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  1. Also: We all criticize how Trump behaves at pressers, but Obama's even worse!
  2. Remember in 2012 when Obama was like: "BUSHGATE! Its been going on for a long time, before I got elected, and its a total discrace." Reporter "What is the crime exactly mister President?" "Uh... umm... You know what the crime is! Honky!"
  3. Its going to be plenty more hilarious when Trump loses. Maybe the best perk ever for any transition period. If he doesn't suffer a brain aneurysm will see weeks of unprecedented goldfish brained idiotic tweet storms We may see a handful of gimps, who are a more serious danger to themselves the anyone else, aimlessly "protesting" for a while before they are either quietly rounded up or they get bored/hungry and go back to the TV.
  4. I remember the part where he tried to frame the evacuation of the Bin Ladins who lived in the US as if it gave credence to the that case 9/11 was an inside job, when really it only would have been genuinely suspect if they evacuated the Bin Ladins before 9/11 happened.
  5. Its Michael Moore. The way he frames things is what I have had a problem with in the past. You take what he says and presents with a grain of salt.
  6. I think at this point you could make a good case for pinning Trump on criminally negligent mass manslaughter/genocide. I don't think its at all controversial to say that if the US had a President who was reasonably competent, tens of thousands of people would probably still be alive now. As for the possibility of this becoming reality, it really should happen if we want to call this a healthy society governed by people who genuinely value human life. Unfortunately this doesn't appear to be the case. Never mind the Republicans, whom describing as a death cult almost doesn't seem like hyperbole at this point; Mcconnell and his ilk know the orange blob is the reason so many people are dying but they don't care. The Democrats have been shockingly derelict when it comes to what you would suppose to be the role they should be assuming during this crisis. They were derelict during that milquetoast attempt at impeachment when they could have piled on all his violations of the emoluments clause, or nailed him on his tax returns among others. You'd think Polosi and the other leaders would be adamant in the face of this and its like they operate on a different set of priorities altogether.
  7. Im cautiously optimistic this time, the Red Hats have indeed become very quiet all of the sudden. Even they seem to realize that there is no intelligent defense or way to excuse this without looking like a total jackass. It would be so easy for him to acquit himself far better, but since Trump doesn't know what empathy is, or what being wrong is, or why sometimes you simply need to deal with the reality of the situation, or how important it can be to admit when you've made a mistake, he just digs himself a hole instead.
  8. Where are the CDC Trumpists? He said he was being sarcastic about the whole injecting bleach thing. Sheesh.
  9. Seriously? Stonetoss?! The dude who makes these is a holocaust denier (I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you weren't aware of this)
  10. Trump is far too lazy to be a dictator. " America has fifty states?!"