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  1. [discussion] Value of: Bjugstad

    I once was a lot more interested in Bjugstad. That feeling has cooled somewhat over the last few seasons. I have to admit that I haven't seen him play much, but from what I have read on the interwebz he's either not progressed much from where he was in 2014, or maybe he's even moved back some. He's had some injury issues. I went to the "fountain" of all hockey knowledge for more insight: https://hfboards.mandatory.com/threads/2018-offseason-grade-the-player-nick-bjugstad.2515333/ and the general commentary was not overly high. "Gudbranson and Sutter" might be seen as being way too much. regards, G.
  2. From only looking at the first page of this thread, and a quick scan of the interwebz, this looks like a solid win for Chicago. regards, G.
  3. At least Kristina gave a completely unbiased prediction... regards, G.
  4. Yeah, but according to some posters here, the NHL is moving towards skilled d-men. It seems like to them "skill" is defined as potential offensive ability, rather than any defensive ability. regards, G.
  5. Is it the same? Probably not, but they are similar. Obvious stuff is obvious... From the team's view both trades are based on results over time. The prospect is (usually) a longer term engagement and we'll see what we have at some future point in time. The rental is (as by the name) a shorter term relationship for immediate results. Rental = current Cup run, prospect = possible future Cup run. On the other hand, "fans" are result based creatures, but the time frames differ. A team trades for a rental, and they don't win the Cup = a waste of assets. A team trades for a prospect, and that prospect doesn't immediately turn into a top-6 forward or top-2 d-man, or a Vezina winner in his first season, then he's a bust. regards, D.
  6. Name That Canuck!

    Bill Derlago regards, G.
  7. Be sure to pass along my regards to Ed. I'm sure that what he wrote is really interesting, and I'll read it really, really, really soon... promise. regards, G.
  8. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    In before those who claim that Toronto played it smart by putting themselves in the best possible position to win the lottery which got them Matthews start chiming in. regards, G.
  9. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    Or, he does well and the Leafs blow around him, which I see as being a more likely scenario. regards, G.
  10. I wasn't speaking specifically to the lack of grit vs injuries argument, I was speaking to the belief of some here (way back in 2011) which I saw reflected in your, " I don't think anyone will be complaining about being soft when our team is skating circles around the other team and keeping them honest with a lethal powerplay." I agree that a/the major factor in the Canucks losing in 2011 was the injury situation. Some of those injuries were due to puck luck (eg. Malhotra's injury prior to the playoffs, which was a contributing factor, or Hamhuis' injury in game one), while others were as a result of deliberate actions on the part of the opposition (slashes to the hands or wrists of guys like Ehrhoff which resulted in broken fingers). An argument could be made that additional grit/toughness might have reduced those latter type of injuries which would have improved the Canucks' chances of winning. Further, some additional push-back (and I'm not talking goon hockey) could perhaps have resulted in a morale boost on our side, and might have taken some of the steam out of the Bruins, which might have resulted in a different outcome to that series. regards, G.
  11. I would not want Nylander as part of any deal where Tanev is going to Toronto, unless the Canucks manage to flip Nylander to another team for a good return. 1.) And it's another thing to be skilled and soft, but so soft that your skill is not utilized as fully as it could or should. Which Nylander displayed in the playoffs. 2.) Gosh, wasn't that the "war cry" around here going into the 2011 playoffs? "We don't need tough guys/enforcers/grit on this team. We are fast and skilled, and we will out skate the other team, and if they take liberties and draw a penalty then our power play will score!"... and then the Canucks got to the finals. So, yeah. I'm will to cheer that kind of team on once again. Probably will work the second time for the Canucks. 3.) Sure, grit can be added later on, and apparently so can skill, assuming the Canucks trade for Nylander. regards, G.
  12. But, this only applies to picks made by other teams, right? All Canucks picks are future HHoF players, and if they aren't then it's Ron Delorme's fault... regards, G.
  13. Well, if it's bacon as in "Side" then the team could perhaps use another winger. If it's "Back" then that will only add to the logjam on defense. regards, G.
  14. Well, you have to take the egg out of the shell, and fry it so it lies flat. That takes some of the height out of it... regards, G.