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  1. I like them. Like a poster above said, I think the 3rd Jersey will be nice in full gear.
  2. I'd rather spend big money on Panarin vs. Karlsson.
  3. What an effort by Ben Bishop. I'm not a Dallas fan by any means... but goaltending performances like this are what make the playoffs. Watching guys like J.S Giguere and Cam Ward put on clinics in the playoffs are what made me become a goalie. I hope the Stars win and Bishop walks away with the Conn Smyth.
  4. Dallas won the cup in '99 with the infamous Brett Hull "skate in the crease" goal.
  5. It hurts my brain too much thinking about it. #inbenningwetrust
  6. Skated Into the Blue paint. Any regular-season game that's an automatic penalty.
  7. Could be a Carolina five-on-three without the delay-of-game and goaltender interference missed calls
  8. Not impressed by E. Karlsson at all. No urgency. Haven't seen much creativity on the PP. Poor puck management. If this is the effort he gives to a team that he chose to play with, I never want to see him in a Canucks jersey. Hes only going downhill from here.
  9. @Baer. You have the right to your own opinion. I respect that, but from my personal experience addiction is not a choice. I grew up in a middle class home, and got to do everything I wanted. If I wanted to play hockey I could. If I wanted to be a goalie I could. If I needed new pads I could get them, mind you - used pads. If I wanted to play anything I could. Nothing traumatic happened to me. I never suffered from a death of a family member. I was never in a car wreck. The first time I drank a beer, I needed more. It was a spiritual experience. I felt whole for once. I always felt like something was missing from me. Even though I had everything I needed. I'm sure you drank your first beer, or smoked your first hippy cigarette. The difference between you and I, is that I can't stop. I need more. I have an obsession and compulsion. Yeah I started with a choice, but it quickly turned into not having a choice at all. I hope that you dont have to re-evaluate your opinions because you find out a loved one of yours is an addict. Once I found recovery I had a choice, but only until then I had a choice. I didn't know any other way to deal with how I felt, other than what I know has worked for me in the past. Ive been making a daily choice to look at why I felt like I was missing something for the last 5 years. These were the cards I was dealt, so I played my cards right (especially with the help of others). Not everyone has the resources to look at themselves. The government has been cutting funding more and more for the last 40 years, hence why the DTES is so bad. An addict nodding out, shooting dope on hastings maybe didn't have the family I had, or the resources I had. No one wants to have substance use disorder, but some of us do. Most of us try things, but some of us get out of hand. Just be grateful it was me and not you. An addict