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  1. Yeah its probably very unlikely, and then after that he is gone again, so I'm hoping for the best. But with Cena/The WWE's history, when Cena tweets out that he wants to break Flairs record, and then says it in his promo the way he did, its hard to not worry that this is coming sooner rather than later, I've just seen it so many times before. There is a bright spot there that Cena will be gone and AJ will likely still be champion, thats a good point. I'll hold onto hope because of that.
  2. Cena did put him over clean which was great but historically he almost always gets his get-back win in these situations, so there is that. (To be worried about) Why can't they have Cena/Reigns, they could build it up as who's the real face, Cena going for his 16th, Reigns going to beat the guy he's replacing, in the eyes of people who like watching the WWE that would be way better. If Cena gets the 16th win at AJ's expense I won't watch another WWE show until Cena retires. Its been 10+ years of Cena mainevents, I'm so beyond sick and tired of it at this point. With him its the exact same thing everytime, and I don't understand how I'm the only one that feels this way.
  3. See if it was me, I would have had Ambrose/AJ continue their fued, and have a double turn where Ambrose takes the title off AJ, then have AJ come back and win the title as a face in the big blowoff match at the next big 4 PPV. Then for Mania, I would love to see AJ/Orton. I would have Orton even put over AJ as a legend in the making, and bring back the legend killer gimmick. And there's so many ways u could go on that as far as making it happen. Just imagine how great that could be, so much better than having to see Cena beat him.
  4. I agree I've been enjoying the show so much until this last episode. Miz has been awesome, easily 2nd best part as u say, he's like a throwback Ric Flair - esque heel. It sucked that he had to take the clean L to Cena, it made sense, but still sucked. Finally after all these years seeing AJ in this spot has just been so enjoyable to watch, its like finally we get something we want, and him & Ambrose were on such a roll. It just made Cena back in the mainevent so much worse than normal. Its like we are enjoying this rare moment in history that u never thought would happen, and here comes Cena getting in the way once again. (In my opinion) Especially after AJ already survived a fued with him. The Ambrose/AJ stuff was awesome, I wish the WWE would just move Cena to RAW, his fans could enjoy him in a top role over there, and more importantly I could then enjoy AJ on Smackdown in peace. I know I'm kind of the notorious Cena hater of the thread, but honestly putting that aside, is any of this realistically too much to ask?
  5. I love how Cena brought up Ambrose being called out by Stone Cold on the podcast, when Cena himself was also called out by Stone Cold when he was on the podcast for how bad his STF is. (Yet Cena laughed it off & continues to put that hold on in a way that is embarrassing to the history of the business) It was a 'great' promo though, I especially loved the part where Mr. Never Give Up himself explained the ending to his Summerslam match (post match) where he essentially symbolized throwing in the towel & giving up. (And then left for a bit, which also went unexplained. Probably because he "loves it here" as he's told us soooo many times)
  6. I popped big time seeing AJ win. I remember the first time I ever saw AJ Styles had to be in early 2005 in a $&!#ty Sunday timeslot, TNA wasn't even on Spike yet. Never thought in all my years of watching him in TNA that he would achieve this. Crazy too he had every possible disadvantage going against him, I'm still shocked Vince booked him to beat Cena and win the #1 title as the top guy in the company. (I hold this above the RAW title cause it was the unified title) It was an awesome PPV tho, that was the best woman's match I've seen in since that one classic Taryn Terrel & Gail Kim had, I'd put it right up there, I really enjoyed it. Miz/Ziggler was pretty good, rly entertaining, and I enjoyed the mainevent it was a great match. From both guys, AJ really brought the best out of Dean, it was an awesome story of a great back and forth battle to be the best guy on the show. And him winning is something I'll never forget even with the kick in the nuts. The 2 fundamental things I really liked about this show were that they gave the matches more time, the guys were given a chance to tell a story, and most importantly that no one was booked to kick out of finishers. I loved that, such great match with such great moves and finishers weren't kicked out of. So sick of that, part of the reason I hate Cena matches, it used to be so special, such a way of helping to put a guy over, but Cena has just killed it for me, he was the original one they do that alot for besides HHH.
  7. And to add, its things like that, and players like that, that u need to have in order to win hockey games in the playoffs.
