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  1. what a fresh board you have here.

  2. Patrick McNally Talk

    I read the article, but I still have one question ... How is Patrick McNally with the puck? Does he like the puck? Does the puck like him? I'd like to hear more about the puck.
  3. Decent story. I've never really liked Sopel, so I find it funny that he was looking even more terrible then usual!

  4. I posted it at the end of my original post when I first joined CDC.

  5. Wow, sorry I'm replying to you so late! I don't really check my profile that often. I can't seem to find the Sopel story anywhere on here (your profile). Where exactly did you post it?

  6. summer is finally here in Kamloops!

  7. haha, no, not "Stanita" or "Trevorella", her middle name is Lynden.

  8. Hey! I put the Sopel story on my profile there, I hope you think its funny. After I wrote it I started to think it was a little lame.

  9. First day on the job.

  10. Why is your picture so small? From me.