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  1. I give him respect. When the club makes moves I like I give him full marks. I like that he's honest with the media. I loved the Pettersson pick, I think he did a great job bringing Travis Green on board. I just try to call it like I see it. Even though I'm not fully on board with the Miller trade, I'm the most excited I've been in years for the start of the season. That should signal some kind of happiness or respect for the job done this offseason, no? I'm not up in arms about him getting an extension. I think the extension is fair, I don't have a problem with it. Now we'll see how he can manage the cap, prepare for the ED, & surround the new core.
  2. Maybe it was an undercover tank/rebuild all along. Hiring Willie D. Trading for & signing Sbisa to be a T4D. Signing Eriksson to be a 1st line W. Trading for Guddy to anchor the 2nd pair. Bringing Sutter in as the foundation of the 2nd line. Now we have Boeser, Pettersson, Hughes, Juolevi & Podkolzin to show for it. I guess its worked out okay after all.
  3. Yup. We're all fans. At the end of the day we all want the cup.
  4. I feel like part of paying that price for Miller was to 'make a spash' since we hosted the draft, after we couldn't get a Barrie deal done we were prepared to pay a premium for our next target. I'm very happy we have Miller in our lineup, but its hard to judge when that pick & the team's performance is still up in the air.
  5. Yeah its a good timeline you lay out. The kids exploding onto the scene gives him the opportunity to build around them. His next challenge is going to be managing the cap.
  6. Its been 4 years in the basement & he just got an extension. Is that not slack? I've praised moves I've liked, but its not all sunshine & rainbows.
  7. I love this part about J. Hughes. "We hate each other on the ice but normally communicate in life." Seems like a confident & dedicated kid. Can't wait till he's playing in Vancouver.
  8. I saw a tweet saying it was 2 more years. Sounds fair to me. Really excited for the start of the season with the additions. Can't wait to see Myers, Ferland, Miller & Q.
  9. Wonder what the terms of the extension are. Whether he's signed another multi-year deal or if he has an option that's been picked up. No matter what happens in the future Benning will always be credited with putting this core in place, and he deserves full marks for that. I'm not sure if he's the guy to take this team to the next/top level, but he's going to get more time to try.
  10. Its been 5 years, alot of the players on the team he inherited have retired, are on the verge of retirement, or are out of the league. I hope he would've made the team younger in 5 years. Fair point but I feel like that's a given considering where the team was at. He did a good job moving out Garrison & Bieksa as they declined, while getting value in return. But he's also signed quite a few poor contracts himself. They had 20 million allocated to forwards who scored less than 30 points last season. There's been successes with this group for sure. Most recently addressing needs in the offseason. Leading into what should be an exciting year. But there's legitimate critiques aswell.
  11. I think the Naslund jersey retirement may have been a little weak. I know people hate retiring jerseys because we haven't won, but this franchise has been around 50 years & we've had some great players worthy of great honor. Its an old franchise. Does it suck to have a bunch retired without a cup, absolutely. But also hope we don't induct half the team (just because of it) if we do win.
  12. 3rd all time in wins, the majority of them in Vancouver. When he came it changed everything, suddenly this team had a chance to really compete again. By the time we got there the Sedins had blossomed but prior to those few magical years Luongo was our top superstar. I don't see his as "A Panther", maybe in his mind he's more Panther as Florida is his home, even when he played here, but as far as his career goes most of his best years & biggest moments were as a Canuck. I don't think its so definitive league-wide that he's a Panther. Best goaltender we've ever had pretty easily, one of the better goalies of all time, a sure HHOFer. (Even more-so than the Twins & Bure I'd think). I voted yes.