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  1. ^ Nice to see Jaku catching up on the news from May
  2. With the final selection in the 2020 CDCFL entry draft, the Winnipeg Jets select Colby Ambrosio.
  3. The Toews and Kane "trade" rattled their confidence.
  4. To VAN: Pick 77 To ANA: Picks 91 + 155
  5. The Jets select Landon Slaggert. @Down by the River
  6. To PIT: Vladimir Tkachev, Pick 89 To STL: Philipp Kurashev, Maxime Lajoie, PIT 2021 4th
  7. To STL: Pick 73 To ANA: Pick 82, Pick 157
  8. The Cup could be won tonight, let's get those keepers sent in @Monty, @kj29, @Bombastik der Teutone, @RyanBerriau, @Jaku, @Primal Optimist
  9. To STL: Pick 72 To FLA: Pick 108, 2021 4th
  10. Via list, Sabres select Daniil Gushchin @pmalina
  11. My team finished tied for top PK despite having the 3rd highest PIM total. Not bad. Good to see some competent defending in Calgary for once.
  12. You've openly said you don't click links other people post, so I'm not going to send you any links. The fact that you continue to say the kid was mocking him is evidence that their misleading story can sway someone's opinion. Standing there with a smirk is mocking a man? No, it's not, and it's most certainly not worth all the vitriol the kid got as a result.
  13. Just look up Covington kid CNN. It's fairly obvious they painted him in a negative light, before all the information came out. They knew they were in the wrong, and settled. Their reporting (along with several others) led to plenty of hate and threats towards the kid. If you don't see that, I would think bias (either for CNN, or against the kid) is clouding your judgement.