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  1. Excellent post
  2. I would like them to tweak the jersey at least or go back to the stick in the rink. That's our history
  3. Not trying to bury Willie here, I like him... but I really question what's going on here. Sven shoulda started. Against a former team who dis-owned him. In the playoffs!! Sedins need more ice time, that's obvious. 5 and 3 have just been god awful. Nobody will convince me otherwise. And when burrows went down you'd think the twins would get the player they had most success with?? Don't you?? Logic just being thrown out the damn window here. Here's to next game.
  4. Lol let's not go that far!!
  5. Why is Mcmillan playing over Baertschi? Why aren't the Sedins playing more? Why is Bieksa and Sbisa playing 40 min (exaggerate) a game? Why isn't Verbata playing with the twins? Willie has impressed me all year but he's now folding faster then paper at an oragami festival. It's AV all over again!Is he just going against popular opinion to prove something. Lord almighty!!
  6. BEAR THE BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. That's the thing, our identity IS switching jerseys!! We've done it for years, let's carry on the tradition, embrace it. I personally like that we have lots of jerseys to choose from
  8. yea that's if gillis doesn't make any (horrible) trades in 3 years. And even if he doesn't, everyone on here will be screaming for bold moves!