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  1. We've been sold this idea that Islam is like any other religion, and/or it is a religion of peace; unfortunately and somewhat ironically, many have bought it. In truth it presents a unique problem, for example it doubles as a political ideology. Islam means "submission" or "surrender"; it's actually largely antithetical to our own ideals, freedom, tolerance, etc.
  2. Except they aren't actually going to be killing Americans, they are going to be killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people who live in the area.
  3. If you feel contempt for religion in general, then you most certainly do not owe them the dignity of equal treatment. There isn't actually anything wrong with your saying that Islam is more violent then Christianity at the moment when it is obviously the case.
  4. There are black people who are against BLM, and quite frankly these people seem a lot more socially conscious then any BLM members, as they can actually see where this is going: What BLM are doing helps no one, black people in particular.
  5. These are all Islamic, save the Tamil Tigers Again, look at the 4 groups mentioned: Taliban, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, ISIL All muslim majority states, save the Ukraine and India (Muslims are the main perpetrators, so naturally they are the primary victims as well) Again, the lion's share of terrorist attacks occur in the Middle East and Asia Honestly, whenever one of these attacks occurs, I'm almost at the point where I'm hoping it will be somebody else. The potential backlash could be ugly, and there is a good chance it will happen to Muslims who want and have nothing to do with terrorism. But… it's always the same.
  6. And there is this too. This board seems to have a liberal feel to it, and we lambaste individual posters for having these kinds of views. When Muslims have them on masse, we see this bizarre double standard. For example, they treat homosexuals like criminals in Muslim countries, and in some cases you even get the death penalty. We should at the very least allow ourselves to condemn the belief.
  7. Obviously not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslim. This is not a disparaging remark, it's simply a fact. There are not many of them, but obviously there are enough to cause a serious problem.
  8. I can understand if people want to do another #PrayFor thing, but please at least keep in mind that praying and religion is why this kind of thing happens in the first place.
  9. They remind me of the Westmoro Baptist Church in a way. Not a hate group per se, but a group that spews hatred all the same. The biggest joke of all is that a group like this should be trying to stop racism; trying to bridge the gap; instead they only exist seemingly to divide people further. Basically, this a group that is ultimately never going to do anyone a modicum of good, black people in particular, because they're just a bunch of &^@#ing idiots who would make anyone they claim to represent look like &^@#ing idiots.
  10. Yes, it gave me pause for a moment. But I'm fine now. Thanks.
  11. I wasn't sure what to make of that item, but I guess it doesn't matter because I know a European Superstate is a nonsensical idea anyways. It would require unity, and the idea of someone achieving it by force is laughable. My argument is that because so many of its members have irreconcilably divergent agendas, the EU is nothing but a dysfunctional pseudo democracy that needs reform; many are just blaming the UK for this, labelling them racists, and I don't think that is right. We will probably see several more current members hold referendums of their own now. Are people going to say all of that is racism, or something else equally improbable, or can we finally come to an understanding that the EU has a role to play in this as well?
  12. I agree very much with this sentiment: Basically it sounds like the deal is that you either yield all that which you (traditionally) use to self identify as a nation, or we cut you loose. Brexit may seem like a radical move, but it certainly isn't near as crazy as this. This is nothing short of unbridled hysteria on behalf of EU leadership. People need to recognize that Brexit would never have happened if it wasn't for the EU's mismanagement, which has intensified a great deal over the last few years. People have painted this as something done out of xenophobia. There may be some truth to that, however the larger issue that somehow escapes scrutiny is that this could have been avoided if people like Merkel had not been deliberately dishonest, squelching opposition to irrational and unreasonable responsibilities they have foisted upon their citizens. For example: (Link) This combined with a lack of popular representation within the EU, for the people to properly confront this with democratic reform, has done a very good job proving why it would be understandable for any nation to want to distance themselves from this nonsense.
  13. It would have to be a very loud fart.
  14. It is just as important for non Muslims to do this. So many of us are terrified of saying anything disparaging about Islam when homosexuality is punishable by death in 9 Muslim countries. It's completely ridiculous. People, adjust your &^@#ing values already.
  15. We always see this "Yeah but there is a parallel in Christianity, don't pick on Islam" sentiment in every thread critical of Islam, and in threads critical of Christianity we never see "Yeah but there is a parallel in Islam, don't pick on Christianity" rhetoric. I can't help but wonder who is really treating these two faiths differently? This is still happening?