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  1. How was that interference? Looked like he went to swing at the puck and missed.
  2. Missed the first but caught most of that period. I liked Goldobin & Rodin. Boeser is obviously our best player, and Virt's goal was sweet. That one turnover for Juolevi was a tough play, he was kinda left alone fighting off a guy with another coming at him. Otherwise I thought he wasn't that bad. Not saying alot but probably one of the better D we have dressed tonight. Brisebois needs to get quicker and I'm not sure about Pedan, seemed a bit behind the play at times.
  3. I was just going to say, he's a bit older but he's definitely one of the better players out there. Good skater.
  4. I like how strong Gadjovich is on the puck
  5. I think he just said that (about the first overall). Back when winning the lottery was a possibility they seemed to be on board with one of the two centers. I remember Linden & Benning talking about the top 2 picks being players who could play right away (obviously Hischier/Patrick, not Makar).
  6. Besides his first pick he's been good with scouting/drafting but trading has been spotty. Pretty hit or miss. Free agent signings have been pretty good for the most part.
  7. Well we didn't draft him 6th overall to be a bottom 6 forward. "Make or break" is perhaps a bit much your right, but it is kinda getting to that point where he's a few years in and the offense hasn't really been there since his draft year. We are adding pieces, guys are passing him on the depth chart, UFA signings, new draft picks, exc. And those things aren't making it any easier for him to be an offensive player for us in the near future. I guess my worry is that we ultimately end up with nothing from what was (at the time) a really key pick for us. I would rather see him put it together in Vancouver & be a scoring power winger. But at the same time if he can't take a step forward, and say JB has a deal come along involving Jake that makes sense for us, perhaps its something to think about before he's valueless. I know that is assuming worst case scenario, but if he doesn't start to take some steps in development/continues to not show the offense we need from him then perhaps its something to start thinking about if there's an asset available that makes sense.
  8. Look at the competition we have now on the Wings, Jake Virtanen needs to be a scorer for us and if he doesn't take a step forward this year who knows if he will get the opportunity to be that here. Times have changed since Neely (who scored 20 in his D+2). Bertuzzi I'll give you but for every Bertuzzi & Neely there's a bunch of big guys who never make it. Jake has the tools to still be a good player & hopefully Travis Green will help him along but he needs to take steps here at some point. Needless to say this is going to be his biggest training camp yet. Hopefully he comes in and is ready to be a player this year.
  9. This year seems like make or break for Jake. Hopefully he can make the team out of camp and contribute but its going to be tough as there's a bit of a logjam right now on the Wings. I think if he doesn't show some strides in first half of the season or so we should look at moving him. Realistically at that point it would be about getting something else in return while he still has some value.
  10. I was really glad Vegas took Sbisa over Gaunce in the expansion draft. Sbisa was good for us last year but I thought that actually worked out pretty well for us. Gives another guy a shot on defense and we keep our younger players. I definitely think Gaunce still has the upside to be a good 3rd liner, not all guys reach there potential at the same pace. Look at someone like Trevor Lewis for example; first round pick that took a bit and never really found the offense but was a good contributor in the Kings 2012 run. I'm excited to see what Gaunce can bring the next 2 years & hopefully beyond.
  11. I would much rather see him than Megna. Atleast Brock can score. I think he will make it and be a good player this year.
  12. Voting Hoffman Nominate Kulikov
  13. He's been doing alot better lately. They've done alot of good things but there have also been some big whiffs. His drafting has been pretty good for the most part. He's done a great job restocking the cupboard. But I also think that his first pick is looking like a mistake that probably set us back a bit in this rebuild. Not to rail on Virtanen because I think he can still be a good player but if we had a young productive guy like Nylander or Ehlers on this team right now along with Horvat/Baertschi it would make our situation look alot better. You could argue about Juolevi over Tkachuk but I think that's still up in the air. I'd say aside from his 1st pick he's done pretty well. l I liked getting Gudbranson at the time and maybe he will bounce back but seeing where we are at a year later and the price we paid to get him its looking like another blunder. Especially when you consider his contract status and that the Canucks were looking to move him for a different defenseman. A few moves that come to mind were the Garrison/2nd/Vey move and the Forsling deal. Looking back the Kesler trade also isn't looking too great. I know Kesler handcuffed us but the deal wasn't bad at the time. Its just that now we don't really have anything to show for it. Now were looking at basically Sutter & Gudbranson for Kesler. Gudbranson has a year till UFA status and Sutter is a 28 year old 3rd line center with a big contract. Plus we paid better draft picks/secondary pieces in both those deals to get those guys. If Gudbranson isn't moved and ends up hitting the market next summer we could be looking at only Sutter to show for Kesler. Someone brought up a point about how he shouldn't have tried to be a playoff team with the old core in 2014 like we did. And I don't disagree but I think the mistake was made before that (which falls on ownership). If the rumours of Gillis wanting to retool/rebuild after 2013 are true then its definitely looking like we shouldn't have waited to finally jump on board with the rebuild. I think things are looking better now than they ever have under this regime but Benning has made his fair share of mistakes & we are still at the bottom right now so.
  14. 6.25 is too much. Barkov is at 5.9 & Drouin at 5.5. Unless its an eight year deal then maybe something around that level but that's a big commitment.
  15. Its hard to get a gauge on Nilsson. I'm kind of intrigued by Johnathon Bernier, but we'll see what our group does. Defense wise there seems to be alot of names thrown around. Kulikov is one of the guys I like the most out of this group. Postma and Demers would be okay but I think Stone is better than Postma and makes more sense than giving up an asset for Demers. Cody Franson is interesting too, we always talk about needing PP help and he's a big right shot that could help in that area and fill in on the bottom pair. Micheal Del Zotto aswell might be a guy that could bring some help offensively. Karl Alzner would be nice but I don't know how likely that is. Gotta think there will be some playoff teams or near playoff teams that see him as a missing piece, wouldn't be surprised he if gets offers of 5+ Mill with term. I think the guys I would look at most out of the defense group are Franson, Stone & Kulikov. For forwards Jordan Weal would be a nice add. (He or Gagner for that matter). Weal probably has more upside/intrigue, Gagner is just kind of what he is at this point but he could potentially help the PP. I wouldn't be against taking a flier on Yakupov, but I don't expect anything and don't think we are missing out on anything if we don't. Hoping we get a player at each position (if not multiple forwards) and don't add any crippling long term contracts in the process.