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  1. Gary was the murder capital while back, I would stay clear from that place.
  2. You definitely don't want to get lost or wander around certain areas in Chicago, Mainly on west and south side, north side and downtown are fine.
  3. Only in your mind Vancouver would be more desirable vs. New York. Actualy that might be in Apollo's mind as well.
  4. Serbia has no chance, it will be like their woman's basketball team.
  5. I know that Putin has invaded other countries which Ergodan has not done. But both of them have built somewhat of an absolute power in Russia and Turkey. You don't think that both of them are autocrats?
  6. Completely agree on children changing your perspective, just like they changed mine. I remember getting so angry if someone would cut me off in the traffic or gave me the finger. It hardly seems worth it now.
  7. You know what they say, there is your side of the story, my side of the story and the truth. I do agree that incomplete videos do not tell the full story. Kind of like, I threaten you but only film you attacking me, sure looks like you were the aggressor, but that is not the full story.
  8. We live in an era of instant gratification and everyone thinks that they are right. I got targeted many times in Europe for looking foreign. Name calling, stuff thrown at me etc. but not once I engaged them because in my mind it was not worth it. Also growing up in southeastern Europe, almost everyone thinks that he is a "tough guy". Way different comparing to Canada or even U.S.A. If I had fought every moron that said something insulting, I probably would have had career like a MMA fighter. You have to pick and choose battles, I did not think that when I was young, but now I have a different outlook on life.
  9. Turkey does not belong in the EU anyways. As soon as Turks enter, European Union might as well close the shop. Bringing Balkan countries that do not contribute is enough of a burden for more wealthy EU members. Putin and Erdogan have similar style of ruling, they should get along well. In the near future, I guarantee that the south stream will be re-routed to go through Turkey.
  10. Why antogonize this guy by filming him and taking sweet time to leave? Obviously we are dealing with an aggressive person, no need to wait for him to pull out a gun. Write down or memorize his plates and call the cops. I get that video evidence helped to put him in jail, but being ran over or killed is not worth it IMO.
  11. Trump Jr speech made me cringe, it's amazing that his old man will get 40-50 million votes. Un#%£¥€ believable!
  12. Everyone loves cheap labor, few Americans will do jobs that immigrants do. Its a dog and pony show, if they want to be tough on immigration employers should be mandated to use e-verify.
  13. He is hard to beat when it comes to posting topics Maybe when he is asleep.