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  1. Hansen is the pro typical 3rd liner plus one of the best pk players we had. Id say there’s a fit there for that reason. id like Kane over strictly for the bite he has
  2. [Proposal] Canucks - Islanders

    Pretty interesting, though i I like the idea of having two good goalies on the club whilst we are bringing in a bunch of young defensemen and forwards. How about a hutton for Dal Cole + 2nd top 4 young dman for an underwhelming 5th overall pick (Benning special) and a 2nd..
  3. Nikolay Goldobin | #77 | LW/RW

    think it is believed that he'll play the next game after he gets a practice with the team in. My assumption is that burmy is out and gagner moves to center
  4. [Sportsnet] 2018 Draft Rankings: November

    This year would be the year to sell Vets for more fodder at the draft. We need to put ourselves in a position to move up to target some of the high-end defense talent at this draft. The dream is ofcourse Dahlin but Boqvist sounds like a nice player too and is RHD which we need more of.
  5. Yeahhh, Even if we make the playoffs this year and maybe make some noise in it... 1 year does not equal guaranteed success... therefore OEL for 1 year is not worth giving up the probable asking price... Of which on top of Hutton + 1rst 2018 would likely include Juolevi, Lind or one of our other appealing prospects.
  6. Thatcher Demko | G

    I hope he ends getting a couple starts in the NHL this year. Would be nice to see if he's close to ready in a backup capacity next year.
  7. Dorsett has always played this way.. speed grit straight ahead game. He's always had the speed to get chances he's just finishing and getting the bounces. I will say that Green's system and his utilization of that line is on point. He has Granlund, Dorsett, and Sutter each in a designed role. No more Sutter on the PP! Also helps they play 15+ minutes a night but that line is legit and is shaping up being one of the better checking lines
  8. My guess is he'll go on a conditioning stint in the AHL first. Then he'll be eventually slotted in. The vanek, burmy, Gagner line haven't really been amazing so I'd imagine he'd cycle in for one of those players.. most likely burmy
  9. Petrus Palmu | RW/LW

    Palmu may not have the insane skillset that Pettersson has or the physical tools that Lind has but my god, from what his coach said this guy has the gumption and the will to succeed. He was one of my favorite benning picks last year. The guy reminds me of Brendan Gallagher.
  10. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    You can have your opinion and others can have there's. One shouldn't attack credibility with random speculative remarks. onwards to the real topic: Sutter isn't a 4th liner... Chaput // Megna // Gaunce // Dorsett these are 4th liners. These guys don't compare to Sutter's skill level. Sutter isn't a top6 center... It's pretty obvious, he lacks the playmaking ability to utilize his wingers in a top 6 center role... Sutter can be a top 6 winger. He's got a great shot, one of the better shots on the team. Is good at puck retrieval. He'd be kinda like a Kunitz // Burrows type of top 6 winger but not every top 6 forward has to be a straight up offensive dynamo... Sutter IS a 3rd line center... Faceoffs, checking, dependable, chips in points... This is your typical 3rd line center... This is what Sutter is. So no Sutter isn't an expensive 4th liner. You can argue that he's an expensive 3rd line center but my opinion 4.4m for a 3rd line center isn't insane especially if you count the icetime where he plays a big role on the PK units. PP unit I'd like to see him booted off of.
  11. I like this idea, create some depth players that are projects so that we can fill our Utica team with a pretty good prospect lineup. Let our prospects get confidence playing against pros and we can turn these projects into assets at the deadline or into longer term roles if they turn out nicely... Or we let them walk lol.
  12. 2017 Draft you be Benning...what selection would you make?

    Eh, I always wanted Petterson as I thought he was the most skilled player in the draft so I'll trust the master scout, I mean most people are giving the guy an A for the Canucks Draft day and really the picks he made seemed pretty solid. I'm highly intrigued with the Palmu and Rathbone picks as they seem pretty high risk high reward type players. Gunnerson i'm not too high on but he just seems like a potential stay at home guy. Matt Brassard as a depth defensemen. Meh overall really pumped up for the new crop
  13. Worth doing, sign Yak, Weal and Boucher. Let our Utica actually have depth for callups and like them stew in the minor system where they can succeed Sedin - Sedin - Yakupov Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Granlund - Sutter - Erickson Gaunce - Weal - Dorsett Boucher / Molino You can always just waive the guy that loses out at camp / pre-season
  14. [GDT] 2017 NHL Entry Draft

    Alexander Chmelevski at 185 to NJD seems like a crazy good steal wonder why he slipped so dramatically
  15. [GDT] 2017 NHL Entry Draft

    kids got an insane stat line probably won't turn out but any small player can overcome size with a good stick and a good low center of gravity