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  1. Don's Cherries select the Italian Stallion, Chet Chiraldo. @kj29
  2. Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla is back for 1 more year!
  3. Flames release Mason Raymond Mark Streit Nicklas Grossmann Chad Johnson Call up David Rittich
  4. Still need PK to reply to RFAs to know how much cap I have to work with...
  5. All salary retentions and previously signed extensions have been entered. Let me know if anything has been missed. Teams can start dropping players they don't intend on re-signing. Most notably, @Baer. is free from the shackles of Mike Richards.
  6. The following condition was not met between Detroit and Anaheim: 2020 CBJ 3rd becomes a 2020 CBJ 2nd if Saad scores 285fps in 2019/20 @Salter @Jaku
  7. The 2020-21 league is up: The 2020 playoff league will open up once the NHL announces an official schedule. There is a new column on the team roster pages labeled S.E. If there is a 'Y' that means the player is exempt from being draft by Seattle. This is based on capfriendly, and will slowly get updated for each team. Some players may have their status changed should they change on capfriendly, and some aren't even on their list yet for being eligible or exempt. Arizona only team done. Will also be working on getting new signings updated, as well as salary retentions. Side note, if you received an email saying the league was deleted, that's because I originally renewed without carrying over updated player positions, so had to delete and create another one. Let me know if you have any questions, and hope you all have a Happy Canada Day
  8. Best of luck to him. I liked him as a Canuck, and hoped he could have developed into something more (despite that being unlikely).
  9. Are the compliance buyouts a guarantee for FL, or do they only apply if the NHL allows teams to have one?
  10. True those two haven't started yet, but soccer has. While not in the U.S., they're still playing in places that were hit hard. MLBs plan is certainly not as air tight though (no hub cities). I'd say there's less of a chance they play, but better odds for the NBA.
  11. There definitely is a way to go with the virus. With that said, do we keep things shut down until there's a vaccine? That could take another year, or may never come at all. The league might not survive such a wait. Personally, I think there's greater risk in restaurants and hair salons opening, just due to people coming and going. It's a challenge to get everyone on board, but I think it's doable.