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  1. Official: Deadline Reactions

    Canucks aren't doing anything this year even if they make the playoffs. They got rid of Luo and his contract, great. Frees cap space. Buy out Booth and there is more cap space. They are looking at a top 10 draft pick this year which is great, keep playing the way they're playing and it will only get better. I don't think trading Kes is a good idea at this point anyway. He will only waive to go to a contender and that limits our options for return. He is the type of guy that you need in playoffs, however if he really wants out (he said he didn't) and we get what we are looking for then bye bye. So get rid of say Edler for a roster player of 2nd/3rd line forward and sign a top six winger along with maybe having Santorelli back and some of the young D come up not to forget we have some cap space for Tanev. We are looking good if we draft a great potential forward in the draft this summer. All these doom and gloomers are hilarious. We are already making moves for the future and have assets to move to help with that. Have faith and remember there's Russians in the Crimea and bombs falling in Syria to go along with a prime Minister bending the rules of government. This is entertainment!!!!!