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  1. Maybe Barrie is the answer to all of the team's problems (real or imagined). Maybe he would re-sign here for a hometown discount. Maybe, maybe, maybe. If he is the be all and end all as some folks are suggesting (and once again, maybe he would be), I can't help thinking that the Leafs will want more than what is being suggested as a fair trade in various proposals. regards, G.
  2. Scoring first is good. I'm more interested in scoring more in each game than the other guys. regards, G.
  3. I see no advantage in trading for Barrie... unless the Canucks knew that they could flip him very quickly and for something greater than what was given up to get him in the first place. regards, G.
  4. I don't know about this. Won't people keep looking for Jett if that's the name of that line? regards, G.
  5. How do you expect anyone to remember something as complicated as those? regards, G.
  6. A win for the Canucks. I'm more concerned over the loss of the 2nd than trading Madden, whose best hope on this team down the road would be as a winger, and even then his prospects would be slim with what the Canucks have coming in or already have. And I'm hoping the Canucks have to throw in the extra 4th on this deal. regards, G. PS - and for all the glass is half empty crowd, who knows, Madden might not have wanted to remain with the Canucks, or he may choose to not sign with the Kings and winds up back with the Canucks, OR, maybe the Canucks elect to trade Toffoli to another team for more picks/prospects than they gave up to get him.
  7. There's also that $1.5 million donation to the BC Children's Hospital. regards, G.
  8. Use him as a throw in in taking back someone else's bad contract.... regards, G.
  9. Okay, I'll take a stab at it. they lose we win ..we gain 2 points = better playoff chance ---- Right. they lose, we lose ..we gain zero points = no change in playoff chance --- Right, and we don't lose ground, and they don't gain any ground. On to the next game. However, if they win and the Canucks lose = downturn in the team's playoff chances which makes either of the other two options preferable to this third option. regards, G.
  10. I'm feeling a bit reluctant to feel sorry for that fanbase, or for the franchise, because of their deliberate tanking in the McDavid/Eichel draft. The team won the second prize, and they were happy enough with that, and the fanbase were (probably for the most part) elated, and are now pissed because things aren't working out as expected (similar to Oilers fans). Yes it's tough, but I'm not crying for them. regards, G.