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  1. I would definitely take F18 over F35 for right now, if Israel didn't get it I don't think F22 is for sale. Best thing for Canada to develop its own industry, you never want to rely on another country to supply you. AA project was way ahead of its time, too bad that changes in military strategy and political ones put a stop to it.
  2. I prefer F 22 over F 35 way stealthier, super maneuverable, fantastic for air combat, hence the reason for a federal ban on export. F15 is one of the best planes ever and I would take F16 and F18 over F35. F35 is meant to be sold to the other NATO members eventually, good stuff stays at home. It is kind of how Land Rover went from rugged Defender, that is not being sold anymore, to Range Rover autobiography. Load it up with useless sh...t and over complicate it with technology, charge 200 grand for it.
  3. Sometimes too much technology is just that, too much.
  4. Problems in France are specific to that region, Canada and U.S. For that matter are in a way different position. NA is able to select immigrants that they want, Europeans have to take all those that get there. Who knows how many of those that claim to be Syrian are actually from there.
  5. Still can't figure out if you are always trolling or you really believe in sh....t that you post.
  6. Not all the milk is laced with what you described. Also milk is more expensive in Canada because you can't produce as much as you want like in the USA.
  7. They are looking to buy Whole Foods, if that goes through they will be the largest grocery chain in NA.
  8. It's nice to see our Saudi friends being elected to this commission. I am worried that they will have to put their other deeds to the side while focusing on helping women. Things like beheadings, exporting Wahhabism, maiming, punishing gays and religious converts or preventing any other religion from having its house of worship in SA. Maybe mutaween can work with this commission.
  9. I watched French news the other day, some 10 500 citizens are under some sort of watch/surveillance because of terrorism. Next few decades will be interesting in France.
  10. As far as humanitarian front goes, they do help in certain cases. But in war zones only when they are allowed to help out.
  11. Exactly right, you just have to get a tag for it when you check your luggage in. I flew out of Vancouver today with my family, and that is exactly how they handled our stroller.
  12. Predators put on a clinic shutting down Hawks offense, well deserved! First shutout in the playoffs for the BH since 1993.
  13. Money talks
  14. So what is the end goal of this synthetic propaganda as you call it?