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  1. Voting Duchene. Nominating Vatanen.
  2. We have a trade to announce... To ANA: Nick Bjugstad, Nathan Beaulieu, NYI 4th 2019 To NYI: Adam Lowry, Troy Terry, Scott Harrington, ANA 3rd 2018
  3. Voting Ekman-Larsson. Not many defencemen better than him Nominating Hoffman. Almost went with him last time, so now I will.
  4. Coaching a not-so-talented peewee team to a championship.
  5. Voting Hedman. Torn on who to nominate, but I'll go with Barrie. If he was on a stronger team, he could be a 60 point dman.
  6. Anyone who would like an AGM should contact @J-23.
  7. To ANA: Devante Smith-Pelly To ARZ: Matt Greene, Adam Brooks
  8. We have a trade to announce... To LAK: Emile Poirier To WPG: Maxim Mamin + Eamon McAdam + Austin Carroll + Mark MacMillan
  9. To ARZ: Devante Smith-Pelly, Mario Ferraro, 3rd Rd. Pick (2019, EDM) To EDM: Rick Nash (50% ret.)
  10. To ARZ: Conditional NSH 2018 5th To NSH: Marian Gaborik (1.875m ret. from 2019-20 through duration of contract) *Pick is dealt if Gaborik gets 2.15fppg or above this season
  11. I have an account. Can also use fantrax since it doesn't have a team limit. I run 2 pools there and could help with starting it up if needed. I think the average CDCer will be too lazy/busy to post their own stats on a regular basis haha. I'll take Tampa if still available. Thanks.
  12. Such a shame, especially to the children left behind. I really enjoyed a lot of his music early on. He'll always have a place in my head.
  13. Tough choice between Tavares and Hedman. Good #1 D are rarer, and Hedman is now a Norris finalist (and should only get better), so I'm picking him. Nominating Ryan Ellis. Plenty of good choices, but he's the best all around D of those not already in the poll IMO.
  14. You're going to manually transfer the stats from yahoo to here? That sounds like a ton of work, when Yahoo itself could be used for the pool. Is it a keeper league? If so, I'm in.
  15. What site will be used to track stats?