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  1. Is there a reason you want Tufte ? he has kinda bland numbers in the USHL... Also seems like a terrible deal for an Edler trade considering we are giving away CBJ 2nd for a low first rounder all the while taking Lehtinen's contract on... Really bad deal... Like really really really bad. The 2nd deal been talked about, I don't really want that kind of return for Tanev. I want to get a promising elite talent.. Leipsic and Kapenen is pretty good but not really elite. I'd be far more interested in a package for a top 10 pick or a great player like Drouin or Niedereitter or something like that. No to Alzner he'll prob get more than 5x5m and not really what we need right now.. Specifically when you say this is a youth movement
  2. Fowler not going to get traded away. He's their solid #1 all situation defenseman. On Anaheim and Minnesota they will want to trade their defensemen prior to the expansion draft which may be a hard sell. for Dallas that would mean they expose Hamhuis and Johns. For Buffalo would mean they expose Jake McCabe or Bogosian which I doubt they want to expose Bogo even with his bad years. The main thing is these guys HAVE to be moved by their respective team prior to the expansion draft or else they will get plucked. Therefore you'd think the buyers would expect a lowered price. And also Anaheim and Minnesota will need to take back a exempt player or be forced to expose him. So futures or bust. Makes it more awkward because they are in a win now mode. CBJ also has a decision to make with Ryan Murray. Again they are in more of a win now mode. Those are some hidden details that you'll have to think about from the teams perspective both buying and selling. Seems to make for difficult trading partners if you are up to the cap of expansion eligibility players. Carolina and Vancouver (probably more teams) are in a good position here. because we can protect the players and trade them to the teams that need defense the most after expansion and before the entry draft. Or Carolina has a ton of exempt defenseman that can make good roster impacts now for one of these contending teams. For example they could trade Fleury for Vatanen+ and still look good upon the expansion. For us we could trade Hutton out for a good young forward that would be exposable and expose Sutter potentially. Neiderreiter or Drouin for example. Would probably add but again exposure exempt for exposure eligible be interesting how that evaluates withing the GM circles.
  3. if cheap i dont overly mind. I would not pay a 2nd, a 3rd rounder for him would be a erm rather not. B- / C+ level prospect maybe like Pedan? Be funny if Bergevin wanted Jordan Subban. But potential Tanev trade I'd rather not get rid of RHD depth. His versatility is pretty interesting for a young team to be able to slot in anywhere. C / LW / RW good cap hit and veteran presence. Would make Sutter expendable probably or maybe we protect then trade one of Granlund or Baertschi for a good return whilst their value may be high. Again depends on the price
  4. Maybe Dallas wants Erickson for 2-3 years but they won't want him for the last 2 years. He also had a really terrible season so he would likely be a detriment more than an asset in a trade.. Stecher is a non-starter we need the RHD young depth. Hutton more palatable because we have Brisebois, Juolevi, McEneny.
  5. Eh we can disagree thats fine, I'm not saying that Murray is trash but I just don't think you can equate him to Tanev nor the 3rd OA pick. I disagree that he is a legit Top 4 right now. He's been average at best through his career. This year he was stuck behind Johnson and Werenski so it's tough to truly get a read on it. And again... CBJ will be looking for roster players not a promising future player that is at least 3 years away. I do agree with with the expansion talk. Johnson is probably geared towards an extension with CBJ and probably best suited to keep him around, definitely can't expose Savard though. So trading Murray makes sense but to who? the person your trading to has to be set for expansion as well. Dallas has Lindberg - Klingberg - Hamhuis/Johns to protect They also need to add and to their defense rather than add one to lose one to expansion. Tanev makes sense for Dallas because we can protect him for the expansion and then trade him out. We also have the luxury of taking on their goalie contract as a sweetener. CBJ does not have that option. It's going to be next to impossible in trading a eligible player for any kind of exempt player unless that player is truly a legit top 4 player or top 6 forward because then I'm sure a team can stomach losing a player in that case but the value would have to be dropped to compensate for that. And vise-versa any exempt roster player should have their value increased, Hutton and Stecher as examples.
  6. Oleksiak is a Dallas defender he was saying Murray + depth forward for 3rd + oleksiak for returning expansion fodder something along those lines. Either way cbj doesn't get any better for the now but make out like gangbusters lol. also there is no way cbj is going to buy one of their goalies off of them.
