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  1. Feel bad for Larsen, hopefully he gets well soon! On the flip side, it was a clean hit and Larsen had his head down most of the way. This is hockey, a hitting game. Hall didn't take any extra strides and hit him square with his shoulder, Larsen was just in a bad position of his own accord. There's a reason why the advice " Keep your head up " is used and this is the example.
  2. Ok, so you do remember that the 2011 squad was by no means considered to be a contender right? That year was an anomaly at best.
  3. Matt Sekeris is only slightly more knowledgeable than David Pratt .. who honestly cares what these guys say. It's all about causing a stir to try and increase a listener base. Blake isn't much better ..
  4. Seriously, I swear that over half the contributors to CDC are pseudonyms for David Pratt!!
  5. How about a suggestion of who's innovative enough and please include your choices previous stats and accolades. Thank you.