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  1. My friend was telling me about this. Were taking lunacy to the next level in 2020, and theres still an election to endure...
  2. What a nut that lady must be. Good on the police trying to make the situation right.
  3. Great work AJ. Still think Lu was robbed in 07. Crazy you finish 2nd in Hart voting & don't win the Vezina. His arrival changed everything. Faced an NHL record 76 shots in his very first playoff game. Canucks had 20 less shots than the Stars yet managed to win. Was a microcosm of his season.
  4. Stylewise Meier is probably closer than Kane, I agree there. But I think he has (atleast) another gear than Meier. The real deal anyway you slice it. Hopefully we see him in a Nucks jersey.
  5. Definitely. I see him as Kane-light. Definite 1st line wing - PPG+ potential. The way he took over the World Junior as a draft eligible, plus being CHL player of the year (and the year before), he should make an immediate impact on any top 6.
  6. Optics certainly aren't good. But I tend to agree its being blown out of proportion as Virtanen is allowed to do this. Do I think he still has some growing up too do? Of course. He's 23, and a star (fame-wise) in his hometown, its to be expected in all honesty. I'm sure Brock Boeser was out on his boat, on the lake, with his friends. I'm sure precise social distancing & mask wearing isn't being followed there and no one's raised that as an issue. If you wanna talk bigger picture re-Virtanen; maybe being here & having all the notoriety is holding him back from being as good as he could be? I have time for that idea, but I don't like coming down on him for being a normal 23 year old when he's within his right to do what he was doing.
    1. Dazzle


      The Alice girl was even more savage. LOL. What a burn.

  7. Some of these stories lately... You can't make this stuff up.
  8. As a Canucks fan I wouldn't want him in Edmonton lighting us up with McDrai. Montreal & Ottawa would be the best for other Canadian teams. I think Montreal would be cool.
  9. Imagine an alternate universe where the season doesn't happen, the Canucks win the lottery, AND there's compliance buyouts. Justice for the last 50 years... One can dream.
  10. On one hand, I don't even want to get my hopes up, but man..... That would be the break we need to get to the next level.
  11. Wow we are the 8th and final spot for the lottery. Suddenly I don't care if we play.