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  1. Pending IR placement, Canucks activate Roman Polak from IR.
  2. Tampa sends down Peter Cehlarik, and activates Roman Polak from IR.
  3. Pretty goal indeed @Canuck Surfer, it was the GWG too!
  4. These were going to be my picks, but since I simply can't agree with you: New York Winnipeg Buffalo Minnesota Vancouver
  5. We all knew this was coming, otherwise no reason to retire. Glad Lu will still be involved in the game.
  6. Their version of the Canucks flying V. Not good, but better than the Preds and Stars stadium jerseys.
  7. Jets send down Poehling, and active Dowd off IR.
  8. You see who scored a goal and two assists tonight? That's right, Joel Edmundson
  9. Select the position to the left of his name. It will highlight where he can be moved to. Then select IR, and submit. Same way as doing a lineup change.
  10. Jets send down Johnston and recall Clifton.
  11. After whooping you in the finals, I figured I'd give you a pity regular season win.
  12. Correct, top 4 of each forward position, top 6 D, 2 G. Love scoring doesn't take this into account. The home and standings pages do.
  13. Tampa sends down Samuel Morin and recalls Peter Cehlarik.