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  1. You just bring out the best in everyone
  2. This pretty much sums up the mentality. Forces teams to make decisions that will impact their team for the next few months. If anything we could move the trade deadline closer to season's end, but overall I like being able to just watch and see if I made the right claims/trades
  3. Solid night for Canucks forward Josh Anderson... too bad he had to rack up those points against the RL Canucks
  4. It's head-to-head record against all teams tied with.
  5. Just 1 week. Feel free to set your lineup for the week then never check again
  6. Updated standings with 2 matchups remaining. VAN has to be perfect to have a chance. Tough schedule though facing NSH and CBJ. BUF has had the toughest schedule all year, having the highest points against. Good on Bomba for persevering and nearly locking down a spot.
  7. So we'll have Jesse vs Jesse's Sloppy Seconds. A fitting end. My redemption from 2014 is coming. Jordan Winnington will make it happen.
  8. Whoa whoa it's one thing to cheer for him, but another thing to cheat and help him win! Not sure if it makes you feel better/worse, but had you kept first, it looks like you would've lost to Bomba. I don't know how accurate it is, but Yahoo shows you had a 61-50 man game lead over 73%. Team didn't listen to you, they didn't care about playoffs...
  9. Good matchup @Bombastik der Teutone, it was close all week. My goalies served me well. Close series between @Art Vandelay and @73 Percent. 5-4 for Moose but Art is down just a goal with 4 players in about 5 mins remaining. No idea who'd win if that's gets tied though.
  10. Darn Hellebuyck, I needed some Josi/Forsberg/Turris/Smith points yesterday
  11. Let's not spread assumptions as fact, when it turns out they are false. There's enough fake news in the world as it is. We'd appreciate any other conspiracy theories to stick to PMs.
  12. Glad to see Josh Jacobs get a crack at the NHL, same with Montembeault who's impressed. Flashback to my initial prospect pool: 11/18 made the NHL. I had no idea who most of these guys were when drafting them. I'll never see that kind of success with prospects again
  13. Barbashev went into last night with just 9 goals on the season, and picks up a hattrick. Go figure. Strong night to take back 1st in the west.
  14. Just a reminder that I have access to extra info through Fantrax. No foul play has been committed. (Except Art for not using that gif sooner)