  7. First I didn't review the teams expansion draft position as I didn't realize that was one of the standing points for this idea (maybe I misread something, maybe it was intended to be implied) but in general moving a roster player for a pick that won't turn out to be a player for another 3-5 years (maybe) doesn't make sense for a team that was top 3 in the league and is trending upwards. lets not forget that they had a good year as well 2 years ago so not necessarily an apparition Murray is not worth the 3rd OA imo so the adds would have to be big which is my point. im not a fan of eberle but he's a consistent 50+pt 20+ goal guy who is 27. i could care less that Murray was 2nd overall previously guy has been mediocre in his NHL career and has taken the backseat to these other young guys. The cbj defense runs around jones and werenski. I would just expose Johnson he had a good year but has 1 year left until UFA and is 30. would also keep Murray as a bottom pairing defenseman and hope he develops further but if they feel like adding offensive scoring then Eberle is an option.
  8. I could see Dallas wanting a LHD and a RHD coming this next season. So from our team my guess is either Hutton or Tanev. Tanev would make sense because Klingberg being an offensive #1 RHD pairing, Tanev can take a lot of the defensive #2 pairing type of role. Sort of like Phaneuf and Karlson in Ottawa... except you know totally different types of player. Hutton because they have Hamhuis, who is declining steadily, and Lindell who is still young. The rest are relative plugs probably on the same level of Sbisa. Can play at times but not with large minutes. Still think Tanev makes the most sense as he will make Lindell a lot better. I don't mind trading Hutton this season, I think his value might be pretty high with him being expansion exempt. Maybe Tampa wouldn't mind Hutton+ for Drouin ? Cap relief because Drouin is likely going to want a decent pay raise, Namestnikov has to be exposed if Drouin is protected, and Tampa does need more defense. Young roster player for young roster player seems to be what Yzerman would demand. Drouin is 22 same draft year as Horvat. Drouin - Horvat - Boeser would be pretty cool to watch. Could make Baertschi or Granlund expendable in another type of trade or Just keep both around and expose Sutter and Gaunce in the expansion draft. Defense starts to look something like (Hutton and Tanev traded): Edler - Stecher Juolevi - Gudbranson Sbisa - Subban Pedan - Biega Which is pretty crappy but that is a good tanking defense for Rasmus Dahlin next year
  9. woah woah woah. I'm not saying Murray = the 3rd overall because he doesn't.... I'm saying why would they spend assets to get a 3rd overall lottery pick when their window to compete for playoffs and etc is now... Makes no sense Which is why Murray for Eberle makes more sense than Murray++ for 3rd overall. But either way, I don't think Eberle is a Torts type of player sooooo yeahh.
  10. What's the point of that... 3-5 it's a pickem of heiskenen - mittlestatd - makar - glass - valardi its so insanely up in the air that there is a good chance that you'd get the player you want at 5 anyways.. even if you don't the projected talent differences is negligible and not worth moving up for. also sbisa isn't really a difference maker for a team sooo what's the point for Dallas as well lol
  11. Cbj doesn't really need a 3rd OA pick right now. I could see them trying to trade Murray for eberle (framework) mediocre defense for soft moderate offense id rather get phillys 2nd but if Dallas 3rd is obtainable for a decent price than go for it. id be insurmountably excited if we could get hischer or mittlestat and makar or liljegren
  12. Not many vets left... Sutter and Erickson are pretty close to untradeable. Sedins not going anywhere... Pretty much only leaves Tanev and Edler Also to OP... Boeser doesn't really play like a PWF, he's plays more like a sniper. IF you want a PWF then hope for Virtanen to develop. My guess is 2-3 years we'll start trending upwards.
  13. Your proposal and the one you quoted is no where near close lol. Anyways Virtanen has little value to many teams as he assumes quite a lot of risk and Philly is not going to trade Sanheim. Gostisbehere played a lot of the right side but I think he's better and perfers the left side more. I recall reading some articles stressing his struggles adjusting the right side. Their defense is set up nicely for the expansion draft too. Provorov and Sanheim and their other amazing defense are all exempt. So they can protect Gudas and Gostisbehere and expose Brendan / MacDonald / Manning. They could easily trade one of their young LHD to anaheim or Minnesota for one of their young RHD in some sort of package prior to the expansion draft and protect them. They do have a nice top 9 group but the fan base doesn't seem to buy in to it (at least on hfboards) but fans tend to drool over and over hype a pick rather than look at their team now for what makes sense in the ultimate goal of competing for a stanley cup. I'm sure there is a deal to be made but either way I hope the Canucks are looking at some cap eating scenarios like a Dallas goaltender or MacDonald from Philly.
  14. Stecher and hopefully Raddysh will tell us otherwise hopefully
  15. Tryamkin LHD but preferred to right side I believe. Either way I agree, no sure things just overall I don't think this guy is any more of a sure thing than McEneny or Pedan are so not really a big loss if he signs elsewhere. I'd say if we do get him signed then Hutton or Edler are on the outs. I'd also be surprised if Sbisa gets taken by Vegas, 1 year until UFA I'd be more interested in Pedan, Gaunce or Rodin but stranger things have happened