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  1. Thanks OP! I will not complain considering no one else is willing to put in the effort!
  2. As promised, I attended the game last night and wanted to give a review to Nucks fans that would not get the pleasure. The game had great pace to it, big hits, emotion and some slick plays. There were times that the game got sloppy, but contrary to the score, Subban actually kept them in the game. Gaunce had an ok game, played a lot of minutes on the PK and blocked 4-5 decent shots from the point. Played set up man on one goal, and had a few big hits. He has a mean side to him and was probably one of the strongest players on the ice, which was nice to see. He was playing on the wing on what seemed to be the shut down line with offence ability. Right from the start, I noticed he seemed to be hiding an injury, his foot speed was minimal and he did a lot of gliding with not a lot of sudden starts or stops. There were few times that he put forth a big effort and that was on potential grade A scoring chances, or when he needed to stop a scoring chance. I wish I could compare him to a current NHL player, unfortunately, I don't think I was seeing the true Gaunce. Cheers.
  3. I just got tickets to the Barrie Colts vs Belleville Bulls game 3 playoff match. I will post again here tomorrow with my take on the play of our Brendan Gaunce. Stats have shown he has been a great performer so far!