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  2. Could see that. Not really sure. Jim Benning is on 1040 at 3:00 maybe he'll shed some light.
  3. Blake Price/1040 had it first. Now widely reported. Havent seen anything more than just that.
  4. Went out and bought Cigars after this game.... Ugh. Losing a tight game to the Leafs is about as gutted as it gets for a regular season game.
  5. I was at that one too. My first ever NHL game infact. I think its just too hard to afford tickets now, that plus getting in & out of such a congested area (unavoidable problem).
  6. I didn't have a huge problem with linematchups. I think at times you gotta let Petey go against the top guys, he's still young but he's an elite player & he's gotta be able to do it. Its just our in-zone defensive strategy is a major problem IMO.
  7. Its so frustrating, you can see it clearly time & time again. I know its a young team but when you have guys like Schaller, Eriksson, Benn, exc. (some of the veterans) doing it then its hard to just blame inexperience. I've been harping on it for awhile now & I'm going to keep doing it because its a real problem that has cost us points. We are pretty good at turning pucks over now in the offensive zone with guys like Leivo, Pearson, Miller, Horvat, Boeser, Roussel, exc. but we need that same mindset of attack defensively. You just can't allow elite players the extra opportunity.
  8. Pettersson had some chances where he could've fired right away 5 on 5 but held on for a second. Its like he was indecisive. I think maybe he's still looking for the perfect play & doesn't trust the 'put pucks on net & see what happens' mindset you sometimes need to have. For Boeser I think his shot is still good, maybe its just confidence, seems like he's taking an extra second to get his shot off (aim?) when back in his rookie year it was just head up & rifle it. They did both get there chances tho, Petey still hit a post & Boeser will have nightmares. They shouldn't be immune from criticism but they are still learning.
  9. I think Andersen was in our head. But we did have alot of quality scoring chances, Boeser especially will have nightmares. 2 Breakaways, Bo had a breakaway in the third, Boeser has point blank chances, our defense created some good tip opportunites. exc. We had some good chances considering we only got 1 PP. Andersen was just the difference plain & simple. The Leafs chances weren't much better.
  10. We need to ditch this 'sit back & contain' defensive strategy. It will get us nowhere. We allow talented teams to extend offensive zone time when we do this. I like Green alot as a coach, but this needs to be fixed ASAP. You can't allow players like Malkin, Mackinnon, McDavid, Rielly, Marner, exc. to have extended time + space with the puck, you just can't. Get right at them, force them to do something quickly.
  11. As a hockey fan you tip your hat to a great goaltending performence.... As a Canucks fan... F*** the Leafs
  12. This sit back defensive strategy is why we are currently outside the playoffs.