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  1. Isn't this the exception that proves the rule? The fact that Eklund getting something right is so memorable just proves that we all realize he consistently gets everything wrong.
  2. Reposts I wanna see.
  3. Eklund can use whatever justification he wants. He never gets anything right. Maybe one rumor per season, and that's dumb luck. Outside of that, he reposts things that have already been broken and claims to have broken them. Can we please discredit him based on his rich, deep history of being completely wrong on everything? And you say there are reputable writers "like Andy Strickland" ... no, there are not. It's just Andy Strickland.
  4. List sucks, Eklund is a fraud. Sportsnet hiring him just means Sportsnet is retarded. Andy Strickland is a reputable beat writer who writes for Hockeybuzz, but outside of Strickland there's nothing of value on that site.