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  1. I admire your confidence, and hope you're right.
  2. Lottery results: 1. @Salter 2. @oldnews 3. @maroe Pretty scary that oldnews wins a lottery with the team he already has.
  3. Draft lottery is tonight, don't forget who your team is tied to. Good luck to everyone! Not that a commissioner should be playing favourites, but an extra good luck to @Drive-By Body Pierce Also, let's get some more GM of the year votes shall we? Only 8 of the expected 26 GMs have voted thus far. It's not based on playoff results so no need to wait.
  4. Got that year wrong, went with Washington. I got 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2015 right (and came close picking NYR in 2014) I was pretty good, but not perfect
  5. We'd like to ask that GMs please send in their vote for GM of the year. Newer GMs are not required to, but may do so if they feel they've seen enough to make a decision. Here are last year's standings for reference:
  6. For a few years (2009-2015) I was pretty good at predicting the cup winner in advance. This and last year though I've been completely off. It's nice to be surprised in the playoffs, but it's bad when it comes to pools
  7. They probably can't have two players from the same team, which would explain MacArthur. Bickell should have made it over Ryan easily though.
  8. During the Blues struggle, my AGM said he thinks STL will turn it around and be a threat. Problem is, he believed in SJ and CHI more at the TDL, as did I, and probably everyone else. The trade made sense at the time, but I'm still kicking myself for it.
  9. I really shouldn't have invested heavily in Chicago in so many pools...
  10. You were ahead for a while - guess I forgot TB passed you in the end. New story-line: MM needs more sleep.
  11. It's rare that there's a series involving two teams I like. Glad to know one of Burrows or AV will advance. Cheering for Ottawa, since AV has had more recent success and has a wider window to win. Burrows likely only has this year and maybe the next two if age doesn't hold him back. That said, I think the Rangers speed might be too much for Ottawa, especially if Karlsson is playing injured. Picking Rangers in 7.
  12. I just saw the fall Staal took...didn't look pretty. Apparently suffered a concussion. Hoping for a speedy recovery for him! And thanks @Nail for all the time/work you put in, and for having me a part of it. I hope your 20,000th post involves congratulating the Sharks on a series win over Vegas
  13. I read 'Blackhawks fire' and got excited, then immediately disappointed.
  14. You guys have an immediate shot at getting even haha. Should be a close series, the ANA/EDM matchup will be a huge factor for us. Best of luck.
  15. What a series! Poor @Mimerez, he had the 3rd best playoff lineup. I'm pleasantly surprised with how well my team did. Not sure if they can keep that up though. Sharks Round 2 Lineup Draisaitl - McDavid - Hornqvist Johansson - Bonino - Williams Eller Klefbom - Manson Irwin - Orpik Ruhwedel Talbot I assume black aces can be added if needed? I still have a few, but no point adding them in unless they actually play, to save some time.