He just cares about power and winning because losing is for the losers.
  6. Guy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He also spent most of his life showing how rich he is and how many famous people he knows. But in 2016, he somehow started caring for Appalachia folks!
  7. Yeah, they used to jump in those ovens by themselves. Heck, I even have at least 7 relatives that sacrificed themselves only to blame the Germans and fascists.
  8. DJT has never cared about people outside of his circle in his whole life His upper east side digs, Greenwich CT mansion, Palm beach ocean Blvd. mansion, fancy cars, bimbos, gaudy furniture, private jets, country clubs, private golf courses etc. If these poor, rural folks were on fire, DJT would not piss on them to put the fire out.
  9. I give you credit because for the last 4 years you have been talking about Trump posing a danger not only to the U.S but Canada and the world. While some find dumpster fire amusing to watch, that is until it burns their asses in Canada.
  10. Haven’t you heard, James Byrd Jr. chained himself to that pick up truck in Texas!
  11. Canada as a country should be more concerned about U.S conservatives vs. your own. The ones down here pack much more manpower, firepower and blatant ignorance.
  12. The easiest people to manipulate are uneducated and dumb ones. You can get education but if you are dumb you are SOL. We have a saying back home that goes “only fools die for ideals” and we have lot of graves to prove it.
  13. Or Trump not answering the question about accepting the results of the election. That is straight up out of dictatorship for dummies book!
  14. I got my knowledge of politics through watching news, documentaries, reading papers/books and life experience. Never once I looked to YouTube for anything besides entertainment, sports, music, travel videos etc. Lot of puppets today mask their lack of knowledge by posting other people’s opinions. In a face to face debate without social media and google search engine, their opinion is worth $&!#!
  15. This close to the election we only have two choices left. Trump is a crook, his kids are scumbags, Kushner is dirty and his old man was in prison for fraud. So I am going with the door number 2.