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  1. IMO Granlund looked decent, not as good as the others you mentioned. Loved his power move to the net on one of his early plays but he's gotta get better in faceoffs. Dorsett was alright as well. Although Etem did as Etem does and would be better off in the AHL. Also my money is on Skille of the PTOs in getting a contract, he did everything you wanted in a 4th // depth role
  2. Carcone I like how he plays, but think he has a higher skillset than a 4th liner so I would rather sign him and pack him up in top 6 minutes there. I'm immediately a fan of Rodin when on one of the first plays he's in, he ends up crashing into the net being tied up going for the puck. He seems puck hungry and that backcheck against McDavid, He didn't really get back in time or do much but man he showed nice effort there.
  3. Guess the refs didn't see it or thought it was kicked in or something... Ridiculous lol but they don't have video review in some pre-season games so there was no review
  4. Eh, Stecher was amazing offensively so maybe you're correct in your statement but I thought he was just fine defensively.. He's +1 in the game but more importantly he seemed tenacious on the board and made some good head up passes.
  5. Hopefully Canada just beats team Europe and we can run Sbisa in a couple to at least give him a chance / showing
  6. Awww man, Stecher is a beast. Dorsett and Granlund looked pretty decent. Gaunce looked really good. Also Skille was pretty noticeable. Hutton and Guddy a pairing like that all year is going to be really really nice.
  7. High Octane Offense vs Seemingly Sturdy Defense/Goaltending. We'll have to hope that the lack of defense from the oilers reduces the offensive push from their offense.
  8. Tags are important yo, The other options are to tag are Signing, Trade, Article, Rumor, and more To me, discussion is a default that would be applied if none of the other tags make sense.
  9. I think having that option looming in itself is good for Virtanen, this year the onus is on his thirst to show his NHL ability more-so than the rules between junior-AHL-NHL legibility. If Virtanen comes in and plays great then he deserves and should be on the team, else hope they send him packing to utica and give him top line minutes there which you are right isn't a bad thing towards his development
  10. Tryamkin @ 265 holy moly. i know he's 6'7" but that seems much considering guddy is 6'5" and 220 that said if he can move then damn that's a whole lot of meat packing for the hit train
  11. Hold up, the fact that the avs may not need another RHD defenceman doesn't devalue all RHD players when being compared to Landeskog. take what tanev brings to a team, i.e. Smart, positionally sound, 20-25 minutes/game, pker, great contract and great character. Compare that to Landeskog 50-60pts, rough, and great character as well, top 6 minutes. Whatever is worth more to you will derive your opinion. I also think that offense is great but is also easier to recognize and value. In summary this whole discussion is silly, Avs don't do the trade not because Landeskog is worth more than tanev but because they should be looking at LHD instead and that is where the discussion should end because any other statement is mostly opinionated. my opinion myself is that the Canucks shouldn't be trading from a position of apparent strength after many years of subpar depth to feed an apparent hole. We should be looking at what we have with the ptos, invitees, and young guys. Also see if any of the depth defense take another step up which could bring an expendable piece of the puzzle for a deal like Landeskog.
  12. can confirm that he is listening to any offers that provide a top 6 winger but is not actively looking source: specific quote from JB:
  13. Oooops
  14. Think we're at 44 contracts so we have room to throw some contracts out. D'Aoust has been alright but Roy and carcone have been a lot better imo. I'd rather just sign those two and have them ride out q season in Utica. ***My bad we're at 48 contracts
  15. No juolevi and no stecher... It's quite noticeable lol. subban had some good plays and some stupid moments. But overall he looks pretty good. Sautner as looks great. Neill / Olsen / Stewart / Candella definitely needs work. breisbois imo is a in between he's been alright overall.