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  1. If it wasn't them then it would be someone else. Better them than Calgary or Edmonton. regards, G.
  2. Yup. For content I might even go higher, but there were a few "uneven" moments in the film which brings down the overall score. Not hugely "funny", but quirky in a good way. regards, G. PS - for those who don't know, this film is by the same guy who did "What We Do in the Shadows" (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3416742/?ref_=nv_sr_2?ref_=nv_sr_2)
  3. Ditto. I thought someone was talking marriage here... regards, G.
  4. Just so we are all clear on this, Archie Bunker would never lay a hand on Edith. regards, G.
  5. I suspect that Markstrom will not be re-signed by the Canucks, at least not prior to the Seattle draft. This also assumes that the Canucks continue their current high lvl of play which suggests that they could make some noise in the playoffs, and therefore he is not traded prior to the TDL. This permits the Canucks to protect Demko and still (possibly) re-sign Markstrom in the summer. If Markstrom doesn't hear the right amount of dollars being discussed prior to next season then he walks as a UFA. On the other hand, perhaps Markstrom already has his future plans decided, and maybe he already has no plans to re-sign with Vancouver. regards, G.
  6. Just as a point of information, I am in the no to trading Sutter, at least for this season (and barring a really, really, really good offer). I don't see the Canucks getting a 1st for Sutter, at least not from the Senators, and certainly not right now. He may fetch a 1st at a trade deadline maybe next year, depending on his performance. For right now, age, contract and injury history don't make him a very valuable guy to the Senators. At most I could see him bringing back one of the three 2nd round picks the Senators have, or possibly a prospect of some sort. To another team, at another time, the return would (likely?) be greater. regards, G.
  7. I also saw "Ad Astra" a while back. It was okay. There was a bit too much dystopian future in it, similar to films like "THX-1138", and I also did not require seeing the multiple instances that Pitt's character was able to handle himself under pressure. This movie wasn't long, it just felt like it was... regards, D.
  8. The things I did like about "Joker" is that it delivered just what it was projected to give. You already know that the character is broken, you just to get to see how. Things which I found interesting is how it touched upon various other films. There is a bit of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", "Network" and"Psycho 2", but most interesting is how it has so many similarities to "The King of Comedy", which starred Robert DeNiro (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085794/?ref_=nv_sr_2?ref_=nv_sr_2). If I have a major criticism of "Joker" then it has to do with Phoenix. The performance (to my eye) is quite brilliant, but he is perhaps too old for the character in the time-line. Phoenix is 45(ish) yrs old, and assuming the character is a similar age, then when young Bruce Wayne becomes Batman in 15 to 20 yrs Joker would be at retirement age. I could have done with this film being longer but I think it was probably the right length for most of the audience. regards, G.
  9. I was in a 1.) Anybody but the Dodgers, 2.) Anybody but the Yankees mode. #1 is off the list. :) I'd be okay if Washington won, because they are the former Expos, and they are NL. Screw the Yankees and the AL. regards, G.
  10. Well, after this win, it will be nice to have less traffic on the bridges. regards, G.
  11. As a Giants fan I have to admit that, at least for a while, I had concerns that I might be placed in a position where I would have to cheer for the Yankees to beat the Dodgers in the Series. I still feel unclean just at the thought of it... regards, G.
  12. Serious questions here: What kind of money, and what kind of term do you see for this? Isn't this the sort of situation that the team would want Hughes to grow in to, and wouldn't then having this other guy on a longer term deal cut in to Hughes long term development? Plus, if there is concern over the Eriksson caphit and re-signing the team's future RFAs/UFAs, how does that problem go away with this UFA d-man signing? Trading the guy when he is no longer wanted isn't always as simple a solution as some make it out to be. And if the idea would be to offer a shorter term, then isn't there a good chance that the UFA would look elsewhere, or demand a much greater amount of money than the team might want to spend? regards, G.
  13. Just saw him being interviewed after the Senators game. Is it just me or did he look a lot like this?: https://www.aceshowbiz.com/still/00004494/green_lantern10.html regards, G.
  14. 1.) And if the Pettersson line does become dominant sooner rather than later? I'm not suggesting that they will be the top scoring line this season, but I do see them being one of the better lines (barring injury etc). 2.) How much bottom six scoring do we need? Serious question. In 2010 - 11 the third line (Hansen, Malhotra, Torres) scored 34 goals. The Canucks finished at the top of the NHL in points and goals (262). In 2011 - 12 the third line (Hansen, Higgins, Malhotra) scored 41 goals. Some offensive production is good, but if the third line if "dominant" in a shut down capacity, I find that to be preferable. Just to cherry pick here, in 2015 the third line (Sutter, got 17 goals as the 3C) scored somewhere in the range of 40+ goals over the varied number of guys who played there. 3.) I don't see the Canucks having a shutdown pairing without getting additional help on the defense. Hughes could be seen as a shut down d-man if that was defined as a guy who can help keep possession in the offensive zone. If we are talking about defensive play then there are still problems with this team. regards, G.