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  1. Its honestly a testament to the Twins, that a team with wingers like Raymond, Higgins, Pyatt, Bernier, Booth, Hansen, Demitra (RIP), & last half year Sundin as key contributors had as much success as they did. Burrows was a great winger for us, Sammuelsson was great for his year and a half, but other than that the rest of it was very mediocre and paled in comparison to the other top teams of those areas. Look at 2011 Boston: Marchand, Ryder, Recchi, Horton, Lucic. 2010/13/15 Chicago: Ladd, Versteeg, Byfuglien, Hossa, Brouwer, Kane, Saad, Sharp, Bickell, exc. 2010 Philly: Carter, Briere, Hartnell, JVR, Gagne, Giroux. 2012/14 LA: Brown, Carter, Penner, Gaborik, Williams, Toffoli, Pearson All those teams also had a #1 D. Or in some cases (Chicago) two. Vs the Canucks D of those years. Its a shame Luongo & the Twins didn't win the cup, but when you look back its a testament to them as hall of fame players that we had the success we did. Because the supporting cast just wasn't as good as other contending teams from that era. (aside from having Kesler at his peak those few years. And how well rounded the roster was in 2011 before injuries caused it to fall apart)
  2. I disagree. So many times throughout the years when the Canucks needed a goal it was the Twins. Playoff clutch goals? I agree, Burrows had a knack of OT winners. (and even big goals in the regular season). In the playoffs he has more 'big' goals than the Twins. No argument there. But overall throughout the time they played for us, its the Twins. Whether it was regular season where they absolutely carried this team offensively for a decade, or even playoff games scoring a big goal at a big time. (I can think of a ton from post Naslund years, 2010 against LA they were great, in the 2011 playoffs they absolutely dominated San Jose, even 2015 against Calgary as bad as the series was, it was Daniel Sedin who scored the winner in game 5 [2-1 win], and the opening goal in game 2 [4-1 win], even the game 1 winner against Dallas, exc.) Its no wonder Daniel has the most GWG's in Canucks history easily, so many regular season games it was these 2 guys scoring the big goal and/or winning the game for our team. As far as clutch, from like 08-15/16 it was always the Twins coming up big, in the better years there was a great supporting cast that would chip in, but the constant was always the Twins. When you look back it was really the Twins & Luongo that carried those teams. Compared to any other contending/winning team, the wing depth was terrible basically the entire time, & the defense was mediocre/inconsistent. (aside from Hammer & Edler at their absolute best which was short lived)
  3. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    So right now his extension AAV starts with a 6. So the question is, do you sign him now? If so longterm or bridge? or wait till next year and pay up? Right now we could buy a few UFA years, but it would be a higher number than 6 if you are going 8 yr term. Next year we could be looking at a number starting with 7. Or do you go for a bridge deal, say 2 years at 6, then structure a long term contract after. In that scenario your probably paying more than 7-7.5 but your also buying more UFA years.
  4. Quinn Hughes | D

    He's a 5'10 175 lb 18-year-old defenseman. I don't mean that to be demeaning, he has an amazing skillset and special potential. But maybe we need to hold the horses a little bit here. I don't think its set in stone he turns pro. And if he isn't ready to be an NHLer, why is the AHL automatically better for his development than Michigan? I see the idea floated of "let him come in and develop at this level", but when has the NHL been a developmental league? The answer to that is, 'then he can go to Utica' but it doesn't sound to me like he wants to sign a pro contract right now to go play in Utica. He might be ready right now to step in and contribute to this team. But its alot to ask from an 18 year old that was just drafted to step in right away, nevermind a defenseman & one that's on the smaller side. I agree he is already our best skating defenseman, he can handle the puck well and can probably make plays in the NHL too. But if he is going to come in and be sheltered & babied along, in an attempt to develop him here, then why? And if not here, if he's willing, is the AHL better? In Michigan he will get more time to work on his skills and his strength. From the reports he started slow last year and then became more dominant as the year went along, whats wrong with him going back and dominating a full year, proving himself as the leader of Michigan, getting stronger, working on his shot, leading USA in the WJ, exc. Ultimately, we need him to be a special player. I know things have been bleak the last handful of years, and I definitely leave the possibility open that he is infact ready to be an NHLer. But lets not rush him if he's not ready just because we are excited to see him.
  5. Brock Boeser scores hat trick in first game back

