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  1. Lol @ putting hockey on some type of pedestal where it's some sacred game that needs to be respected via your facial hair choices. It's a game guys. As long as the players are showing up on time, working hard, being smart, having fun, and using their skills, who cares what they look like. Would rather have 20 dudes looking homeless and winning games than 20 dudes looking like freaking paul ryan and losing.
  2. It's v difficult to argue that the concept of a "royal family" isn't completely archaic. They seem like lovely people and tradition/ceremony can be nice, but plenty of other countries get on just fine without a king or queen. The only tangible benefit they seem to have to me is to bring tourist money into the British economy.
  3. This is a good point, Black Lives Matter blurs the lines between "an easily defined group of activists" and "an "idea/slogan". It's not a formal group as much as a catchy concept used by just about everyone pushing for justice reform to varying extents. You can't really categorize them as a hate group because the slogan is used by many people for many purposes. Some small groups people have organized themselves under that slogan to do things that I don't agree with, but that does not invalidate or delegitimize the goal of criminal justice reform. It's not the job of activists to "prove themselves" or "earn our respect" before we can talk about change. Equal rights are automatically granted to everyone., it's the job of those in power to ensure that. When those in power fail to do that, we get people calling attention to it.
  4. In my view this is a blatant attempt to target Muslims while still trying to gain "progressive points" by doing it under the guise of "protecting women's freedom". Many Muslim women choose to wear the burqa out of their own volition - the French government is trying to do the same thing they're trying to protect against. Furthermore, women have been pressured to wear "modest" clothing for centuries - and not just by Muslims. Let's not pretend telling women to cover up is something that doesn't exist in many cultures, including our own. If were to use government power to impose a certain set of "western values" on people to such a narrow extent as telling people what clothing they can and cannot wear, we would have to punish a lot more people than just those of the Muslim variety. It's funny to see blatant misogynists suddenly become staunch defenders of the West as a place of equality and progressivism as soon as Muslims get involved - when they don't even share those same values 90% of the time. It's funny to see those same people complain about "lib-tard fascists" "taking away freedom of speech and imposing their values on everyone" then going on to propose actually using government power to force those exact same values on a certain minority group - forcing on others the very values they claim are forced on them.
  5. Don't know how anyone can say police brutality is a case of "a few bad apples" then proceed to discredit BLM's entire because a small percentage of people (not necessarily even those specifically involved with the movement) decided to riot. I don't agree with all their tactics (attempting to hijack the pride parade), nor do I think violence is a fair way to get attention, but considering that the police are literally killing and beating their people and facing no accountability for their actions I can see why they're mad. After all, those that do riot are generally arrested, charged, and convicted for their actions while police are much more likely to get off with 0 punishment.
  6. I think it's possible to be concerned about racism and foreign money coming into Vancouver at the same time. The skyrocketing housing prices are a legitimate issue. It's totally fair (and in this case I agree that it's necessary) to prioritize locals over foreigners. However, let's not forget that people will often use legitimate issues to push racist agendas, especially in this day and age when overt racism is unacceptable. People have been making snide comments about Asians in Vancouver for ages (before this was even an issue), this is another reason to do so for some. If you're having a discussion about this issue and someone wants to just talk about "the Asians" more than talk about the actual issue, that's a good sign that it's not actually about the housing prices for them. Those taking advantage of our system deserve scrutiny, but I'm concerned about innocent chinese Canadians being targeted as well.
  7. I think the danger with religion comes mostly from how it's used to brainwash youth at a young age. I think there are a lot of religious people who would be hateful even if they weren't religious, but I also think that many hateful religiois people would be more loving and tolerant if religion hasn't been used to teach them hateful things. Parents can still teach hate without religion, but it becomes a lot less effective when you take away the fear and the authority that can come with religion. This is not to single out Muslims, I have huge problems with the hypocritical attitudes towards Muslims held by many. This is only to provide a counterpoint to the notion that religion has nothing to do with hate (which I know is not what you're saying). I don't think it's a coincidence that the most bigoted areas of our world and of our country and often the ones with high levels of religious fundamentalism. People with good intentions can be easily misled and there are many people who have left fundamentalist religions who were previously bigoted and could only become more tolerant once they realised what was happening and attempted to undo the thought patterns ingrained in them by fear.
  8. Murdering innocent cops is counterproductive to the goal of reducing police brutality and making society a safer place. The perps wouldn't have done this if they truly cared about stopping loss of life and families being ripped apart.
  9. It's not just fathers getting killed by police though. It's fathers going to prison for crimes white people would be more likely to get away with. It's poverty caused by generations of segregation, less access to jobs, less access to education. It's a big issue because this is all directly caused by people in power, and the people who put racists in power. It's not hype, it's all real. Only once the playing field is level can the poor black community pull themselves out of their problems.
  10. I'll try to rephrase. I'm not disputing that unstable families can be a cause of future troubles. I'm asking, why do fatherless families exist in the first place? There are many reasons, but we have a prime example right here in front of us. Why is the Sterling family fatherless? Cause their dad just got killed by the police. You can't blame violence on family problems without looking at how institutional racism perpetuates broken families. Even if properly punishing police/ending the war on drugs/reducing racial profiling won't immediately solve the problem, that doesn't mean it should be ignored or glossed over. Even if black people aren't beaten or shot by police, they are still much more likely to experience harassment and increased suspicion from authorities and the general public. It's completely unacceptable that a country that prides itself on freedom and advancement still institutionally suppresses an entire race of people based on their skin.
  11. You're blaming the "family system" and absent fathers on an issue where a black father is now absent because he was killed by police? The black community experiences greater poverty and violence due to years of slavery, segregation, and discrimination that continues right up to this day. Black people still face less opportunity and are still discriminated against by the justice system. This is all well documented by data. Black people know about things like gang violence and what some people like to call "black-on-black crime", they know about it and wrestle with it better than anyone else. That is not the issue here. The issue is systemic discrimination against black people in the US, along with police brutality in general. How can poor black communities be expected to immediately pull themselves out of disarray when the establishment continues to sabotage their efforts and ignore the rigged playing field they face?? (It's not just poor black people that face discrimination either)
  12. Was just about to say this. This is not to blame either of the victims for carrying guns, but the prominence of guns in the US creates fear, stress, anxiety, and "wild west" kill-or-be-killed mentality.
  13. Of course the body cameras "just happened" to fall off during the struggle.
  14. thought the title meant he had just dropped an album tbh