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  1. Media, Getting Giggles About Canucks and Tanking

    Or, just insert "the CDC ...blah, blah, blah posters". regards, G.
  2. All time Czech, Russian and Finnish Canucks

    Add a wailing saxophone in there somewhere, and get your friend to gasp out his last words, "Two days from retirement...". Yeah, that could work. regards, G.
  3. All time Czech, Russian and Finnish Canucks

    Why would he think that? Even the media were unaware (IIRC). I'm still putting all of the blame on to your friend. He cost the Canucks getting Jagr. regards, G.
  4. All time Czech, Russian and Finnish Canucks

    If we wanted, we could expand this to include Lebanese born players... none other than Ed Hatoum. regards, G.
  5. All time Czech, Russian and Finnish Canucks

    And he didn't say anything to the Canucks? regards, G.
  6. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6556890/?ref_=nv_sr_1 https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/batman_and_harley_quinn "Batman and Harley Quinn" (2017) This animated feature is another example of how the DC universe does such a better job with their animated films rather than their live action product. There is so much more in the way of character development, violence (TV cartoon violence, but it can still pretty rough), sexuality and humour. There is so many funny moments in this film. The low rankings of the reviews is perhaps due to folks wanting something closer to the live-action films (and perhaps the star power associated with them). I would place this on a level a lot closer to "Batman: Assault on Arkham" (https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/batman_assault_on_arkham, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3139086/?ref_=nv_sr_1). The artwork on the first film was better. regards, G.
  7. 3 Points From A Guaranteed #4 Draft Pick.

    Hey, I got teams right, OKAY!?!? regards, G.
  8. Yeah, you're right. There's absolutely zero value in the return to the Canucks. You got me convinced! regards, G.
  9. Only four points? Bust... regards, G.
  10. To be honest, there's negativity here regardless of the state of the team. Forget it Groovy, it's Vancouvertown... regards, G.
  11. Meh, clean living and he could do it. The point still remains that his employment within the NHL has to be taken into consideration, as well as any potential income outside of the NHL. regards, G.
  12. Well, the thing I've always found odd about the complaints of giving up lower round picks, is that people don't note what selections were made before or after the one off, low round success picked by a "better drafting GM". I like to play a game where I look at the guy a team drafted in a particular round, and then look at all the guys who were drafted after that pick, up until the following pick by that team, and then note any diamonds in the rough or late round superstars. In 2008 (Gillis' first year), the CBJ drafted the following players: 1.) Nikita Filatov - but they could have had *Erik Karlsson*, etc. 2.) Cody Goloubef - could have had *Roman Josi* who was picked just after 3.) No pick -------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.) Steve Delisle - could have had TJ Brodie or the Dutch Gretzky 4.) Drew Olsen - Gustav Nyquist -------------------------------------------------------------------- 5.) Matt Calvert - no diamonds 5.) Tomas Kubalik - no diamonds 5.) Brent Regner - Matt Martin, Mark Barberio, Jared Spurgeon, (Philip Larsen) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.) *Cam Atkinson* - Wingels, Rinaldo ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 7.) Sean Collins - no diamonds I see arguments both for and against the value of later rounds picks in the above info. There are indeed instances of "major" successes (eg. Atkinson) and abysmal failure in the selections made. The point which does stick with me however, is that a team trying to build based solely on a waiting game of 4 - 5 years to see what you got is a bit of a fool's errand. Doing both drafting and trading for more advanced prospects makes much more sense. regards, G.
  13. As I see it, I'm starting to get old. I'm okay with Benning trying to shave off a couple of years of re-building by bringing in some prospects rather than just waiting for the picks to pan out. regards, G.
  14. Well, the amount would be for what the official would have made (both regular and post season?) for perhaps three decades worth of lost income from his NHL career, just as an NHL linesman. If he made $200,000 per year (an assumption made for ease of description) then that gives us $6,000,000. What would also have to be considered is that he may have moved up and become a referee, so there would be a potential paygrade increase on top of the basic amount. So, we are left with $4,000,000 (not taking the potential referee income into account). Does this guy do anything else in his life other than be an NHL official? Does he have an off ice/non-NHL job, and if so, has that been affected by the injury? What aspects of his life have changed due to the attack by Wideman? I suggest that $4,000,000 is a small amount in this circumstance, and I figure that the named defendants are probably lucky this isn't in an American court. regards, G.
  15. Next Year's Line Up?

    Since you like to go full metal negative let's look at this from that perspective. Maybe another team did make an offer for Goldobin, and possibly it was a mere 7th round pick. Would you have accepted that trade, or would you keep the kid around and play him, and maybe the offer gets upped in some fashion after the season is over? <insert here your comments regarding lack of ice time, you not understanding why the coach doesn't play Goldobin more, and the Sedins should be benched, etc. and not really answering the question posed to you> So, that being said, would you have taken that low, low, low-ball offer? regards, G.