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  1. To COL: Vladislav Namestnikov + Sean Kuraly (both retained by 50% for 2019/20) To OTT: 2020 COL 2nd + 2020 COL 4th + 2021 COL 2nd + 2021 COL 3rd + 2021 ARZ 3rd
  2. Jets call up Jack Campbell and Scott Harrington. Sending down Danick Martel. @Nail
  3. Yes I'd be tagging everyone when it's go time. Available players will be in the players tab. Just can't draft 2020 entry draft prospects of course.
  4. If it drags on too long that could be an option, but if they haven't picked keepers, then chances are they wouldn't be around to make draft picks either. Hopefully they were just on holidays and will be back this week.
  5. Still surprised your team struggled as much as it did considering the talent being dropped.
  6. @kj29 @Frogger once you select keepers we'll start the draft. Let's not wait all summer!
  7. I got my offers in and received replies. I'm perfectly fine with waiting though. AV's got a lot on his plate, and it's summer! Time to enjoy some sun before a seemingly 8-month long winter kicks in.
  8. To ARZ: Thomas Chabot To WSH: Nicklas Backstrom, Jake DeBrusk
  9. To CHI: Brad Richardson, Isaac Ratcliffe To DET: Kevin Fiala, 2021 2nd , PO Joseph
  10. No, waivers are still on. However, if a trade or signing has automatically put a player in the wrong spot, just let us know and we can move him.
  11. You (and anyone else) can change your mind up until every team has selected keepers.
  12. Ghost on the 3rd pair, what is this nonsense? He ought to demand a trade back to the Rangers!
  13. As for SV, he made like 100 homerun deals, but possible the worst one was Rantanen for Henrique. It made some sense at the time due to Henrique's playoff value, but it backfired hard. I think the only deal I did with him was Vermette for a 3rd. Too risky to try and make a 2nd trade with his track record. Anything more was asking for trouble