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  1. Kinda reminds me of Edler when he got spun around and led to fall awkwardly on his face. Canucks didn’t get a 5 minute major on that play #conspiracy All jokes aside I think anyone (perhaps other than the near sighted sjs fans) would look at the replay and say the circumstances of pavelski’s injury were unfortunate
  2. Well top that off with he got ejected!!! Which seems to me refs thought their was intent to injure or else why eject him? Eakin was one of the better VGK players out there.
  3. A Nylander trade should be targeting a young defender which we have none to spare. if we had Nylander I’d be happy because he’d be a legit top 6 winger but I don’t think he has enough ambition or gusto to make it as a legit top line winger. With that said I would not be spending assets to gain a winger like that. I’d rather draft and build / develop within or you try to get panarin in UFA because that guy is a stud and is worth the money oh to top that I’d imagine Kadri name is going to be circulating around which would be potentially more salary moving out. Maybe they would like Sutter as a 3rd line veteran centre :p seems like a Babcock guy.
  4. I’d do it. Doubt car does.. im also going to guess that the Canucks are going to give Travis and Jake until he is 24 or whatever he said he could get the best out of him. also Woo would be the perfect partner for Q in terms of skill set and ability. As long as he continues to trend upwards
  5. I’d be interested in seeing a line of Pearson - Horvat - Callahan seems chippy, responsible and Grundy that could put up points. but I’d only do that if we can put together a skilled scoring 3rd line and has nothing to do suter, granlund or shaller that said I think it’ll take more value for Vancouver to take 5.8m contract for a matter of 13 spots on the others... unless marky or demo gets moved we’re not picking up another goalie... detroit... doesn’t seem like an yzerman type of move especially in his first year of stepping in.
  6. Marleau has a NMC and marner/matthews both are glued to the guy. he’s been alright points wise throughout his Toronto campaign. I’m doubtful he’s going anywhere.. i thought they shoulda traded Nylander at the start of the season and I still think they should do that to free up cap space and move that 7m towards their abysmal defence..
  7. Well nothing saying that the 2020 pick can’t be lottery protected.. specifics like that could be fine tuned.. Anyways, the argument is that if you know what you’re getting in Hughes is great then would it matter what next years maybe might bring you? like if you were picking McDavid or Matthews does that change your mind, would you do the trade then? If so then the argument is based on whether you like/believe in Hughes or not, which is a fine argument. Personally I have 0 clue other than the murmurs that’s he’s a damn special player but I trust in JB and Judd Bracket’s scouting to make that determination and if they were to make a deal like that it’d be because he’s a lock to make an impact on the team.
  8. I’d be down with that.. jack is a play driver and a game changer (supposedly) Really none of those pieces moves any kind of needle alone. I’d also bet that Ian Clark could resurrect Schneiders form and play. that said I’m doubtful that package is anywhere close :p
  9. The management team conducting the scouting have shown that they are quite capable of picking out stellar talent throughout the draft board. I'm sure they have an idea of the player they truly want and that will dictate whether the price they would have to pay would be worth the payoff of the difference in talent from their 10th pick vs whatever pick they would move up to. In terms of value, I'd imagine its somewhat close Demko, Hutton + 10th OA for 4th OA I guess the biggest question is what player in the 4-9 range would be worth the price in assets? Byram / Turcotte / Zigras / Podkolzin / Krebbs / Dach / Cozens Turcotte and Byram are probably the 2 main candidates from what I hear as the standout but I doubt they are really far off from the rest of the 7 not to mention that at #10 one of these guys could fall or the next crop also don't see too bad either Boldy / York / Soderstrom / Caufield / Harley But what do I know I'm no scout and I haven't seen any of these kids play... so I'll leave that with GMJB and more importantly Judd Bracket and trust they'll pick up a gem.
  10. For UFA, I’m a little wary of the defensive market. Karlsson seems to have some hard miles and let’s be honest on the Canucks he’d probably become the next salo lol. gardiner/Myers are probably gonna be too much for the payoff. Resign edler for 2-3 years and let’s see what we got in Juolevi Hughes and woo (unlikely) next year... maybe tryamkin if he can come in. orrr find a young controllable dman that could be offered for a virtanen package
  11. On topic above ive heard cozens is legit. Prob a clear 3rd OA. size/speed/hands centre/winger not quite the same level as the first two but is likely gonna stick on #3 on Byram I’d pick him in the 4-8 range because I think anyone in that range is pretty interchangeable. boldy/soderstrom/Byram/krebs/poldkolzen
  12. I find all 3 loud and obnoxious lol. RD especially so but he was correct in this spat about Boeser this morning. i cringe when I listen to those 3 guys but thankfully I usually tune in at 8:50 and count the minutes till the playbook crew rolls in
  13. You can listen live online at Sportsnet.ca/650 or The Sportsnet app or follow the podcasts sportsnet 650 there’s about 5 shows a day m-f. i highly recommend the playbook with jawn jang and satiar Shaw (9am-12pm) and Canucks central with Alex auld and sat shaw (12pm-1pm) the program is alright. I like rintoul. Not a huge fan of walker though lol. other than that the patcast is usually entertaining with jpat and botch
  14. Rathbone is at Harvard university. I’d be curious in how many Harvard students leave to go pro. You bit my curiousity so I looked it up lol interesting list http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/alumni.php?tmi=6047 shows all Harvard alumni. So many no names lol. One recent example I found was Ryan Donato 2015 2nd rounder for Boston (now traded to the wild) left after his 3rd year to go pro havent looked through most of it but doesn’t seem often. Also interesting Alex biega is a Harvard alumni, who stayed 4 years there