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  1. E5: Radek Vrbata + 5th for Zuck Kassian + 7th 
  2. Bo Horvat has been absolutely terrible this season

    What's wrong with you people... Why does there always need to be blame... This team just isn't that great... this team isn't that bad either... no coach is going to change that... JB can't change that without time... Hansen actually looked good with the Sedins last few games... Also funny you say that when this article just came out on Canucks.com: http://canucks.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=788735&navid=DL|VAN|home  Besides this article you here so many diverse comments about Sedins linemates... Vrbata is better, Burrows is better, try Virtanen, Sutter looked good, give Shinkaruk a shot... it's all a haze. All you can do is take a chill pill and believe that Bo will find some chemistry with linemates and the bounces that's not going his way will go his way eventually. Till then this team will be stuck in mediocrity until some changes are made and some of these young guys Tanev, McCann, Hutton, Virtanen, Horvat, Baertschi take another notch up and become consistent top-line type players.
  3. Yeah didn't see your other post.. Sbisa may be up their alley, would be a fan of getting rid of him for a player who is as physical but more reliable and eats minutes... Maybe fair... I dunno... I gave up on what Garth Snow thinks since that DiPietro contract lol That said overall I'd rather have Barrie on my team... If he's actually available i'd keep pestering the AVs and using my assets on that trade over Hamonic.
  4. They wouldn't trade Hamhuis + Vrbata for Hamonic.... hell I would think twice about it on JBs perspective too... in theory it makes sense but at the deadline you're looking a first and maybe more for both of them depending on the market at that time. Would you trade 2 firsts for Hamonic ? for a good top 4 defenseman that isn't really an offensive PP quarterback? For NYI perspective, they'd rather trade for a young piece that can fit in their cap structure but still help the team. If they want a Hamhuis or Vrbata then they would just put their first on the table for the rental they desire.
  5. Bo Horvat has been absolutely terrible this season

    stifled would be a player being played 5-10 minutes a night... Bo is being forced to play above his desired role at the moment. Not really the coaches fault when you have Sutter injured and McCann / Cracknel as the depth replacements.
  6. Exactly it's all interesting, my point of view if it's Tanev <--> Hamonic then sure... if it's Tanev + then probably not.... That said I don't think it's that much of an upgrade that everyone here seems to think it is...
  7. Just looked at Tanev vs Hamonic statistics: Tanev: 2014/2015 --- 70 games --- 2G/18A/20P --- 8 +/- 2015/2016 --- 19 games --- 1G/3A/4P --- 6 +/- Hamonic: 2014/2015 --- 71 games --- 5G/28A/33P --- 15 +/- 2015/2016 --- 19 games --- 0G/3A/3P --- 5 +/- not too far off from each other considering NYI is a much better team than us.
  8. I'm not sure if Hamonic is much better than Tanev... more physical for sure, more offensive probably a bit... Tanev is actually has 1 more point than him  haha. Tanev just seems to be on the right side of the puck 99% of the time, that said I don't watch Hamonic enough to see how well he does defensively comparatively (Tanev also a better +/- on a terrible team) Don't think Hamonic actually plays the Isles PP... w/e lol For Barrie though he's an actual sure-fire top 4 offensive style PP guy... he's worth more in my books. Again though no reason for Colorado to pull the trigger yet... they can wait at the offseason or trade at the deadline to get the tanking going... too early for Canucks or AVs to sell at the moment.
  9. shrank your post a bit. your no trades are pretty accurate overall.. This is where I think these deals for us would be likely deadline related or in the offseason... Hamhuis and Vrbata being rentals may not be enticing to Col or even NYI... NTC are fickle things and are more convincing if the team is bad at the deadline. Also don't like the LHD depth... too much robbing of Peter there. I'm sure there are better trade proposals to get this done lol. Likely at the expense of forward depth..
  10. Good try , doubt that kind of dream works out... I'd imagine that Col would rather have something more tangible in the trade rather than a rental and picks / prospects. The Hamonic trade seems fine... yet rides on Hamhuis waiving his NTC :| probably only happens at the deadline.... who knows....
  11. in MG... erp JB we trust 
  12. Honestly we sit here expanding this thread through 18 pages and beyond.... I'd rather have Barrie :p
  13. Who knows, it's all personal so we'll never know. Maybe his family is moving and planning on doing so in western Canada ? For the american teams may be annoying to fly Canada <-> States consistently to meet with family or w/e within Canada it's much less work for both parties /shrug who's to know what's going on here lol.
  14. I agree... Guess this is where you gotta be in the GM chair, who knows what either team is actually asking for or the actual availability of Barrie...  He is a local boy though so I'd pay a pretty good price to get him here.
  15. I Think Alex Edler is a Liability

    lol love the thread / video is about Edler being a liability and the first "mistake" shown is his stick breaking causing a turnover..... Seriously videos like that are horrid they do nothing to prove a point. Players make mistakes and if you want to make a video clip of mistakes you could likely have the same result with every player around the league... (specifically for defensemen) Conversely I could make a video compilation of Edler and the great defensive plays that he makes and the great hits he delivers. The thing that separates him from a true #1 is he's average/good at everything but a master of none yet he is still a great defensemen and was one of our best last season.