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  1. I think it also alleviates concern when comparing his stats to those of his peers. Btw dude I miss your prospect videos
  2. Minnesota just won

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    2. mau5trap


      Well, there goes the playoffs for us. Time to wrap up the season.

    3. Mr. Ambien

      Mr. Ambien

      you guys were watching this season?

    4. Master Mind

      Master Mind

      Winner of sundays game takes division. Can we show up for it...?

  3. Benn+Ennis+5th for Eberle+Doan+7th Who wins?(10 team league)
  4. Holy hell Murphy can SKATE

  5. Anyone have a stream for the Canada-Russia challenge? I don't have TSN 2 and I want to watch the game

  6. My first one
  7. Anyone know how to kick someone off of your EASHL team?

  8. Do you think him not being invited to this event in anyway affects his chances of being on the WJ team?
  9. I heard somewhere that he wasn't invited to the summer camp for Canada's U-20 WJ team, can someone confirm?
  10. "Yakupov looking for goal #61"
  11. Will be on the wall of shame.
  12. Is thinking this topic is getting repetitive.
  13. Is a Manitoba Moose Regular.
  14. Is a Kesler supporter