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  1. Yeah, not a big tampa fan either. It's been fun watching them choke and lose year after year. I'm not Seguin fan, but I would rather the underdog beat Tampa again.
  2. NBC only though, right? So these numbers aren't including Canadian viewership on CBC? I felt similarly at the beginning of this series "Dallas vs Tampa, whoopee".. but the hockey is still entertaining. Both teams are working their tails off. At the end of the day its not about the jersey these guys are wearing. I don't think its anything for the NHL to be concerned about either. Strange year. Strange time for anyone to follow the Stanley Cup Playoffs. If you weren't into it in August, you're probably not just tuning in now.
  3. The worst that comes to mind is Daniel Alfredsson. Tough decisions for Bull Guerin. I look at the Canucks... I'm glad we kept the Sedins, because we were so bad. If we didn't have them in their last 2 years there would have been close to 0 direction for the youth. Whereas Minnesota isnt terrible. They have some good pieces already, and they really could use some fresh blood. Tough to kick Koivu out the door, but it's almost imperative in order to continue growing (in their situation).
  4. Man I hope the Lightning choke again. They are too good. I feel like a NYI/DAL final would be alot tighter/entertaining than TBL/DAL. I would tune into NYI/DAL more.
  5. Don't blame the guy. Who would want to stick around in that dumpster fire?
  6. IMO no matter how much management expressed the desire to keep Markstrom... Demko's performance undeniably showed that he is capable of being a #1.
  7. Me too, I was shook because he was having such a good season. After that bar-down Boston goal, we had our answer. Then in a moments notice he was gone, and the answer to Boston vanished.
  8. Way different situation. Trotz had been in Washington for years, his contract was expiring, and there were lots of reports of bad blood between him and ownership/management. Literally none of that applies to Bowness, except for the expiring contract.
  9. You cant not sign a coach that takes you to the SCF. He'll be there next year.
  10. Doesnt make a whole lotta sense cap-wise, but stranger things have happened before. I wouldn't give him more than a 1 year deal as hes coming off a 4 point in 26 games season. Then after the year is up, it might be tough to sign him if he had another 25 goal season. Just saying, the most I'd be comfortable with is Virtanen (and Virtanen only) straight across. Even at that I still might rather hold onto Virt.
  11. Good points. I hope he succeeds here. A consistent 25 goal scorer would be awesome. However, and unfortunately, there's likely a low probability of that. If he does get to that point it probably wont be in a Canucks uniform.