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  1. Murdering innocent cops is counterproductive to the goal of reducing police brutality and making society a safer place. The perps wouldn't have done this if they truly cared about stopping loss of life and families being ripped apart.
  2. It's not just fathers getting killed by police though. It's fathers going to prison for crimes white people would be more likely to get away with. It's poverty caused by generations of segregation, less access to jobs, less access to education. It's a big issue because this is all directly caused by people in power, and the people who put racists in power. It's not hype, it's all real. Only once the playing field is level can the poor black community pull themselves out of their problems.
  3. I'll try to rephrase. I'm not disputing that unstable families can be a cause of future troubles. I'm asking, why do fatherless families exist in the first place? There are many reasons, but we have a prime example right here in front of us. Why is the Sterling family fatherless? Cause their dad just got killed by the police. You can't blame violence on family problems without looking at how institutional racism perpetuates broken families. Even if properly punishing police/ending the war on drugs/reducing racial profiling won't immediately solve the problem, that doesn't mean it should be ignored or glossed over. Even if black people aren't beaten or shot by police, they are still much more likely to experience harassment and increased suspicion from authorities and the general public. It's completely unacceptable that a country that prides itself on freedom and advancement still institutionally suppresses an entire race of people based on their skin.
  4. You're blaming the "family system" and absent fathers on an issue where a black father is now absent because he was killed by police? The black community experiences greater poverty and violence due to years of slavery, segregation, and discrimination that continues right up to this day. Black people still face less opportunity and are still discriminated against by the justice system. This is all well documented by data. Black people know about things like gang violence and what some people like to call "black-on-black crime", they know about it and wrestle with it better than anyone else. That is not the issue here. The issue is systemic discrimination against black people in the US, along with police brutality in general. How can poor black communities be expected to immediately pull themselves out of disarray when the establishment continues to sabotage their efforts and ignore the rigged playing field they face?? (It's not just poor black people that face discrimination either)
  5. Was just about to say this. This is not to blame either of the victims for carrying guns, but the prominence of guns in the US creates fear, stress, anxiety, and "wild west" kill-or-be-killed mentality.
  6. Of course the body cameras "just happened" to fall off during the struggle.
  7. thought the title meant he had just dropped an album tbh
  8. I think the victim was the actual one that filmed the video, which was a sharp thing to do as it helped to identify the suspect.
  9. This is a good answer. Most people just don't have time to keep up with every single hockey game that happens. Between work, school, social life, family, hobbies, etc. it can be hard to dedicate 2-3 hours a night, a couple nights a week, for 9 months of the year to watch hockey, and that's just for following one team. I used to watch way more games, but now I only watch notable games and loosely follow other storylines and highlights from around the league by watching youtube clips and reading the news.
  10. To say extremism has nothing to do with religion is disingenuous I think. Religion shouldn't be put on a pedestal, it's merely a tool that can be used by people however they want, even when it's good purposes. Clearly Islam has a problem with extremism. That doesn't mean innocent Muslims should be mistrusted, and I don't think extremism is exclusive to Islam (I think the Christian Right causes just as much harm as one example). To some extent already hateful people are drawn to hateful aspects of religion, but at the same time religion probably makes those problems worse. There is always a capability for religion to be used as a tool for harmful purposes, and it's important to recognize the danger.
  11. Never realised until now how much Zetterberg looks like Gyllenhaal
  12. Sucks that players can bust their ass for our team for years and people will immediately throw them under the bus when they start to decline. Players become less effective with age and at one point there comes a time where they don't really help the team and it's time to replace them with someone younger, but there's no reason to insult or be hostile towards a guy who's done so much for the team. It's funny how quickly many fans seem to forget the positive impact a player had on a team for many years.
  13. I don't necessarily agree with all of their tactics but I'd argue that the violence perpetrated by police against people of all colours (but disproportionately against black people) is far more "divisive" than the actions of the community protesting against it.
  14. Yeah I don't think it was really his place to intervene here. Still respect him but I think he screwed up as everyone does.
  15. Sarcasm? I think that's overreacting a bit, I think a lighter puck could be useful for young kids to play with. Pucks were designed for full grown adult men, not 5 year olds. What's the harm in being open to useful development tools that will make better players? I think by atom kids should be using a full sized puck but my coaches did have lighter pucks for use in practice. A powerlifter doesn't go straight to squatting 500 lbs on their first try.