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  1. Last I checked you were winning the trade 180-160 (give or take a few pts). Those Sharks need to get their act together, and soon!
  2. Sounds a lot like the real playoffs haha. Hopefully all the other playoff teams see your post and ditch their cup hopes for a better pick. I don't mind imaginary success...
  3. Justice system fails again. He should have to spend the rest of his days behind bars... preferably tied to a sink.
  4. You know I don't believe that for a second, right? Having 4 injured forwards made him a necessary pickup. Even after bulking up on forwards at the TDL I still have trouble icing a full team.
  5. Hopefully Desjardins knows how to use a hammer!
  6. I might have to ignore @Nail's posts for a little while... it just hurts too much.
  7. Sharks send down Logan Shaw and Steve Santini, and recall Colton Sissons and Dylan DeMelo. @Nail
  8. Congrats to @somethingvery on surpassing @pmalina's previous record of 5647.5 points!
  9. Crawford, Panik, Kane, Ellis, and DeMelo are the only ones who have showed up to play this week. Ellis alone has produced more points than my other 8 D combined. Could really use a healthy Malkin right about now.
  10. Scratch that, @Nail will pass me by next week.
  11. I didn't have them as a playoff team in September, so I wouldn't be too surprised to see them miss. The only reason they've even held their spot is because of Tampa and Florida's injury woes. Would be great to see them miss again though. Maybe it'll be enough to trigger a rebuild. Their GM is crazy enough.
  12. NYR Updated lines: Granlund - Malkin - Kane Panik - Kuznetsov - Pearson Connolly - Krejci - Hansen (C) Karlsson - MacKenzie (A) - Pominville Eller, Vermette, Ward, Flynn Ellis - Brodin (A) Edmondson - Dillon Santini - Pelech DeMelo, Schmidt Crawford
  13. Introducing our new captain, Jannik Hansen! He may have only been with the team for less than a month, and hasn't played much, but he was the coach's first choice. AV on Hansen: I've had the privilege to coach Jannik before, and I can tell you first hand what tremendous person he is. He always gives it his all, and sticks up for his teammates - that's exactly the kind of attitude we want leading our team. The Rangers are scheduled to go visit the California teams this weekend, but they decided to make a pit stop in Nashville, so that the former captain could pass on the torch so to speak. They even decided to wear their old Canuck jerseys, as a tribute to the last time they were teammates.
  14. I figured with Babcock and Shanahan's connections, there would be no chance of a suspension. Guess they can only use that to get Kadri off the hook.
  15. My prediction is you will pass me...on the final day of the season, final game, on an EN secondary assist by McDavid. My team is falling apart at a terrible time. Ever since Luongo left. Guess it gives me the perfect excuse to name a new captain tomorrow.