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  1. I think Brady and Newton got lucky, because they did not get injured after all the pounding they received.
  2. Fig Newton got the same treatment as Tommy boy, great play by Broncos D. Well deserved championship win.
  3. Milan Lucic The Goof Ball

    Well I guess it's long overdue if that is the case. L.A will be forced to make some decisions due to salary cap, I think they will keep Milan over Dustin. But I could be wrong.
  4. L.A has a team as well, but I have to admit that to me hockey and warm weather do not go together. Not just California but also Texas, Florida, Carolina etc. When I think of hockey, I think of outdoor/pond hockey and cold weather.  
  5. I have been to most of these places as well, and It all depends what you enjoy in life. For example those that enjoy outdoors and nature, I would say that Vancouver is pretty good bet.   if your cup of tea is history and culture, well I don't think I would pick Los Angeles or Vancouver. i do agree with your point on Europe, I lived in Europe for 20 years, and Europeans are not as friendly to non Western Europeans as north Americans are.   
  6. Milan Lucic The Goof Ball

    Lucic is resigning with L.A, Brown is getting shipped out.
  7. Would not mind if Denver won, but I am hoping for former Bears to get a ring, Tillman, Rivera and Olsen.
  8. It's not just about talking points when it comes to universal health care. Who is going to pay for all that is the question, Bernie has lot of promises but taxes need to go up, way up. Dennmark has lot of free stuff but person making just under $60,000 pays roughly 50% in taxes.    Same rules that apply to Europe can not  be applied to country that has population as big as Western Europe. This guy waited 2 years to see a neurologist in Canada, how long will be the wait in a country with 322 million people? Who is going to bring cost down for medical services and medicine? http://www.ctvnews.ca/health/b-c-man-sells-everything-to-pay-for-surgery-in-u-s-1.2654801      
  9. I think if you compare Surrey with some other cities in Canada or U.S, you will see it is not that bad.
  10. You tell him that you can't take him seriously, but yet you call large city like L.A crap.    
  11. Words like Vancouver real estate, affordability and common man do not mix together.
  12. Have you ever been to L.A?
  13. What goes up must come down, Vancouver market has been overpriced for years.