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  1. There should be no lottery, but it's here to stay. The NHL is able to make a show out of it, so it's easy money.
  2. CDC Puck 2017/18

    Malkin now the #1 player in Puck, even surpassing all the goalies. He's gone full beast mode. I hope he carries that into the playoffs!
  3. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Barbashev for Wagner today, Rust for Tanev tomorrow. Thanks.
  4. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Jets recall Bryan Rust and Ivan Barbashev, and send down Brandon Tanev and Chris Wagner.
  5. [SIM} RGMG 5.0 Sign Up

    Never done it before but I'd be down to try it.
  6. CDC Yahoo Hockey League - Season 4

    A man can hope.
  7. [GDT] Around the NHL | March (11-17) 2018

    Glad to see Burrows got called back up, and picked up an assist.
  8. CDC Yahoo Hockey League - Season 4

    I picked up Murray to consider as a keeper. Thought it'd be Talbot in October, and I'm not sure Dubnyk is the answer. Lu would be the easy choice if only he was 10 years younger.
  9. CDC Yahoo Hockey League - Season 4

    Injuries hurt you, but let's not forget I had Talbot on my roster all season - he had negative value for most of it Drouin has a tough path ahead of him. Will be interesting to see how this unfolds.
  10. CDC Yahoo Hockey League - Season 4

    That appears to be my 3rd President's Trophy in the past 4 years
  11. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Jets send down Bryan Rust and recall Brandon Tanev. @Nail Thanks.
  12. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Something about this situation just stinks...
  13. NHLPA Poll Results

    Only way he should be 2nd is if there's only 2 to pick from. Makes it hard to take them seriously.
  14. [GDT] Around the NHL | March (04-10) 2018

    A ton of injuries lately.
  15. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    The RL standings aren't as predictable as they once were. Teams are going on lengthy hot/cold streaks all the time. Even the teams that are locks can't be trusted, as Aberg, Spooner, and Namestnikov all got dealt. Makes it tough to target players in a trade.