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  1. I'm thinking they probably don't understand each other's arguments because they are not willing to listen to each other's arguments. "How come you didn't address this?" is happening on both sides. A while ago I watched a debate between Kristi Winters and Sargon of Akkad. Sargon didn't make much of an effort to address what she had to say. As the debate progressed, Sargon became increasingly flustered with his complete inability to understand what she was talking about and (as a defensive measure?) concocted conspiracy theories where he claimed feminists were going to unleash an Orwellian nightmare upon the rest of the world. Or something. This is a good example of why I don't take guys like Sargon seriously anymore. Authoritarian ideology? I don't understand how you can label an entire group of people as fascists, then somehow claim you are willing to listen to what they have to say with an open mind. That's not the point I'm trying to make. Many Trump supporters have been mesmerized apparently, they genuinely believe in him (at least I don't see how one can be aware of Trump's true nature and have faith Trump will keep his word at the same time) He is not draining the swamp, and it doesn't look like he going to keep his word on just about everything. Some are shocked by this when in truth it's the least surprising thing ever. Yes, and I have trouble understanding either of these guys. Milo is gay, Christian, against gay marriage, and doesn't seem to think very highly of gay people. He is Jewish and he thinks Jews are accurately stereotyped. Rubin claims he is on the left, but never defends them or agrees with them. Basically a couple guys I wouldn't want arguing in my defence. Conjecture and opinion, some interesting points. There's probably a connection between the emergence of the regressives and Trump. I agree with Milo about Islam, Europe has made a lot of stupid mistakes, but Islam was never going to be an immediate problem in America no matter who was elected. What caught my attention was he went right on the attack discussing Islam's treatment of gay people… but he thinks gay people are oppressing Christians in America?!
  2. The way I understand it was what got Trump was elected was the fact his opponent was the least popular candidate in history, which was the only reason, considering he was the second least popular candidate in history. I was keeping tabs on this phenomenon for a while, and for a time I was sympathetic. However, when the response on their side was to do the exact same thing, label the opposition, I lost interest. "Feminazis" for example. "SJW" until recently was a more or less politically neutral term, but these guys have managed to turn it into another label for someone that doesn't agree with them, therefore don't have to listen to. It's a great way to come to the conclusion that yours is the only side that is right and the only one that matters. Regardless, Trump being president elect is not making any difference in this regard, because Trump never cared about SJWs or anything like that in the first place. Rubin et al are going to keep doing the same thing, going after this SJW "boogeyman" because that's what they now rely upon to have a substantial audience. People latched onto Trump for the wrong reasons. He habitually said repulsive things, and because saying repulsive things is not politically correct, this made him appealing, so his followers never called him out on it. They made the most unbelievably asinine excuses for his behaviour that he never even asked for. The worst part of all is that this may have been same the kind of thinking that allowed people to disregard all the evidence that had shown him to be a pathological liar, a conman, and a conspiracy nut to the extent where they thought they could trust him, having faith he would keep his promises.
  3. The thing is you never had to worry about SJWs getting cabinet positions. People have been so preoccupied with this regressive left thing they forgot all about the regressive right, who are now invading the White House, which poses a far more dangerous threat then any SJW could ever aspire to be. Trump's stance on climate change alone makes any threat SJWs might present seem laughable.
  4. Sure, but people like Watson have followers in the hundreds of thousands, many of them American, and he was using that influence to persuade them to vote for Trump. People like this factored into the outcome. Interestingly enough someone else mentioned Dave Rubin, he is a very good example of what I find so bewildering about all of this. He is atheist, secular, gay, alleges he is on the left, yet backs Trump... this makes little sense as he ought to know as well as anyone Pence would turn America into a Theocracy if he had the opportunity. Look at all these Trump picks that oppose LGBT rights, Sessions, Devos, Price, Chao, Priebus, Flynn, Haley... I'm at a loss here, has Rubin completely lost his mind? America has finally legalized same sex marriage, and now Rubin is backing the people who would seek to undo all of that? Is he delusional enough to think having these people run the country is preferable to this vaguely defined SJW threat he is completely obsessed with?
  5. It's interesting that you mention this guy, because this kind of thing puzzles me. 1. He lives in London, so he is not going to have to suffer the brunt of a Trump presidency. 2. He is an atheist, presumably secularist, yet he backs Trump. We have all known well in advance Trump chose a religious demagogue for VP, and it's starting to look like Trump is going to put a number of these strident religious types into positions where they will have major influence. For anyone who values secularism, this should be devastating. There are a lot of guys like this, atheist/secularist non-Americans with audiences in the hundreds of thousands that have been doing the same thing. "We have no dog in the fight, but let's just get behind this guy because... I don't know... American SJWs and the like are the most terrible evil in the world, and they are somehow our problem, so let's fight back and completely neglect our own secular ideals in the process by setting America back a couple decades" Bunch of sell outs.
  6. So Trump acts like a psycho and tries to dissuade the press outlets who hurt his ridiculously fragile feelings from doing their job? How on Earth is this a good thing? Why would you construe this as something positive? It sounds like he is following up on his previous desire to muzzle free speech. What a fascistic twat. "Room of liars" indeed. That is one of the most hypocritical things I have heard for quite a while.
  7. So today's nightmare is creationist Jerry Falwell being considered for the department of education: Your President.
  8. But you spoke as if you already knew that anyways based on your initial response, so how does that make sense?
  9. Let's look at this objectively. We have a President with no relevant experience whatsoever, with Mike Pence as your VP, Bannon as your right hand man, along with the likely inclusion of Newt Gingrich, Rudy Guliani, and Sarah Palin. A collection of opportunists, religious demagogues, and imbeciles. Ben Carson turned down a cabinet position (we dodged that one at least) because he, unlike Trump, actually admitted he had no experience; apparently Carson's bid was just a stunt in order for him to sell books. He wants to hire people like Rick Perry. To get an idea of what he is all about watch this commercial (or at least look at the incredible like/dislike ratio, I guarantee you've never seen anything like it) Trump wants this guy in charge of the department of energy. This is at best bizarre, because a few years ago Perry actually wanted to eliminate this department, along with commerce and education. In an infamous speech, he couldn't even remember it existed The media doesn't need to put a spin on anything because you can't make this stuff up.
  10. The problem is that Trump has no idea how to do this job, and as a result sane people are not interested in working for Trump's administration. Trump's team didn't understand they would have to hire a new West Wing policy staff. Trump is asking Obama if he knows any Republicans who he can hire. This is quite unprecedented as far as I know, much like the rest of this circus. We're already seeing plenty of "I told you sos" and he hasn't even done anything yet.
  11. Quite the double standard. If this is improper or wrong then I guess organizations at the other end of the spectrum like BLM shouldn't be allowed to do this kind of thing either.
  12. I have a tough time disagreeing with Cherry on this. More of any kind of American is not desirable.
  13. His owes much of his financial success to his being utterly unscrupulous and treating people like garbage.