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  1. NHL 18 Thread

    Gotta say after playing a handful of games online. The online play is incredibly greasy. The defensive skill stick is a joke and the rebound control for goalies is garbage. I think online play this year is a massive step back for HUT. They had a good balance in 17.
  2. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I really like Evan Bouchard, right now I may even favor him over Quinn Hughes. Haven't been able to see anything besides just highlight packs but he's got an amazing shot. All the reports are that he's very intelligent at both ends to go along with that offensive ability. Plus the size. I wouldn't rule him out as a potential pick in the 5-10 range by any means. We could use a Right shot Dman who can score from the point.
  3. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I'm more impressed with Zadina than I was of Meier in his draft year. (from what I can remember of Meier). He's got good hands, a lethal shot and he knows how to find room to use it. He's leading his draft class in points, we will see where he goes from here. As long as he has the offensive ability to be a surefire top 6 player I would be fine with it. Someone that can be a fixture in your top 6, a 1st or 2nd line player capable of 60+ in a season (as some points, not necessarily immediately) Tkachuk's NCAA PPG doesn't jump off the page at me, 3 NCAA guys were taken top 60 in 2016 all with higher PPG than Tkachuk currently. Although none were as impressive internationally. PPG+ at the WJ as a draft-eligible is very impressive. I like Tkachuk if we ended up with him I wouldn't be unhappy at all, he could be a good complementary winger to Horvat or Pettersson (hopefully he's a center) down the road.
  4. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Interesting. Your reasons for not wanting Zadina are my reasons FOR wanting Zadina. To me he does seem like an elite skill player with some dynamic/gamebreaking qualities. Although you may have seen more of him than me. For me its Hughes & Tkachuck I'm a bit more unsure of. (Hughes more-so than Tkachuk). With Tkachuk, my question is; is his offensive upside at the NHL level on par or better than Matt Thachuk's? Right now I have Brady at #5 on my list. Hughes on the other hand, I'm not sold on his defensive play and that coupled with his size is a bit concerning as far as NHL upside for a top 5 pick. I don't know if I would take him in the top 5 as it sits now, but his dynamic puck moving/skating ability is very enticing.
  5. NHL 18 Thread

    I'm a little late getting into HUT but I decided to start. My team is trash/mostly comprised of starter pack players so first game online I matchup against a guy who had McDavid, Matthews, Messier, Kurri, Toews, Wheeler, Subban, Draisaitl, exc. My only decent players are J.Staal, Gagner, Jordan Nolan, Dowd, Postma, Hutton & TJ Brodie. And I won 5-2, lol. Now I see this gift of giving pack and I have Horvat/Sittler/Kadri/Doughty/Galchenyuk. Thank goodness I don't think I could have competed online much longer. I like HUT so far, its nice that players aren't too pricey you can actually put together a decent team without having to invest your life in the game.
  6. I can't see a team giving up two 1st rounders for Markstrom & Gudbranson.
  7. When I left work it was 1-0 Jackets. Come home just in time to see Edler score the 4-1 goal. 4 goals in a period, this is the Canucks right??
  8. So you think the team should go to this trap style and then we will be good enough to win hockey games consistently?
  9. They are making us look like a minor league team
  10. Its hard to watch this team and have any hope that we will actually be good again.
  11. Guddy's first of the season?
  12. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Wow. We will see what happens but I'm starting to wonder if he could push Svech for #2. Right now I have: 1. Dahlin 2. Svechnikov 3. Zadina 4. Boqvist 5. Tkachuk We can't pass on Zadina if we don't pick top 2 IMO. He could be an elite player. His WJ performance reminded me a bit of Hischier last year, & like Hischier he's lighting it up for Halifax.
  13. Eriksson and Edler? Do We Really Need Them?

    Edler has been fine this year, he was great against Toronto. He's the least of my worries amongst the defense. Eriksson as I've said in other threads, I just can't see how he won't be bought out at some point, whether thats in the next couple of years or not.
  14. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    I'm kinda 50/50 on Benning right now. I think he's done some great things but has made some mistakes, I'm interested to see what he does at the deadline as we get closer to the draft. I think right now his two biggest mistakes are the Virtanen pick & the Eriksson contract. It was a bad move to take a project like Virtanen over the BPA (Nylander & Ehlers). At the time we didn't have much in the system (Horvat & Shinkaruk) and we needed high end talent badly, especially offensive talent. The team had been trending downward offensively for years & was especially bad the previous season. At the time it was the highest pick for this team since the Twins. Its hard to look at the team now STILL struggling to produce offense, and not wonder how having one of those other guys would have helped this rebuilding process along. Virtanen is very intriguing as a player & I'm still hopeful he can become an important part of the next core, but things would look alot better ATM with one of those guys to go along with Horvat & Boeser. As for Eriksson, it was also bad at the time but understandable that they would want to bring in a veteran winger. (that they hoped could produce offense, much like they had done previously with Vrbata) Obviously it hasn't worked, now we are stuck with him taking up a top 9 roster spot for the next 4.5 years while not bringing much to the team besides being decent defensively & penalty killing. Right now its fine to have him around, but down the road when we are starting to actually turn things around I can't see how his time in Vancouver won't end in a buyout unless he can somehow become a top 6 player again. As much as I just ragged on his first pick being a mistake, I think his drafting has been very good otherwise, even Juolevi I'm not writing off by any stretch. His ability to move the puck will fit nicely with this next core group. Pettersson was a great pick, and some of the other rounds we've hit on some guys. Asset management at times has been a secondary gripe for alot of people (Forsling/Gudbranson/Vey/exc). It would have been nice to get a prospect like Montour or Dvorak rather than trading the 2nd for Vey & we will see what they can turn Gudbranson into (fingers crossed) but otherwise I don't think too much has been lost. The flip side is he's also brought in guys like Baertschi, Granlund & Pouliot with some of those gamble type trades so you can cut him a break on Forsling/Vey and whatnot. At this point if you bring someone else in what direction does he take the team? Things are on the right track now which is why we should stick with Benning and see where it goes. However I don't think he will last another 4-5 years if things don't improve in the next 2.
  15. There's nothing he can do. The team just isn't good enough with the injuries.