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  1. Do they shut down the NHL 20 servers once 21 comes out? Just started getting into world of chel in 20. This mode is actually alot of fun & I didn't even realize it. Don't really want to pay full price for the new game.
  2. In hearing Benning talk it seemed pretty obvious they are going to look to package Jake (& maybe Stech) to get rid of some money. And I think it's probably the right thing.
  3. Is it even early anymore? Next year will be his 6th season in the league.
  4. Agree he wasn't really a PWF. Strength & speed but always played like a scorer. Its a shame it's gotten to this point because when he's on he's exactly what we need more of; speed, size & scoring ability in the bottom 6. That said, unless he comes cheap I think it's probably time to move on.
  5. Pretty sure Eric Crawford ran the draft that year. Though when your picking top 10 it's not just the head scout that picks the player.
  6. Maybe not as is. You'd only get a year. I'd look to package Jake with a bad contract first. So Zacha's limitation is offense. I remember him as a prospect - some people thought he had all the tools to be a complete T6C w/ a PWF game. I would be willing to take a chance on him.
  7. For Lowry? What round? It would depend on the market for Virtanen since Lowry only has a year left on his deal (?). If you could get an extension I would do it.
  8. Great question. I doubt WPG gives up Lowry, not really sure where the other two stand.
  9. Those are good targets. I'm not sure what Zacha is (famillar with his pedigree, not so much his NHL work). I like Tierney, he could definitely be a fit. I'm a big fan of Lowry, thought he was a huge player for Winnipeg this year. Regardless they all have some similar attributes that could make us harder to play against. And we need those on our third line IMO.
  10. Only time Virtanen was visible was on those plays. Pearson had 8 points in the run (6th on our team), Virtanen had 3 (13th on our team). Plus Pearson played the PK & in a match-up role.
  11. For Pearson I was basing this off the whole playoffs not just the Vegas series. Its easy to forget now but he started off really strong. This team overachieved by all accounts. When an underdog team goes on a run like this its a team effort. I thought all guys had their moments that's why I didn't give D's/F's. Just my honest opinion on what I saw, put relative to expectations for a reason.
  12. I keep bringing him up but Adam Lowry is the guy I'd like at 3C. Love his game. Size, some skill, some nastiness. Makes our 3rd line alot harder to play against.
  13. I'm on the opposite side on Boeser. I thought he played well overall. When he wasn't scoring he stepped up in the battles & playing defensively. I just think its the nature of a goal scorer to be harder on them when they don't score. I thought he played a good 200ft game. NOW, I will say, at 7.5 I don't know if that's conducive to building a winning team. Boeser is a great player but not a driver himself. There's a limit on what you can pay him.
  14. I was having flashbacks to Willie D. Defend the tie. I'll give them the benefit. We had a harder road to this point than Vegas, and we have less depth. We we're gassed. Just sucked their was no push until we we're down 2-0. The way we we're playing we over-passed, needed to get more on net. Look at the GWG, shot through a screen. Needed that on our 5 min PP. I thought the play Boeser made at 2-0 with a few mins left (held onto the puck at the side of the net, thought about shooting - looked for pass - thought about shooting, then made a terrible pass to the point that left the zone) was a microcosm of this game for us. Just didn't have it. It's too bad the magical run ended this way.