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  1. Thought I’d chime in because I see some posts around that confuse the topic of Hughes and the importance of the 9 or fewer games mark. Firstly burning a year of ELC is not a real problem, in fact If Quinn had 3 good years in the NHL then you’d think he’d command more than 2 good years in the NHL. Either way if Quinn plays one game in the NHL this year it will burn a year off the ELC. the 10 game mark is the big deal breaker. if Quinn hits 10 games in the NHL this season ( inc post season) then he would be eligible for the Seattle expansion draft. Not only that but if he hits 10 games he would also have arbitration rights and be acceptable to offer sheets from other teams. as an example Boeser is RFA this year and he does not have arbitration rights nor is able to sign an offer sheet. In contrast Marner / Matthews who have 3 years of NHL of 10 games or more. ** my information came from Ryan Biech, guy is simply the best
  2. If the value is on the low end for Burakovsky and the caps are truly looking for a middle 6 winger then I’d be highly interested in Granlund+ for him. granlund is on pace for around 30 points roughly the same as Burakovsky but more importantly is half the cost to the caps and fits more nicely into the role they want someone to play.. Granny is not too much older and both players are rfa with arb rights so a relative wash there. Likely have to add on our side but perhaps would open up a goldy or baertschi trade for a young dman later in the season.
  3. I’m in no rush to do this... I’d rather save the contract spots unless jb is going to move out other tweeners like leipsic or del zotto or pouliots types.
  4. goblix

    [Discussion] Karlsson FA

    2 words... Elias Petersson
  5. goblix

    William Lockwood | RW

    from what I gathered Lockwood seems like a Hansen-like player. Speed and tenacity but maybe has better mitts to put in the net. Lind is more of a typical sniper but with a decent mind for the game. Has more offensive tools to his disposal. If I were to assess, Lind has the higher upside but Lockwood has the higher likely-hood to making the NHL his speed and drive seems like he'd at least be a bottom 6.
  6. I'm quite hyped for this game, excited to see how petterson / goldy / dahlen do on our side but also intrigued on Yamamoto and Benson line is going to do the oilers. Both players I was sad that oilers took because I wanted them on our prospect depth. akin to when Barzal got tooken 16th by NYI I wanted canucks to trade into that pick or into one of the 3 boston picks to draft him. the jury is still out on Zachary Senyshyn but taking him 15th OA seems a little foolish seeing that the next 3 picks were Barzal, Connor, Chabot
  7. Is it just me or is it in Ottawa's best interest to keep Karlsson until the TDL or until something really good comes up leading up... They have no need to lose games since their first is gone so a Karlsson playing benefits them. It gives the both of them one good look at each other before truly knowing if they are to part ways and for Karlsson's perspective it gives a clearer indication of the contenders where it would be more appealing to be traded to for this season. Fitting a 6.5m cap at the deadline is a lot easier as well since it's pro-rated and gives a team the option to not resign if he doesn't fit in their cap structure. The main gamble is if Karlsson gets injured then that really hampers things and if Karlsson is absolutely set on leaving town then it sucks to get into that type of situation but my guess is Karlsson is enough of a professional to play through the games and perform. He is the captain after-all.
  8. goblix

    Quinn Hughes announces his return to Michigan

    Makes the most sense. College he gets to spend more time in the gym to get bigger and stronger not that I think he needs to be a tank but proper body development will be nice to avoid injuries. not to mention we have 8 Dmen signed and can now run them into the season and be patient for move. getting assets for del zotto, Hutton, Pouliot would be nice. And/or Taney at the TDL and try to dial back his ice time and pk time to avoid injuries and in turn hopefully bringing the value up
  9. Anderson is a good goalie... I'd be willing to do a Nillson // Anderson swap run Anderson//Markstrom next year allowing us to trade one the year after for Demko + One of them.
  10. goblix

    [Report] The Sabres Will Not Qualify Lehner

    Lehner has some serious attitude issues... Ottawa and most teams around the league should stay clear lol...
  11. Whilst this may seem fair for both sides I am doubtful that Florida would trade away Bjugstad seeing as they lost Reilly Smith and Marchessault just to protect him lol And just from a general perspective it's tough to let go of young point producing 6' 6" centers... especially for a 1 year UFA, older winger that had a down year
  12. goblix

    (Proposal) Van-Tor-TB

    Tampa easily says no, this is quite bad from their perspective.. Johnson alone would be easily worth Tor first round pick and they are typically reluctant in trading high end prospects like Foote away.
  13. It's quite simple really... Two GMs agree that the 2019 first for the Canucks is conditional in that when the draft positions are set and the pick is in the Top X than the Canucks has the elective to defer that pick for a future first round draft pick. It's not that rare in the NHL... In fact Ottawa in the Duchene deal protected their 2018 draft pick to be protected if their pick ended up being in the top 10. Perhaps 7 seems to be a random number but teams have a general idea on how the next future drafts are to be projected and its not too farfetched to think that they would want to protect up to top 7 based on what they feel the top end of the crop of that year to be is... You are looking at it wrong. On the Canucks viewpoints the deal is good in a sense that Karlsonn is a hell of a player but it's horrid in the sense that Karlsonn really doesn't round up this team to be a contender... Especially when he's UFA in the 2019-2020 season. Canucks are looking 2-3 years down the line but a deal like Karlsonn is focusing on the now where our core young pieces are not good enough or seasoned enough. Plus if the Canucks protect top 7 and we are that bad with Karlsonn in the lineup then the year after where we would have to defer the included pick to the 2020 draft is where Karlsonn has the decision to walk in UFA... if we were that bad with Karlsonn in the lineup then I could only imagine how bad we would be with Karlsonn out of the lineup the year after... To much risk and quite frankly Canucks aren't going to trade away future first rounders for players especially when they are hosting the 2019 draft.
  14. Mtl says no.. 2 guys that have been injured or been in the proverbial dog house all season. Not that appealing to give up a player like Svechnikov or Zadina... Canucks are not good trade partners. We finally have prospects in our systems to be excited about but we are not in the position to sell any. We need to hit on a few like before we can deem that we have an excess to trade those types of pieces.
  15. Liljegren is a solid prospect, his 17 points in this season is across 44 games, he also had a solid world jr's Over 82 games he's at about a 31 point pace which is pretty decent for a 19 year old rookie playing against men. I don't think Edm wants a player like Tanev when they have Larson which is essentially the same type of player. My guess is they'll make a hard pitch for Barrie in Colorado. Just hit his prime, has that offensive push they want in the back end and Colorado has reportedly put him on the trade block for the past 3 years.