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  1. I was thinking this too. Its actually nothing to brag about if you got that many first overall picks. It means you've sucked for a long long time.
  2. Pick Canadian everyone says. So we pick Canadian and people say pick Russian.
  3. Why would you want to be handed ice time. If he goes -10 in his first 15 games and has 1 assist I'm pretty sure Edmontons promise about garanteed ice time will come to an end.
  4. Wow are you serious?? I thought his cap hit was 925,000 and the rest was in bonuses and didn't count towards the cap. If your right and his cap hit is 3.8 mill I'm glad we didn't sign him. That's way to much for an unproven rookie who's never played an NHL game. That would have put up there with Edler.
  5. I know those two guys probably intimidated Schultz into signing with Edmonton. Hey Schultzy you think your better than me and Paul too good to play for the Oilers.
  6. Hamhuis is the only consistent thing the Canucks have.
  7. You spelled it wrong.