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  1. Reading that Gretzky stuff makes me sad. I don't know who this Stan guy is, but he should be right up there with Messier & Marchand amongst most hated in Canuck land.
  2. Fair. I'm thinking of travel specifically, how being more pro-active on putting measures in place might've helped.
  3. He's so right though. North America just waited for this to set in. Its like we just kept hiding the reality, until it inevitably forced itself upon us in a much more draconian way.
  4. Boy them touting the goaltending as solid couldn't have been more wrong. On paper the defense looked pretty good though. Ohlund / Jovo / McCabe / Aucoin. Obviously they are trying to put as much lip stick on that pig as possible (*cough* Messier *cough). But at the end of the day this was just the infancy of Crow & Burke turning things around, so gotta give them credit for that.
  5. The importance of the family structure seems to have become lost (to a greater degree) with white people. Maybe having the religious base (or atleast holding onto some of the principals), is something that has benefitted indo Canadian family structure in this way aswell. As our white western society has drifted more into 'post-modernism', whether that be consciously/intentionally, or just as a result of impulse. I guess that could go a bit further into parenting aswell (in some cases anyways), but that's a bit deeper. Could be wrong but its a thought. Yeah I'm with you on the envy. I hated school pretty much all the way though elementary & secondary school, mostly for social reasons I'd say. So starting work after highschool I was right into paying my own way too. Which is fair & proper. But there was never really that guidance or structure of building towards something communally. My Dad has recently proposed us all going in (my parents, me, my brother & sister) and buying a house (one that would probably require some reno's). None of us are in any position to buy anything ourselves, and our parents are getting closer to retirement. But I've decided I'm going back to school, & I don't have alot of faith in our ability to take on such a commitment collectively as our homelife growing up wasn't (& sometimes still isn't) always the greatest. I appreciate my dad trying to find a way to give us an opportunity though, as much as it would've been better if the groundwork was laid sooner.
  6. Voting Brodeur Nominating Kurtenbach
  7. Interesting that you prepared a big list. That would be a fun exercise. But tough. Different players have different things to their eligibility, peak/star power, longevity, fame, dedication to the franchise, exc. Trying to find the right way to weight those is difficult. Then if you go to heavily in one way its like, 'we'll if I'm gunna go with X now, then should Y be in the conversation aswell'? And maybe its not someone you thought about as your next choice. Thanks for doing this! Its fun & you couldn't have picked a better time.
  8. Voting Bertuzzi Nominating the original captain; Orland Kurtenbach
  9. Recency bias in that he's recently taken over alot of Canucks team records for defenseman? And now people are appreciating him after years of crapping on him undeservingly. Idk that's my guess. I agree he shouldn't be ahead of a number of guys.
  10. Voting Bertuzzi Nominating Brodeur (You could make a case for him to be voted in now, ahead of some who've already been nominated) No offense to Edler but I think we're reaching a bit putting him in the top 10. But I get why given his team records.