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  1. 6.25 is too much. Barkov is at 5.9 & Drouin at 5.5. Unless its an eight year deal then maybe something around that level but that's a big commitment.
  2. Its hard to get a gauge on Nilsson. I'm kind of intrigued by Johnathon Bernier, but we'll see what our group does. Defense wise there seems to be alot of names thrown around. Kulikov is one of the guys I like the most out of this group. Postma and Demers would be okay but I think Stone is better than Postma and makes more sense than giving up an asset for Demers. Cody Franson is interesting too, we always talk about needing PP help and he's a big right shot that could help in that area and fill in on the bottom pair. Micheal Del Zotto aswell might be a guy that could bring some help offensively. Karl Alzner would be nice but I don't know how likely that is. Gotta think there will be some playoff teams or near playoff teams that see him as a missing piece, wouldn't be surprised he if gets offers of 5+ Mill with term. I think the guys I would look at most out of the defense group are Franson, Stone & Kulikov. For forwards Jordan Weal would be a nice add. (He or Gagner for that matter). Weal probably has more upside/intrigue, Gagner is just kind of what he is at this point but he could potentially help the PP. I wouldn't be against taking a flier on Yakupov, but I don't expect anything and don't think we are missing out on anything if we don't. Hoping we get a player at each position (if not multiple forwards) and don't add any crippling long term contracts in the process.
  3. I think we should just close the book on Sbisa. If we want a D go after Kulikov in free agency instead.
  4. Agreed, especially in the modern day NHL. And even then, you look at guys like Marner/Gaudreau/Nylander/exc. With Pettersson's hockey sense, even if he can come in around 180 I think he will be a fine NHLer. His brother is 175 now & Elias is taller + heavier at the same age. If he comes in around 185-190 he should be more than fine. Our staff has confidence he will be fine which was my only concern about this player as I said before. I'm definitely good with this pick. And I agree that with more weight he would have been talked of as a surefire top 5 guy.
  5. Going into the draft I had absolutely no problem with Elias Pettersson, seems to have one of the highest upsides in the draft. It was always a matter of if our staff thought he could put on the weight to become that player and from what Benning had said it seems like they are confident he will be fine. So I am more than fine with the pick. Glad we are finally swinging for the fences on a high upside player.
  6. Don't know much about him. never really heard about him before the draft. But can't complain about a potential PWF who scored 46 goals last year.
  7. I like this pick, probably one of the better goalie prospects in the draft. Pretty impressed with what I saw of his play in the Mem cup/OHL playoffs.
  8. I'm happy, speed and skill. Swung for the fences on the high upside pick finally! Could very well turn out to be one of the best players of this draft, very excited about this pick!
  9. I have no issue with taking Pettersson at 5. His potential looks to be sky high with size/strength being his only real knock. He could still fall short of his potential but I think he has as much potential as anyone else available at that pick.
  10. We should use it to take on a contract & get an asset. If bringing back Milller doesn't happen then Dallas would seem to make alot of sense with Lehtonen/Niemi. Maybe sign an FA if need be as long as its not another Eriksson-like long term deal.
  11. So after my bitching, I got a replacement Iphone a month ago. Now, after a day of constantly restarting itself, the screen has gone black & it is unresponsive. Flip Phone here I come! 

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  12. Tanev is more valuable, but Edler would probably still get interest if we wanted to trade him.
  13. It was a small chunk of games but I think Brock is in a different situation than guys like Jensen/McCann/Virt. He seems to have something about him. He also had injury problems this past season, it wasn't a picture perfect year for him so maybe next year he will come back in even better shape. Who knows? I'll try and temper my expectations, but as it stands now I would be surprised if he wasn't an NHL player next year.
  14. The thing about Cale Makar is, we already have Troy Stecher. Unless they think Makar is really a superb OFD with elite upside I don't think he's our guy. If they want a Dman Liljegren I think has a better shot and is a bit bigger, he should be a good player. But then again its hard to pass on a center with one of Vilardi/Glass/Mittelstadt available. I don't mind Liljegren but I think I would go with Glass or Vilardi. I really think the Canucks should look at trying to get another 1st round pick this year though, if Liljegren falls or Pettersson is still available a bit after our pick they should try. Both could have elite upside. Pettersson's upside could be among the highest in this draft if he can bulk up a bit before the NHL. Could be another Ehlers situation for certain teams that pass on him.
  15. This. He was our best goal scorer in the time he played. I think he should start with Sven/Bo and later on if he keeps playing at an NHL level even have him with the Twins. He can already score pretty much like he has been his whole career.