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  1. Wait who in that list is worth a first on their own? Anyways 5 for 1 deals never happen so really not much of a discussion here.
  2. A lot of these are just paper trails for players to have a backup or a deadline from the team. Contracts can still be signed and arbitration avoided. The most interesting is Binnington and how much the arbitrator would value a Stanley cup or even if that is even a viable argument towards the value.
  3. I don't think Canucks would want to go into next year potentially without their 2 first picks in 2020 draft. Also we are pretty well capped with Boeser contract coming up.
  4. Ah so this was the final piece to Sakic's puzzle. It all makes sense now
  5. Hmm forgot they still have Horton in IR retention this year which would free up 5.3m not entirely sure how the cap magic works with these perma injured players but I'm assuming they will be able to skirt around and get that 5.3m available. so they still need to do some work on the cap but they aren't in as much trouble as i initially thought.
  6. Agreed... they traded out Soderberg and now Kerfoot and Barrie which were #4/5/6 on their top scorers of their season... on a team struggling for secondary scoring.... out: Barrie / Kerfoot / Soderberg in: Donskoi / Kadri / Burakovsky also not sure how Leafs are going to sign Kerfoot, Ceci and Marner with 11 mil in cap space
  7. can just bring the kids up / down based on injury needs. Biega as a stop gap for immediacy whilst they travel. but I can see the allure in creating depth in the NHL to provide stability in the AHL they got spread too thin with all the call ups last year
  8. Benn is solid prob gonna be a bit pricey but is likely worthwhile either way. his biggest asset is his versatility in playing left or right sides which would give us flexibility in case of injuries or if Juolevi looks good and we get a good deal for tanev or something. on signing a depth defence, I’m a meh for that. I think we have enough alright guys in the AHL that can hold their head above water as a bottom pairing player.
  9. I would say take a chance at him but he's been injured the last 2 years and played less than 30 games in those seasons and at 33 years old I'd be afraid this is a trend due to his age rather than circumstance. Either way we have Edler and Tanev on the roster still so with their health uncertainty we would be better suited in targeting someone like Jordie Benn even if it is for longer term and higher cap hit.
  10. you forgot Kerfoot and Girard but Jost has been pretty supbar in his career so far, 2 seasons 20-30 points. Not saying he's a bust or can't improve but more so saying that some of these guys won't live up to their hype / expectations or at the very least will take longer than the expected timeline. Barrie also seems to be leaving next year so not sure i'd say he's part of the dynasty.
  11. they wont sign Varlamov for sure. Grubauer was their #1 in the playoffs. They'll likely find a cost-effective decent backup in free agency Really Rantanen and Kerfoot is their only player that will hit a decent or big contract. Compher / Wilson are around 30 point players. Zadorov prob maxes out at 4m. They are moving cap out for some big names in UFA, offer sheet or trade market
  12. Don't really like the trade for Colorado due to their lack of scoring all of their lines other than their top line... He had 50 points this year on his final year, was 5th in team scoring and not that much cost but they are likely dumping a contract because they are going to pay Rantenen and likely gonna toss out some big contracts. Not sure what big name is out there that they will be able to get but I could see Gardiner as one target and maybe Anders Lee as I don't think Panarin wants to goto a city like Colorado. Anyone know if they qualified their 2 RFA dmen Zadorov or Graves? (the RFA deadline ends at 5pm EST today)
  13. Pretty much but in 2 seasons there's many things that can change with those tweeners and prospects. Like Lind could become a stud and maybe Miller less than spectacular and we can risk the exposure and return the cap space with his contract. Plus no clue on who we potentially add going forward. Lots of variables
  14. I think in general if you don't have an exposed forward leading towards the expansion draft that stings to lose then you are not a good team at all. https://www.capfriendly.com/expansion-draft/seattle the tool assumes we have what we have now under contract so really some of the names likely not in there and potentially may add a few more. I believe the picks from 2018+ are exempt from the draft in no matter what happens (barring rule change). you can protect: 7F / 3D / 1G so the easy choices F - Horvat, Pettersson, Boeser D - Stecher G - Demko Most likely will protect: F - Gaudette, Miller D - Juolevi Based on what we know and what we have now and how we think these guys will go ahead trajectory-wise the rest really depends on how they progress. The unprotected notables: Baertschi, Pearson, Virtanen, Lind, Jasek, MacEwen, Leivo, Hutton, (any other additions) so really we have 2 flex forward spots and a flex defense spot to protect someone worthwhile.