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  1. Ducks have owned the play, if only they didn't give up two early ones. Hoping Kesler can tie it up and Bieksa finishes it off in OT.
  2. I'd suggest to use capfriendly as reference to see if a player is exempt or not. It's what we're going by.
  3. Not protecting a goalie? And while that does meet the exposed requirements, not all of the others are exempt. Quine and Leipsic to name a couple, and there could be others.
  4. We have a trade to announce... To EDM: Brendan Smith To SJS: 2018 EDM 3rd
  5. Sens have been involved in a few dramatic comeback wins. Their games aren't all 1-0, 2-1. They're hardly a boring team. Frustrating for sure, but not boring.
  6. To PHI: Alex Lyon To SJS: 2018 3rd (DET), Joe Morrow, TJ Brennan
  7. What's satisfying about seeing the heavy favourite, who won last year, winning?
  8. Ottawa can't really be this bad can they? How does a team in the ECF make mistakes even a peewee team wouldn't? They look like they're trying to lose.
  9. We have a trade to announce... To SJS: Kevin Bieksa To FLA: Conditional 2017 SJS 5th (FLA gets pick if Bieksa re-signs with SJS)
  10. Thanks to @thejazz97 for the incredibly quick deal. I hope at least one of them works out for you. NY wouldn't have had the room to sign either one if they made a return. Still plenty of depth available here, as it stands:
  11. Probably a mix. I doubt I can afford to sign all those players to long term extensions, unless the cap goes up quite a bit. Then again the return I could probably get on one of them should keep me competitive... hopefully. My team will likely do as well as the RL Oilers next year.
  12. We have a trade to announce... To LAK: 2017 ARZ 2nd (#33), 2017 MTL 4th (#106) To ARZ: 2017 SJS 2nd (#51), Giogrio Estephan
  13. To NYR: 2017 SJS 4th To ARZ: Andrei Kostitsyn, Sergei Kostitsyn
  14. To STL: Dan Hamhuis, 2017 CGY 4th To ARZ: Adam Helewka