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  1. Anyone who is a fan of Pantera and the Nucks is good crap :)

  2. Are all people from San Jose like you? Weak troll job buddy, you are going to have to do a better job than that here. Good luck to your Sharks.

  3. Canuck flag raising.jpg

    Give it up Sam, you are just being pathetic now. Go home and cry to momma.
  4. Canuck flag raising.jpg

    P.S @ Samurai, feel free to chime in from here on out, unless you FINALLY have nothing to spew off about. GO NUCKS!!!!!!
  5. Canuck flag raising.jpg

    Nice Sandbox, thanks for the short history lesson. Now only if numbnuts can grasp the fact SHE is WRONG, and stop whining about something so stupid (her tastless comment), Then maybe she can actually ENJOY a little Nuck's hockey and be pleased with the ON ICE wars we have fought and won. Thanks Sandbox for serving your country, for us to be safe in, and actually get a chance to do something as simple as enjoy a hockey game. Also good on you for keeping in touch with what is happening with the Nucks when you have enough hell to deal with over there. Be safe and come home healthy
  6. Canuck flag raising.jpg

    The problem with someone like me??? Child??? (33 yrs old) What about yourself??? You like to make yourself sound so much better and mature, than everyone else here, gear down big rig, you are NOT all that and a bag of chips, sorry to say. I will try and learn the "different" beetween the two words, just for you. Also, you don't know me, so reserve your OPINION for someone who cares. I don't even watch tv (ONLY Nucks games). Images such as this are not meaningless to myself, I just feel you are waaaaay to butt hurt about a picture that's all. Your comment about it being tastless, was obviously made because, it in some way OFFENDED you. Grow up child and find something else to throw your negativity towards. :D
  7. Canuck flag raising.jpg

    @Samurai, only a fool such as yourself would get so butt hurt about this pic, you are telling kaptainkesler that the grade five bell went off??? Really now, who is the child here??? How do you have ANY right to find offence to this pic??? How about this, instead of getting mad at others for using this, get mad at our government for not only allowing war, but trying to continue pushing it. Many people have used this picture to do the same with different topics, go complain to all of them now. Your comment was a little tasteless. GREAT JOB OP.