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    Canucks, golfing, my dogs, and trying to develop a healthy appreciation for yoga, arm-chair coach/GM who once played hockey long, long time ago (resigned to the fact that the best days are staring at me in my rear view mirror...old and out of shape now; my only claim to fame is that I played against Yzerman as an eleven year old in a hockey tourney in Winnipeg...obviously our hockey careers went different directions after that). I retired from Burnaby 8 Rinks Adult Safe Hockey League three years ago, when I couldn't compete anymore (and I played Div. 5, where I was considered one of the young guys on the team!!! Was a serious blow to the ego). That's when I knew I had to hang it up. Was the saddest day of my life.
  1. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    Boy, I was sure wrong with my assessment that Schultz would sign with the Canucks...too bad if he signs with someone else. He would have been a great PROSPECT to have. The opportunity for him to develop into an elite NHL d-man would probably have been the greatest with the Canucks, but if he doesn't see it that way, I suppose that is his right. He did the right thing by listening to the offers that were presented to him. Obviously, I don't agree with his decision, but at the end of the day, who am I, or who are we to impose our wishes onto Schultz? It's the kid's life and career and he has every right to choose the path he wants. Maybe that path comes through Vancouver at a later time, when he's a more proven player. IF, and that's still a big IF, he made his decision because MG and the Canucks refused to provide him with the surety of a line-up spot and ice time, then I'm glad for the stand that MG/AV/et. al. took. The mantra with the Canucks has been you earn your roster spot, so I am glad that organizational integrity was not compromised. Good luck to Schultz....it's too bad, but buddy is making the wrong decision for himself.