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  1. Hunt for the Avro

    @RyanStrome https://globalnews.ca/news/3912118/fighter-jet-competition-boeing-trade-challenge/
  2. With all the yokels, unfortunately I don't see Moore losing.
  3. Being there is really doing hard time, unlike prisons/hotels in Europe and Canada. When I see where Breivik is serving time, it makes me nauseous. http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-35813470
  4. Hopefully he enjoys spending rest of his life at ADX Florence. Nice little 84 square foot cell and 23 hours a day of isolation.
  5. Daniel Shaver: Police officer not guilty of murder

    Looks like jury slept through this trial, almost as bad as Scott killing.
  6. If my memory serves me right, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt etc. attacked Israel in 1948, 1967 and 1973.
  7. Strategic position, nuclear weapons, conflict that has been going on for centuries, one of the holiest places for Muslims, Jews and Christians etc.
  8. Most immigrant groups are like that, most of Eastern Europeans down here have family help at all times. I moved out of my parents home, when I got married. Once you live here for few generations, it changes. In Chicago, old timers like Irish and Italians all lived in the same neighborhood, fast forward 100 years later and things have changed"
  9. Small price to pay for diversity, and remember you live in the best city in the world, you have to pay the piper.
  10. Biggest thread ever on a hockey board in Canada, is this one. Nothing wrong with people discussing politics imo. Everyone here agrees that Trump presidency is a disaster. Criticizing him is like beating a horse that died long time ago. Few that defended Trump like Realtor Rod, Russian Rocket, clam etc. are gone. Harvey just trolls everyone with his dubious sources and claims, and probably laughs his ass off when people respond. And yet you have few on here with thousands of posts, and who knows how many hours spent on this subject. If he farts, they are ready with their links and posts. So IMO, some people here are obsessed with Trump. There is nothing wrong with that, people can spend their time anyway they want. I don't have to read it, if I don't want to. But facts remain facts, I don't like when people piss and tell me it's raining. Last but not least, my post was not aimed at you, I don't consider you to be obsessed.
  11. We did have a thread about Alberta shooting, like I said interest was minimal.
  12. I didn't say these two topics should be talked about years later. No one bothered to post anything about the Quebec fire, I guess there are more important topics in another country. Alberta story was posted, but received little attention in comparison to other shootings.
  13. Provorov Hit On Marchand

    Provorov felt like he was protecting himself, kind of like how BM explained his hit on Salo.