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  1. Thanks for doing this VC, any plans on doing one more to carry us till the season starts? As for the list, I agree with many of the choices. I'd have Hedman at #1 though, Kadri & Kane much lower, Kreider much higher. It would be interesting to look at this list again next year and see how opinions change.
  2. I like one per week. I'll often see a weekend thread being used even once the week thread is up, and vice versa. Having fewer threads keeps the discussion in one place, and is less work too.
  3. The Jets are happy to sign Cullen, and hope to get him a championship in his final season. We'd like to send down Tyler Pitlick (no waivers) to make room.
  4. I'd suggest you do. Feedback from a message board is nothing compared to a real conversation.
  5. Might be what's needed, as removing her from your life completely hasn't seemed to work. It's never easy to get over a long term relationship, especially when the ones following haven't worked out. Did it go something like this?
  6. Voting Panik. Nominating Schroeder.
  7. @Herberts Vasiljevs is now the GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Please welcome @J-23 as his AGM. @wallstreetamigo 's exact role will be figured out when/if he returns.
  8. Nope, it's good for posting now. Everyone who wanted to post their roster has probably done so by now
  9. Done. Remember we have the new thread now though
  10. Anyone else almost send in an offer on Cullen, only to be disappointed?
  11. Voting Panik. He's finally showing his capabilities with an expanded role in Chicago. Nominating Clifford. There's a reason he played so many games.
  12. Voting Dumoulin. Nominating Clifford. I was surprised to see he's 10th in games played from this draft year.
  13. I sent it to KJ already, but my keepers are 1. McDavid 2. Draisaitl 3. Kucherov 4. Forsberg 5. Simmonds 6. Burns 7. Subban 8. Dubnyk Notable omission is Ryan Johansen, and maybe Pekka Rinne. So many Nashville players, it didn't make sense to make half my keepers from 1 team.
  14. Some do, just not you
  15. That's probably why we're into fantasy hockey so much, it's our only chance for success.