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  1. I love it. Exactly what the Canucks need IMO. Stick with blue and green (sky and land) which represents BC so well, but update the Orca to a more modern, and also more "scary" or intimidating. Honestly this is something I have envisioned for a while. Thanks for posting. Not a fan of the yellow and red spaghetti plate. It had it's time in the 80's and should stay in the 80's.
  2. Guys a plug. Crap like this is why I despise hockey locker rooms.
  3. I think Toffoli wants to be here. There is a special team here with loads of talent. His bestie Pearson is here and I believe he is hungry to win the cup still. There is great opportunity for him here. Vancouver is also a great city, and is similar to LA. Not many NHL cities have those qualities going for them except for SJ and ANA. The difference is those teams are dumpster fires. We also need to keep him to solidify our top 6.
  4. Scrap the regular season. "Bubble teams" have a 1 game round robin to THE DEATH until there are 16 teams. Round 1 best of 3 Round 2 best of 5 Round 3 best of 5 SCF best of 7
  5. He didn't put up the most points but I want to say Daniel Briere. Guy was skilled and clutch.
  6. Man I'm so scared. I work at a homeless shelter in Calgary and have a 2 month old at home. Taking my parental leave ASAP.
  7. Every game feels like a playoff game now. Last one against the Yotes was super fast paced. Should be a gooder!!