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  1. FIRE DAVE GAGNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'm a huge Canucks fan,and I get really frustrated reading some of this trash! First and foremost.... TAKE Lou's captain "C" away! Goalie's should focus only on stopping the puck! There's a reason why the Canucks are the only team in the league with a goalie as a captain. Give Cody Hodgson a top 6 role on the team,maybe 3rd line to start the season. Burrows should play on the 3rd line,and Grabner should move to 1st line winger with Sedin's. Some DUFUS suggested the Nucks go after Boogaard... What sense does that make? He sucks! Derek Morris would be a solid free agent pick-up for a descent price. The Nucks need an impact checker/agitator/Power forward with a mean streak??? Lots out there... Via trade. No major moves via trade at forward,the Nucks are stacked at forward! Cody Hodgson is a Jonathan Toews type,and he won't bring quite as much,but close. Grabner will score 40 someday if used properly. Jordan Schroeder will be a lesser version of Pat Kane,but quite similar. The Nucks need a little bit more GRIT,and must also get stronger on defence. Vancouver Canucks are real close,and we have great forward prospects,lets keep them!!!!!!!! The Nucks are 1 Power forward,and a few defencemen away from going all the way! Keep up the good work Mike Gillis!