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  1. Coaching a not-so-talented peewee team to a championship.
  2. Voting Hedman. Torn on who to nominate, but I'll go with Barrie. If he was on a stronger team, he could be a 60 point dman.
  3. Anyone who would like an AGM should contact @J-23.
  4. To ANA: Devante Smith-Pelly To ARZ: Matt Greene, Adam Brooks
  5. We have a trade to announce... To LAK: Emile Poirier To WPG: Maxim Mamin + Eamon McAdam + Austin Carroll + Mark MacMillan
  6. To ARZ: Devante Smith-Pelly, Mario Ferraro, 3rd Rd. Pick (2019, EDM) To EDM: Rick Nash (50% ret.)
  7. To ARZ: Conditional NSH 2018 5th To NSH: Marian Gaborik (1.875m ret. from 2019-20 through duration of contract) *Pick is dealt if Gaborik gets 2.15fppg or above this season
  8. I have an account. Can also use fantrax since it doesn't have a team limit. I run 2 pools there and could help with starting it up if needed. I think the average CDCer will be too lazy/busy to post their own stats on a regular basis haha. I'll take Tampa if still available. Thanks.
  9. Such a shame, especially to the children left behind. I really enjoyed a lot of his music early on. He'll always have a place in my head.
  10. Tough choice between Tavares and Hedman. Good #1 D are rarer, and Hedman is now a Norris finalist (and should only get better), so I'm picking him. Nominating Ryan Ellis. Plenty of good choices, but he's the best all around D of those not already in the poll IMO.
  11. You're going to manually transfer the stats from yahoo to here? That sounds like a ton of work, when Yahoo itself could be used for the pool. Is it a keeper league? If so, I'm in.
  12. What site will be used to track stats?
  13. Coin flip between Lind and Lockwood for me. Went with Lind.
  14. Would love to see this brought back. Went with 2009, but would be happy with any year.
  15. That heavily depends on the scoring system. Generally good defence is harder to come by though. This thread is mainly for our pool, but we're happy to help. There used to be a thread though for fantasy advice, pinned at the top of the forum, but I can't find it. Maybe @Monty could re-pin it? Unless it was deleted.