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  1. Let me start by saying that my family is not and was not Jewish, I am not sure where you got that idea from. As far as my concerns go, I am concerned about the rise of the far right in Europe. Lot of other people, that don't get their news from the onion, are concerned as well I mentioned AH to make a point about taking years for him to rise to power. In 1919 handful of WW1 German veterans, started this party that ended up causing tens of millions of deaths. In 4 years AFD went from 4.7% to almost 13%, in eastern parts of Germany they got 20% plus votes. As far as AdF goes, to compare them to the republicans is inaccurate and baseless. Everyone refers to them as far right with ties to nazis, right now people that are protesting in Germany are using term "no to nazis" Opinion of some random guy from Germany that they are like GOP, is irrelevant to this matter. Also lot of former NPD voters from Germany have switched to AFD, Torsten Krauel who is the political chief for Die Welt has compared the rise of AfD to 1933. Sure people disagree, but he brings some interesting points. Its nice to hear that you follow world affairs, but you did bring USA political situation into this, which I pointed out. Since you mentioned my views on German immigration, let me help you out. I have always criticized Western Europe in regards to their integration of the immigrants. Also Germany has used its economic power to bully other smaller EU countries. Your last point that I should be more supportive of AFD. I take that as a cheap shoot, and won't waste my time to respond to that. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-germany-election-afd/far-right-party-likened-to-nazis-to-shake-up-german-parliament-idUSKCN1BS0H0 https://www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article168996285/Vom-heilsamen-Zwang-eines-Wahldesasters.html https://www.cnbc.com/2017/09/25/german-far-right-afd-party-raises-concerns-about-nazi-ideology-of-the-past-warns-ex-merkel-official.html https://www.thelocal.de/20170924/far-right-afd-marches-into-parliament-with-strong-election-results http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2017/09/german-election-afd-170921080912611.html
  2. What I am interested in, is really none of your business or concern. Especially in regards to my family!
  3. This was a thread about election in Germany, you are the one that brought up another country. As a European, and a person that lost lot of family members to those same Germans, you can see why I would be interested. You also brought up the argument, why worry about Germany when there are bigger issues in the USA. Sure DT is acting like a petulant child, but that still doesn't change the fact that AfD got into Bundestag.
  4. Ozzie Guillen got suspended while back, because of his praise for Castro, when he was with the Marlins. That $&!# doesn't fly down there but I doubt that CK took time to learn history. https://www.sbnation.com/mlb/2012/4/10/2938317/ozzie-guillen-castro-comments-marlins-suspension
  5. I agree there are morons in my country, just like any other country. What I wonder is why people that live in Canada, are so obsessed with the morons in another country. Germany thing is concerning, but since it doesn't involve Trump i know it doesn't have your attention.
  6. Of course owners care about the money, but so do the players. If they cared about this stance, guys like Newton, Wilson, Taylor, Winston etc. would join in. But they haven't since they like to get paid, its all about the money. You know what owners care about? They care about fans buying tickets, no fans no ticket sales. Kind of like when CK was trying to get a gig with the Dolphins, but that picture of him wearing Castro shirt kind of doomed him. I know Canadians like to vacation in Cuba, but 1 million Cuban Americans that live in Miami area sure don't feel that way. So it's all about the money in the end.
  7. You are 100% right, there is a huge problem, but I don't see how it will get better. When I was younger I was more idealistic, as I got older it changed to pragmatic and cynical.
  8. Corporations don't care about people unfortunately. Making money by gouging the sick is no different then polluting environment, selling weapons, selling drugs etc.
  9. Once they stop getting paid, they will go back to playing football really fast. Guys like Blank, Khan, Jones, Kraft will resume their billionaire lives, what will happen to poor people that suffer brain injuries to get paid?
  10. Slowly but surely, AfD got 2 million votes back in 2013, the arrow is pointing up. I am fairly certain that they might get close to 10% this time around. Austrian painter didn't take over in 1938, it took many years for him to climb to the top.
  11. He hasn't played in the NFL in years.
  12. He has a right to protest, but the owners also have a right not to sign him. People in the media crying why he is unsigned, can feel free to purchase a NFL team and run it the way they like it.
  13. Big pharma is like organized crime down here and prices are astronomical. Population size plays a huge rule from organizational and logistical point of view. Bernie made people feel warm and fuzzy with his free school, universal healthcare etc. So many things need to happen that will never happen in order to have something similar to Europe.
  14. One thing that all these successful countries have in common, is smaller population.