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  1. To ARZ: Elvis Merzlikins, Mathieu Perreault, Josh Teves, Joni Tuulola To OTT: Timothy Liljegren, James Reimer, Jon Merrill, Mark Pysyk
  2. Everybody cleared @Bombastik der Teutone @Azzy
  3. Peaches has stepped down as GM. Please welcome @AJay as GM of the Washington Capitals!
  4. Surprised I was the only one. Hawks have done well lately, so I like their chances. Jets/Canes more of a coinflip.
  5. Yeah, wish they didn't put so many teams on bye week right now.
  6. It would be hilarious to see Columbus make the playoffs, while Panarin, Bobrovsky, and Duchene all miss.
  7. @apollo Williams and Sbisa's cap penalties are removed with them being called up, you just gained 4.85m in cap space.
  8. No more matchups between us (thankfully haha) Playoffs are just top 8 teams (with conference leaders getting top 2 seeds) so you have a 5 point cushion.
  9. I like seeing this. Wish more players would call the league out on their favouritism and incompetence.
  10. With that win, and losses to NSH and STL, you move into 1st!
  11. @Rindiculous' Dallas Stars place Chris Stewart and Joel Hanley on waivers.
  12. I've retroactively made the swaps. Will apply cap penalties if they are confirmed to have cleared.
  13. For this, and any other present or future waiver claims, please include me in the PM. Will try and get them all resolved shortly.