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  1. To me this is like Islamic suicide bombings, or the way the Catholic church covered up sex crimes, or numerous aspects of Sharia law. Bad for everyone in general. Bad for a lot of the people who would welcome it once they figure out how it will affect their family and friends. Its not like women will stop having abortions, they'll simply resort to the previous, far more perilous methods. If these kinds of people made the laws America would become a Christian Theocracy. These are the same kinds of people who would be burning witches, books, or torturing people up to today were it not for some sensible intervention.
  2. Ben should have said that his religion instructs him that abortion is murder. I'll admit it's not a very good response, not even close, but at least it would be an honest response. And while it is not literally a return to the dark ages, it's incontrovertibly extreme, regressive, and blatantly draconian. If you publicly go to bat for the people who have implemented this kind of thing like Shapiro has then... you can expect to take some flak.
  3. How do you expect everyone to already know what is a lie and what is truth in advance of a speech that could cover any subject?
  4. The only thing preventing Trump from being prosecuted right now is a constitutional policy that says you cannot indict a sitting president.
  5. Here's a good example. A while back he made a video about how the AIDS epidemic a couple decades ago was... a hoax. This is Jeff Holiday's response: If you watched this video, you can probably see that a number of things Crowder did here... seem really, really bad. For one thing it is extraordinarily irresponsible and well beyond the pale to lie about how a very serious disease can be contracted. I can't read his mind, I don't know his true intentions but in this case it really looks to me like he is, among other things... going to great lengths to demonize homosexuals.
  6. The main problem with Crowder is that he is never honest in how he provides empirical data to support his assertions.
  7. I think you're probably right and the democrats might be better off hedging their bets based on that. The Republicans have already proven they dont care about laws, precedent or protocol.
  8. Without his handlers, I can't imagine Trump would have even known that appointing Barr might serve as some kind of bulwark down the line. As it stands the move is futile anyways, since congress can subpoena the full report regardless of any objections Barr or Trump might have. His strategy to hide his tax returns is similarly ridiculous. He's had years to figure that one out and the best he can do is rely on Mnuchin to save his ass, apparently not aware that once they were requested it would be blatantly illegal for Mnuchin to hang onto them. If Trump was smart he should have anticipated this and should have done, for example, whatever it took in order to ensure the Republicans retained control of Congress, but the man is so irreconcilably toxic it is next to impossible for him to persuade people to change their minds about him.
  9. I found a real treat today. Republican Thomas Massie's exchange with John Kerry is climate change denial in a nutshell: Massie: Sec. Kerry, I want to read part of your statement back to you: “Instead of convening a kangaroo court, the president might want to talk with the educated adults he once trusted his top national security positions.” It sounds like you’re questioning the credentials of the president’s advisers, currently. But I think we should question your credentials today. Isn’t it true you have a science degree from Yale?Kerry: Bachelor of arts degree.Massie: Is it a political science degree?Kerry: Yes, political science.Massie: So how do you get a bachelor of arts, in a science?Kerry: Well it’s a liberal arts education and degree. It’s a bachelor…Massie: OK. So it’s not really science. So I think it’s somewhat appropriate that someone with a pseudo-science degree is here pushing pseudo-science in front of our committee today.Kerry: Are you serious?! I mean this is really seriously happening here? Massie: You know what? It is serious. You’re calling the president’s Cabinet a “kangaroo court.” Is that serious?Kerry: I’m not calling his Cabinet a kangaroo court, I’m calling this committee that he’s putting together a kangaroo committee.Massie: Are you saying it doesn’t have educated adults now?Kerry: I don’t know who it has yet because it’s secret.Massie: Well you said it in your testimony.Kerry: Why would he have to have a secret analysis of climate change?Massie: Let’s get back to the science of it.Kerry: But it’s not science, you’re not quoting science!Massie: Well, You’re the science expert. You have the political science degree.
  10. Get used to it? Trump is an incompetent perverted lying racist scumbag who said Nazis are wonderful people. Do his followers just totally ignore that kind of thing or what?
  11. I was under the impression that congress would have to subpoena Mueller in order to get answers from him. At least I couldn't imagine a situation where he would think it was ultimately beneficial to use the media to discuss the case openly for the purpose of contending Barr, as that might devolve into a frenzied circus for one thing. Edit: It's starting to sound like the dems may subpoena the report itself, which might have been their thinking all along: Trump is a billionaire but won't let anyone see his tax returns. Trump is a genius but won't let anyone see his grades. Trump is innocent but won't let anyone see the Mueller report.