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  1. Hopefully that centre is coming from a strong Pacific team.
  2. At first I was skeptical of Kris Russell signing in Edmonton, but he seems to be fitting in quite nicely there. Also happy to see Duchene start to produce.
  3. That was goalie interference. Refs weren't going to embarrass themselves by overturning the call again.
  4. I know Suter is used to playing 30 mins a night, but looks like he's taken it to another level by playing 45 mins!
  5. To PHI: Cliff Pu To ANA: Jeff Schultz, William Lagesson
  6. Looks interesting. I've learned my lesson from the Wii U though, and will wait until there are enough quality games released before I consider getting this.
  7. Looks like you could use a defenceman
  8. I don't believe so.
  9. Sharks have a surplus of defence at the moment. Any team in need of a d-man should send a PM.
  10. TSN just reeks of desperation.
  11. I've been patiently waiting for you to make this post
  12. I'll be sure to not let that happen
  13. I like the idea. Although it might be easier for there to be a new prize every year (something not expensive, perhaps equal to the shipping cost).
  14. Just send me the money, and I'll pay it. I only accept $100's though.
  15. And people say the Sedins are no good in overtime...