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  1. European liberals are bending backwards to allow millions of people into EU, who for the most part hate their values. They have different sets of values and they are marginalized in Europe. Sweden has highest gap in employment rates between native born people and immigrants, but yet they continue to bring more. Unemployment for Swedes around 5%, foreigners almost 23%. Countries like Somalia and Afghanistan have virtually no school system, how will they get jobs and become productive? It will be interesting to see what happens, when thousands of Europeans return from fighting for Isil.
  2. ter·ror·ism ˈterəˌrizəm/ noun the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. Irish Catholics joined IRA, a group who used bombings and killings against civilians and military to achieve independence for Northern Ireland. You have a group of people with same religion, ethnic background, common goal and use of violence, hence the reason they were designated a terrorist group. Likewise, Isis has radical Muslims, whose goal is to create a Islamic caliphate through violence, rightfully so they are labeled a terrorist group. I am not sure why you think that domestic violence, workplace violence, violence commited by mentally ill person is the same as terrorism, because it's not. It doesn't have a political/religious/ethnic objective to advance or achieve, exception to this are hate crimes. As far as you constantly complaining that only Muslims and non whites are called terrorist. I am old enough to remember when white Europeans who belonged to IRA, red brigades, basque separatists, Badder Meinhof etc. were labeled terrorists as well. That was then this is now, in 21st century radical ideology poses the greatest danger to not only non Muslims but ordinary Muslims as well. Anyone who thinks that 25-30 lunatics in Topeka Kansas that belong to WBC is the same as Isis, is an idiot. They might be reprehensible bigots but they have not murdered thousands of innocent people.
  3. Let's not use factual stats you know, that might burst someone's bubble.
  4. Lol at people who think that ideology that caused thousands of deaths is a bogeyman.
  5. You must have slept through when McVeigh, Rudolph, Kaczynski, Konopka etc. got convicted of terrorism. Nice try !
  6. Today was 1 year anniversary of Brussels terrorist attack, probably coincidence.
  7. I don't think that Chinese would let their lapdog of the leash. Even if NK was able to reach west coast, China would not appreciate trident missiles being launched off the coast of Korea. Once they are airborne no way of telling who are they intended for until is too late for counter attack.
  8. I wonder what would Gipper have to say about this. https://www.wsj.com/articles/mike-flynn-worked-for-other-russian-companies-besides-rt-documents-1489683618
  9. Very high voter turnout this time around.
  10. Much ado about nothing, how about focusing on running the country.
  11. I see our Saudi friends came for visit, I am just waiting to see if they are ever placed on that ban list. When you have oil, lobbyist , buy weapons, invest in real estate etc. rules do not apply to you. Doesn't matter who is in the office, as long as their palms are greased nothing will change.
  12. Let me get you some stats according to department of labor and agriculture. There are over 1 million agricultural workers, over 50% are here illegally and average pay is around $12. Some pay as high as $15 per hour and yet can't find any workers. Your point about Mexico supplying more produce, that is a great idea since laborers earn around $12 per day down there. The only problem is you get occasional outbreak of food borne illnesses like few years ago from Puebla cilantro. When those farms were raided, they found no toilets or running water and feces and toilet paper thrown around fields. I don't know about you but I prefer not to have my veggies with extra fecal matter.
  13. What are we going to do when gallon of oj goes up to 20 bucks, and all produce price goes up astronomically? We might as well close all the restaurants too, since we won't be able to buy food or hire help. Who do you think will work in meat processing plants in Midwest? Sure we can hire locals that will make 30-35 $ per hour according to their union pay structure.
  14. Just watched senator Cotton say that low skilled jobs in agriculture, would be filled out by the Americans, if they paid higher wage. Yeah, maybe he should go down to Salinas valley and pick lettuce all day under scorching sun and see how that goes.
  15. This whole business about Russia being involved in "influencing" elections. U.S has been "influencing" Russia since the Cold War ended, of course they are trying to do the same thing. Strategic goal of Russia is to weaken U.S global influence, and to get them to withdraw from Russia's sphere of influence.