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  1. The Canucks finished the past decade with a Win and started the new decade with a Win!
  2. Great play by Bo in the last 15 seconds to absorb the strong shot and have the presence of mind to immediately stand up and look for the puck and then shoot a tough shot through the opposing d-man. That's such a Bo play. Btw, is there a site that tracks the number of goals banked off of other people? We must lead the league in that category.
  3. Apparently, Elias Pettersson is also a TSN Analytics All-Star GARnering a 99% Goals Above Replacement (better than McDavid's 97%):
  4. When I first saw it, the first thing I thought was "he was lucky he didn't break his spine". He had the presence of mind to let his shoulder absorb the impact. Praying for the guy.
  5. Canucks finish the decade with a W. Nicely done, guys!

  6. You're a bit late to the parade. @ruilin96 already pointed out my mistake in the post above you. I clearly dated myself.
  7. Paul Kariya needs to be there, imho. He was a difference maker.
  8. What do they call those guys again...oh yeah, life support system for a penis.
  9. Wow. When you not only hold McDavid to only 2 shots and Draisatl to only 1 shot but also cause them to finish with a -3 each, that's foundational. Solid win.
  10. Tough game today. Their top 3 RB's are now all out for the season: Carson, Penny, Prosise. Their starting left tackle's out for the next few weeks as well. So their offense is down to "Let Russell Wilson improvise". Too bad.