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  1. +1 people want a young dynamic defenceman with high offensive upside, then first year of pro he produces a high rate offence but has defensive deficiencies... So instead of letting him fester and learn the defensive game they want to ship him out or change him to forward position. o.O Silly... Idiotic... Call it whatever it's just flat out impatient when most are calling for a rebuild... I'm hoping that Subban sees the little things Stecher does in the defensive end. He has all the hockey sense, speed and hands to do the same things Stecher does.
  2. only 1 goal, guys a bust fire GMJB
  3. Oh you are right Still I believe they have to expose at least one goalie that qualifies the NHL games played requirements as well as the ineligibility of pro ranks. Not sure if Tampa has a goalie in their system that qualifies for that other than Vasilevski Imagine if they are forced to expose Vasilevski and bishop walks away asking for more money than Yzerman wants to fork over to him... Ouch
  4. Like that line, would like to see more of it for the short while but I wouldn't mind seeing Hansen // Erickson swap spots. Sedins + Hansen looked pretty good last year and Erickson seems like he'll be good on any line but maybe will be more willing to be a trigger man on the second line. That said I'll be patient and not be a CDC knee jerk reaction regular
  5. Don't think Pens have to worry about losing Fluery to expansion draft yet.. As long as Tampa has Bishop + Vasilevski then one of those 2 will be claimed before Fluery. That said if they can't get Fluery to waive NMC so they can expose him rather than being forced to expose Matt Murray then maybe a trade would be the only option.
  6. Good post. Although the loss today from Toronto felt eerily like Edmonton. Clearly any 1 player won't push a team from mediocrity to playoff contention. Fact is that smart drafting will beat out the tank model. hell even Edmonton drafting has been terible when considering their draft position, have they had any 2nd or later rounders transition to the NHL? I mean gaudreau was a 4th rounder and I'd rather him over a package of RNH, Yak, Pulj and nurse
  7. You are grossly wrong if you think that Hamilton is a top pair franchise dman... You really compare him to Karlsson, Weber, Jossi, Doughty, Subban, Keith, Suter, or Ekblad ? Hamilton falls immensely short.
  8. Toronto following the Edmonton model.. great young talent, a lot of offence but finds a way to lose the game. Anyways, he does look like a great player. Problem is this is a team game and not a solo act
  9. That was a sick goal on Friday. he got 2 games I believe. Good enough for me. i'd rather see the combinations of stecher, pedan, tryamkin, Larsen, and sbisa. id also like to see Larsen play one game with edler.
  10. IMO Granlund looked decent, not as good as the others you mentioned. Loved his power move to the net on one of his early plays but he's gotta get better in faceoffs. Dorsett was alright as well. Although Etem did as Etem does and would be better off in the AHL. Also my money is on Skille of the PTOs in getting a contract, he did everything you wanted in a 4th // depth role
  11. Carcone I like how he plays, but think he has a higher skillset than a 4th liner so I would rather sign him and pack him up in top 6 minutes there. I'm immediately a fan of Rodin when on one of the first plays he's in, he ends up crashing into the net being tied up going for the puck. He seems puck hungry and that backcheck against McDavid, He didn't really get back in time or do much but man he showed nice effort there.
  12. Guess the refs didn't see it or thought it was kicked in or something... Ridiculous lol but they don't have video review in some pre-season games so there was no review
  13. Eh, Stecher was amazing offensively so maybe you're correct in your statement but I thought he was just fine defensively.. He's +1 in the game but more importantly he seemed tenacious on the board and made some good head up passes.
  14. Hopefully Canada just beats team Europe and we can run Sbisa in a couple to at least give him a chance / showing
  15. Awww man, Stecher is a beast. Dorsett and Granlund looked pretty decent. Gaunce looked really good. Also Skille was pretty noticeable. Hutton and Guddy a pairing like that all year is going to be really really nice.