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  1. Ok, so you do remember that the 2011 squad was by no means considered to be a contender right? That year was an anomaly at best.
  2. Matt Sekeris is only slightly more knowledgeable than David Pratt .. who honestly cares what these guys say. It's all about causing a stir to try and increase a listener base. Blake isn't much better ..
  3. I have no idea why the Prust for Kassian trade is getting slammed so hard. Sure Kass has the potential to play as physical as Prust, but he has never shown it on a consistent basis. At least Prust is a gamer every shift! I'll gladly take the pm's in exchange for someone who's going to make people accountable on the other team for crap behavior. That's something this team has sorely missed on the ice.
  4. Hard to say when one isn't even in the NHL yet and the other has had limited time in the NHL with sporadic success. Not a very good poll question.
  5. What is this " The Score " ? And, who the eff cares?
  6. Seriously, I swear that over half the contributors to CDC are pseudonyms for David Pratt!!
  7. Sven makes the team now. It's a lame question. Can you make an honest comparison between the two players now? I don't think so. Hypothetical projections for a prospect should never be made. On a side note ... Timberwolf has my favorite GIF all time!! May the force be with you sir
  8. Bro Jake and Fat Pratt are just sliding down the steep slope of there final years of relevance ( and i use that term very, very loosely lol ) in the entertainment ( again .. very, very loosely ) industry. Pratt won over Jake on cfmi whenever he filled in for Neil McRae and Jake has NEVER been entertaining. I mean c'mon, when the non funny half of Larry and Willy replaces you and does a better job .. that should tell you to just quietly move on. Not accept a job where your going to constantly get flamed for your lack of intelligence PLUS work along side the biggest troll in Canadian sports media. Ugh lol
  9. Pierre McGuire brought up a great point last week on 1040 ... Teams need to build around the 7 man formula. One good goalie, Two good D-men ( one shutdown, one offensive/puck mover ), Two good centers ( one faceoffs/defence, one playmaker ), and two wingers ( one scoring/sniping, one grinding/defensive ). That formula would be the core of the team and would sink or swim with it. Surrounding that core with affordable talent is also key.
  10. The draft isn't over and July 1st hasn't come and gone yet. No point in trying to assign a grade as to what happened today. I do like seeing all the arm chair management spouting off like they know what's going on. Best fiction writers ever
  11. I read this yesterday and laughed and laughed and laughed .. still laughing!
  12. I'm not sure if this is praise or criticism lol
  13. I agree totally, but this is an Alex Edler driven post. I never said i didn't like Edler, I like him just fine. But I do know how to call a spade a spade. I pointed out two glaring giveaways from the LA game ... unfortunately it's a common occurrence for Edler. The difference between Edler and most true top pairing D-man on top level teams is that their overall play can compensate for their mistakes. I will gladly take the giveaways, as long as there are at least as many punishing checks, some solid quarterbacking powerplay abilities, complete shut down abilities ... I think you can see where I'm going with this. Alex Edler just hasn't been all of those things for a very long time. I miss it, you miss it .. we ALL miss it. I don't think that he will ever turn into a true #1 elite D-man that this team needs. He's a good D-man that I love to have on my team, but just because he happens to be our top D, doesn't mean he gets a free ride from the criticism. You just can't put Alex in with the likes of the Doughty's, Chara's, Webber's ( Shea ) of the game. It's not even fair to compare.
  14. I'm sorry .. as much as I like Edler, the team sure could do without his mental gaffes that cause so much turmoil in the defensive zone. Twice against LA tonight it happened and you could almost feel that the Kings were about to cash in. Scary stuff! Over all, Edler has made improvements this year.
  15. I see lots of unpredictable rebounds coming off those pads lol