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  1. Find the #1 Song on the Day You Were Born

    'Stuck on You' Elvis Presley and the Jordanaires
  2. [Trade] Sven Baertschi to Canucks

    How about a serviceable player capable of surprising ? Do any of these second rounders seem capable of that?: 2008-Sauve 2009-Rodin 2010-none 2011-none 2012-Mallet 2013-none That was the Gillis record , providing for the Canucks future. Benning secures a former first round pick that may be able to fit in the lineup ASAP. He has does not have to be Kane or Gaborik as Kane was a first overall pick and Gaborik was a #3 overall pick.Unrealistic comparison,much. Sbisa,Clendenning,Pedan,Tryamkin,Vey and now Baertschi makes six players all 25 years of age (and younger) that have enough talent to play on the roster right now.That makes them assets available to play or trade. Benning is the 'retool on the fly' GM.
  3. Sven Baertschi Talk

    The Canucks acquire Sven Baertschi from the Flames for a 2nd round pick Adam Forsythe March 2, 2015 2:40 pm VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The Canucks trade deadline ended with a splash. Vancouver acquired Sven Baertschi from the Calgary Flames for a 2015 2nd round pick. The 22-year old was the 13th overall pick in the 2011 NHL draft. The Swiss prospect has appeared in 15-games for the Flames this season collecting four assists. Canucks General Manager Jim Benning says its always tough to trade draft picks, but he made an exception to acquire Baertschi. “He is ready to come in and help us win this year and every year going forward. I don’t like trading draft picks but to get a player of Sven’s calibre, I am okay with that.” Baertschi will report to the Utica Comets, but Benning says he could be in line to be recalled if the Canucks are hit with more injuries. Comets Head Coach Travis Green coached Baertschi in the WHL with the Portland Winterhawks and Benning says Green is very exciting to have him on the team.
  4. International rink size and officiating that fully implemented the existing rules of the game would stoke the creativity gene. Marginal skaters that must rely upon impeding the flow of the game and/or injuring the most gifted players has been the blight of the National Hockey League.
  5. Larionov was a defensively deep,responsible center.He had effortless skating and a near perfect pass. What would happen to a young man that had defensive issues and mouthed off to the press in the Tikhonov era?
  6. Mike Gillis will be a GM in the league again one day.

    If a GM like Gillis would give a lunatic like Tootsie a five year deal with Ruff waiting for a hiring then there has to be another billionaire out there willing to process Mikey. Not out of the realm of possibility,but doubtful.
  7. The NHL is not and has hardly ever been a venue for creativity. The Canucks were the most creative team in the league and the NHL refs allowed teams to take them out with brute thuggery. Many serious injuries the Canucks endured were never even called as minor penalties. Many North Americans relish violent hockey and that is more than evident in the NHL playoffs. The truly skilled players have to be healthy and highly intelligent just to survive the NHL goon fest,let alone thrive. It is amazing the twins have performed at the level they have without protection in a game where violence is accepted /promoted and the highly skilled players laughed at and ridiculed.
  8. Ronalds Kenins Talk

    I don’t think he’s ever seen a forecheck on which he didn’t want to crash into something. Never peeling off your checks tends to play well when you’re “4L energy guy” real well. “Ronny and Bo played Chara hard,” Matthias marvelled. “Ronny hits. He’s not very tall but he’s thick. He’s a good player.”
  9. Adam Clendening Talk

    Both Bieksa and Hamhuis can play on for years,yet. Can't see them leaving here after their existing contracts are up as both could benefit the team in trade now but aren't waiving.They sign one year contracts going forward with the explicit demand not to be traded,is my guess. Tanev and Corrado are the same as any young player-chips to move up with. Not enough offensive d men on this team so both can be trade bait right now.
  10. Adam Clendening Talk

    You're on it. Hamhuis Bieksa Sbisa Edler ? Trade for Tanev-i.e. Franson Clendening Three offensively gifted d men would help the the team's PP and scoring.
  11. Gustav Forsling Talk

    Realistic. Bieksa won't waive and if he refuses to leave town they can sign him for a 1.5-2 $million and he can play with Sbisa.Not sure which one of these defenders go in lieu of a PMD that can QB the PP. I say Tanev or perhaps Corrado in trade.Tanev has the highest value. None of these guys except Edler can man a PP point and there is the argument he should be on the second unit.
  12. Gustav Forsling Talk

    Subban,Pedan,Forsling and Tryamkin are all years away from playing NHL hockey,if they make it at all.
  13. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    First time away from home. Playing pro against men. He'll be good,just getting settled in.
  14. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Actually,fan CDC mob have had their knives drawn for Vey in the last weeks.Scored an even strength,game winning goal tonight. Third star. Two game winning goals on the year. 35 point year for a rookie would be very respectable. Pretty quiet in the (K)assassination room.
  15. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Love Hamhuis but was having a tough start to this season before the injury. Not sure where the #210 figure comes in to play but.... Points-ranked 425th amongst skaters and 129th amongst d men. Not hard to see his stats sucked before his injury but he is the best defensive blue liner on this team.