    My first thought when seeing it was. "really, this is a story". But then again we have missed the playoffs 3 years in a row & counting, and Brock is probably our best player since the Twins in the same amount of time. I'm glad to see he is healthy & back to his game, can't take much more away from a game like this other than that IMO. Agree with Odd. Gotta think he's good for 30 goals & 60 points next season. What a player we have here.
  6. [Discussion] Bring Hamhuis back?

    If we didn't have MDZ & one of Pouliot / Hutton I would be on board. Just too much of a logjam and I doubt they are going to do it. Unfortunately, that ship has likely sailed.
  7. Sam Gagner, why the hate?

    Don't hate him, he's a solid depth player, he's just expendable. He's probably one of the worst defensive forwards on the team, and he's not a top 6 player. 30 points isn't a bad season, that's what I was expecting from Gagner & that's what he delivered. But that's just what he is at this point, a depth offensive player. Atleast its him and not Megna/Chaput when injuries hit but he is taking up a spot that a younger guy could fill.
  8. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    Haha! Just in time..
  9. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    NVM, got it back.
  10. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    I missed the first part of the first so I was hoping to see the rest of this. Its a shame FB has sh** the bed.
  11. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    Hughes edgework on that one play was absolutely ridiculous. His skating stands out big time. Although as a D, and one that skates as good as he does, I hope he wouldn't be the last man back on a rush against when you are 4 on 4. However, it is just development camp & he's coming off a flu, he gets a pass, I can't think that would happen in a legit game. Rathbone stood out for me big time, very good & smooth skater, makes nice plays, good at dishing the puck. Woo plays an overall simple yet solid game but he has the skill/skating to do it very well. Palmu & Lind has stood out as a cut above as far as forwards, Madden has also looked very good. Very good skater and good puck skills.
  12. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    Rathbone has been impressive. Looks like he's got some upside for sure.
  13. 2018-2019 - Line-Up - Trades to come ?

    Jeez I totally forgot to include Shaller. Yeah Gaunce won't make it. They probably have to move a forward now, hopefully Gagner. I doubt Gaudette doesn't start with the team though as Jim keeps mentioning him as a guy they are hoping to get some offense from. He could just be saying that though, I guess we will see when/if they make a trade.
  14. Quinn Hughes | D

    Fair enough. From the sounds of it he would prefer going back to Michigan than going to Utica. I know people keep saying he could just go down there if he doesn't make it but why would he want to sign to go play in Utica when he could go back and play with his brother in Michigan. I think he wants to play Van 1st, Michigan 2nd, Utica 3rd. I have doubt he signs unless he thinks it means he will play alot of his season in the NHL this year. I think in his mind it probably is NHL vs College, atleast at the moment. If he goes back he will get more development time as you said, he can get stronger, work on his shot, exc. Less of a grind & less potential for injury in a crucial development year. He can turn pro once his season ends this year (or for next season), & he'll be ready to step in and make an impact. I know everyone is excited, I know hes the kind of player our D sorely lacks, but if he's not quite ready there's no reason to rush it, just follow Charlie's McAvoy's path. Just because he's not a CHL guy doesn't mean we have to put him in the AHL right away. We could even send him back & if he's clearly past that league as far as his development then he could sign to play at some point mid-season, perhaps after the world juniors.
  15. Quinn Hughes | D

    Petterssson and Gaudette will definitely play. That goes without saying. If Hughes is signed it will be to play in the NHL and that decision will have to be made before training camp starts. Its a big deal, he would be our first prospect to play right after being drafted & he's a defenseman. The WC experience definitely helps, without it I think it would be more clear back to Michigan choice, but there are still things to consider. The stepup in schedule is massive for a draft +1 year, he's a bit undersized, & its a team that is demanding on our D. If he signs I'll be excited to see him play but longterm is the most important part here and that can't be overlooked, we need him to hit his ceiling badly for this team to have a chance of competing for anything.