  8. U can draft top talent and doing so is great, but I think development is such a big part, just as big if not more so than natural ability. And I agree with you about Lindenning taking a different approach. And I think its for the good aswell. We 100% undeniably have guys that are capable of being front line players if developed right, Horvat and Hutton especially have already taken such strides and are great examples, when they were drafted most thought of as secondary players but I definitely think both have 1st line/1st pairing potential right now. (Note in Hutton's case I said first pairing, not that he will be a franchise defenseman, I just don't anyone to read that wrong and get carried away in a response ) I honestly think Horvat will score 70 points once in his career. Atleast. I think Boeser aswell could be one of the better shooters in the league in his prime. And he could have multiple 30 goals seasons in his career. And Juolevi (who compares himself to OEL) I think doesn't get the full credit he deserves for his potential upside, he's shown he can control games in every area including offensively. He's not just a safe defense first guy he can do it all. Physically he's not as far along as some other guys in his draft class which is why I think that is why he doesn't get the credit, but he will get stronger. With his frame & All-around ability to make plays he will make a great top pair NHL defenseman. And I think his style of game also translates the best out of the 1st round defenseman, if he was 200+ pounds like the others he could probably step in, play a full year and contribute to the team right now. Skill wise he probably already wouldn't look out of place. Then u factor in Demko and his potential, that alone is something that Edmonton doesn't have a potential elite goalie. Even Calgary (and I know alot of poeple are high on Gillies for good reason) I don't think has anyone with quite the same pedigree as Demko at this stage. I know I'm being optimistic but I don't think I'm being unrealistic either. As for the 'Lindenning' thing. Me and a good buddy of mine (both die hards) we always text about the Nucks & we always refer to the managment group as 'Lindenning' for short lol. So its just out of habit.
  9. I gotta say I'm gunna go off the board a bit, I voted Victor Hedman. He's been trending upward the last few years and he's already probably top 10 but I think this year could be the year he really affirms his status in the top group of Dmen, the cream of the crop in the league, I think he could have a Norris candidate year basically. You really see now why Gillis tried so hard to get him for us back in the day, special talent. I'm going to Nominate Jay Bouwmesster, underappreciated defenseman.
  10. I gotta say my initial thought on the pick was wrong. I'm glad we selected Juolevi, and I think the idea of trading down looking back at it now is preposterous because Juolevi is totally worth of a #5 selection. He was thought of early on in the year as an offensive defenseman, and he showed the impact he can bring at the World Junior, while he didn't show it as much early on in London just look at his playoff run and his memorial cup, another couple of big stages that came through in all areas of the ice for his team. He has the ability to play his best hockey when you need him too, so does Bo Horvat, Brock Boeser seems capable of being a consistent force aswell, and Hutton is the same way always cool. I like these are the types of character guys we are building around. Honestly for all the flak I've given Benning and Linden. I actually like them alot right now, I think they have a good vision for this team, especially Jim Benning in how he wants this team to play, then Linden kinda is at the helm and he adds that character element and some of his personal beliefs as a natural leader. I earlier on and at first they badly misjudged some things, in part from knowing how ownership wanted to go it influenced some of the decision making perhaps and stuff and some of their other judgement are off as far as some trades maybe. But I think now if Lindeninning can just do it there way and if Benning can really just have his vision be the course followed (with other input of course) we will be in good hands going forward. We don't have the star power of McDavid (Even though I think we have mulitple future stars in our own right) but we have an intangible edge to us and some special talents. That could allow us to compete and be a contender in the West one day I think.
  11. I'm not victim blaming because he's wrong for what he did, but when you think about it a 16 year old should not be sneaking into a nightclub on St.Patricks day & drinking so much that "her eyes were rolling into the back of her head". She is also kind of stupid for doing what she did, I do know that young people get caught up in things and they don't necessarily know all the dangers, but at the same time you got to hold her responsible for putting herself in that situation. I'm not condoning what he did because he was wrong, but Its not like he attacked her in her house and forced her to drink at gunpoint you know, she also did something that she shouldn't have done.
  12. 'The judge ruled the underage girl could not have consented to the sex act, because her memory of the night is “spotty” and “marginally reliable.” ' The judge himself classified her memory of the night as marginally reliable. I'm not vicitim blaming but Its a fair point, no one really knows much about this case at all, I would bet most people didn't even go look at the original article.
  13. NXT Takeover was an awesome show, nice to see my favorite TNA guys back in the spotlight, the Aries/Roode/Joe matches were awesome. Roode is just something else, I don't know how a debut with a character like that could go any better, he could step on to RAW and he top a maineventer right now. I like that they are kind of slowly building him, thats what they have to do, he could be a the top star in the company, or the 2nd or 3rd top star if they want him to be. W/hat a talent. As a longtime fan of him through his TNA days it was awesome to see him back in his groove again. Definitely gives me reason to pay attention to whatever show hes on. Same goes for Aries, and Joe, loved watching their matches. Hopefully they both go to Smackdown. Should send them all to Smackdown and form a new era Smackdown 6 with AJ, Joe, Aries, Ziggler, Roode & Ambrose.
  14. Sandow was always one of the few new era guys that I enjoyed watching back when I got back into it a few years ago. Always liked him.
  15. No way, Orton is way younger than Jericho, hes still in his prime, and could even be at his peak right now if the WWE used him correctly and allowed him to live up to his potential. Orton/Styles could be a massive fued if it was built right but they have already messed up with both so it can't be right now.