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  1. I don't like conspiracy theorists but something isn't right

    Meh, write a letter to the league. I've lost interest here, chum. regards, G.
  2. I don't like conspiracy theorists but something isn't right

    By the look of it, Markstrom was moving to a more central position in the crease in order to block the potential stick shot, from the puck being kicked to the player's stick. Markstrom slid to far, so one might argue that he would have (likely) been in a position to have stopped the stick shot, but not the re-direction/kick of the puck which went awry from the intended target (the previously mentioned player's stick). Taking another look at the goal, I agree with the call on the ice. There was a "kicking" motion prior to the meeting of the skate with the puck, however, the skate had stopped that motion just prior to the meeting with the puck. Good goal. regards, G.
  3. I don't like conspiracy theorists but something isn't right

    Not "referring" to anything in particular, chum. I am making an assumption as to what I believe were the ref's interpretation of events. Not necessarily agreeing with him, or the call from Toronto. For the most part I'm just wandering through while waiting for MLB spring training to commence to starting. regards, G.
  4. I don't like conspiracy theorists but something isn't right

    The guy did "kick" at the puck in an attempt to direct the puck to his stick. The momentum he put onto the puck bounced it off of Markstrom and then into the net. If it hadn't touched Markstrom then I believe the goal would have been called off. regards, G.
  5. (our own) Richard Brodeur vs Wayne Gretzky

    I recall Tikkanen played a lot on Gretzky's RW. He was a fast, aggressive and physical checker, who had a scoring knack. He was also able to draw attention to himself (agitate) which helped give room to his line mates. While McDavid may be fast, and is certainly gifted with a lot of offensive capability, I don't know if he could fill the rest of the bill. regards, G.
  6. So, you're saying that Vanek is being overpaid for what he produces? regards, G.
  7. [Report] Auston Matthews to miss at least 4 weeks

    Well, if this keeps up he could become the next Salo of Tanev. Found a reaction video of some of the folks at TSN to the news of AM's injury: regards, G.
  8. Rating our trades

    As pointed out by the post below yours, timing is everything. Arguably the Canucks "gave up" on Shinkaruk in order to get Granlund, which turned out to be a good choice. Granlund has produced at about a point for every three games he has played which is comparable to McCann's production. Some will point to Granlund's playing time with the Sedins as a reason for his "inflated" numbers. I would point to McCann having an opportunity to play with some of the forwards which are with the Panthers, and he is still only a point every three games type of player. Later the Canucks traded away McCann, who was still viewed as an asset, but was deemed to be expendable by the Canucks, in order to acquire Gudbranson. And in that regard, I'm still surprised that the Canucks had to give up so little in order to complete that trade. regards, G.
  9. Rating our trades

    Yeah, I see what you mean. Why if the Canucks still had McCann he'd possibly be a fairly okay bottom-6 player. Just what this team needs. regards, G.
  10. Rating our trades

    It might be the worst trade, from the other team's perspective. I'm surprised that the Canucks had to give up so little to get Gudbranson. regards, G.
  11. Rating our trades

    As was noted a few posts above this (Hammertime), the pick to get Baertschi was 53rd OA. I agree that most of the trades have question marks. Just look at the great material that Benning had as trade assets and what he got in return. Subban easily should have returned a high 2nd. Holm should have returned a 1st! And what was he thinking trading Shinkaruk for Granlund? That kid is burning up the AHL. regards, G.

    A team needs a captain because someone has to be handed the Cup when it is won. The Canucks are a few years away from that, so there's no hurry in naming a captain now. regards, G.
  13. Rating our trades

    The trades listed are all wins. I don't have any doubts over Baertschi, Granlund, Gudbranson or Sutter. Goldobin, and Pouliot are showing signs of living up to at least some of their potential. Leipsic and Motte still have a lot to show (more so Leipsic), and Dahlen has yet to hit the NHL, but there's a lot there to be hopeful about. regards, G.
  14. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    I'm Giants over any other team, and NL over AL (I don't care for the DH). In these playoffs my hopes are/were for anyone other than the Dodgers and/or the Yankees to win the Series. regards, G.