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  1. So, what are the Rangers going to do with Kreider? He starts a new 7 year contract @ $6.5 million per year as a LW. Does he play on the third line, move to the RW or perhaps he is traded? regards, G.
  2. Indeed. Why do you need defense or goaltending as long as you can score one more than the other guy. I suppose they are waiting for that rule change that limits games to a shootout format only. Those are so exciting. regards, G.
  3. Hold on a second there, you're not getting with the narrative coming out of various Leafs circles. These games weren't an actual playoff round as some are suggesting, they were a qualifying or "buy in" round, and the playoffs start on Tuesday. This way Leafs Nation doesn't have to suffer the ignominy of having once again lost in the first round of the playoffs, but rather that they just didn't qualify for the playoffs. Apparently not qualifying is preferable to actually making the playoffs, and then getting bounced in the first round. Had the Leafs won, the line would have been how great is that the Leafs finally won the first round of the playoffs... Either way, there is lots of talk from those circles that no one will care by the time next year rolls around and the Leafs win their first of several Cups in a row. regards, G.
  4. I'm hoping that Braden Schneider slips through the cracks... regards, G.
  5. Well, thay had some guys that were sorta' like that (eg. Kadri), but they were traded away. I suspect that Nylander thought they were setting a bad example, being all sweaty. regards, G.
  6. The narrative which I've seen in a couple of places is that this wasn't an actual playoff series, it was a "buy in" to get to the actual playoffs, so there's no disgrace here for the Leafs still not having won a post season series since 2003(?). Technically, I guess this may be true, but had they won the story would probably be how great it is to finally get the monkey off their backs and win a playoff round. regards, G.
  7. Being a Giants fan, I had already written off this season even without the pandemic. I'm viewing it all as an extended Spring training. The new coach(es) get to know the new players, the players get some time getting to work out with new team mates. It'll all be good with San Francisco starting a new dynasty, only this time they'll be winning the World Series in odd numbered years... regards, G.
  8. That and even more Blue Jays coverage, cuz they're "Canada's Team" don't cha' know... regards, G.
  9. Assuming Toronto does get the 1st OA, there will (likely) be hours of media coverage complimenting the Leafs on their savvy team building. regards, G.
  10. Burke is looking to fill the "weird old guy" void left by the departure of Cherry. Friedman will knuckle under from the network once the "colourful" nature of the beard has gone by the wayside. Bieksa is still the new kid on the block so he has to look something approximating "normal". regards, G.