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  1. As a goalie I can vouch for this. While it's a natural way for pads to sit, its an unnatural way for a persons body to move (especially men). I remember being 10 or so and at tryouts the coach told all the goalies to go up and down, butterfly and back into stance, as quick and as long as possible. I had major hip pains after that. I've been a goalie for 15+ years and I've always known my hips have been compromised. Yeah, just my personal experience!
  2. Four cups in Fifteen seasons. Incredible! A 26% chance to win a cup any given year! Happy retirement (sorta)
  3. Grateful to be sober tonight
  4. Great signing. Cant believe people want Boeser traded, or are suggesting it. Christ he is one of two superstars on our team who can lethally put the puck in the net. Ship out the garbage I.e. Eriksson, Sutter. NOT one of our budding stars. I get it, cap. There are ways around it other than shipping out Boeser. Yeesh.
  5. I dont care what anyone says, I like this trade. Filling a need. It's a first round pick... which will probably be at least pick #17. Yeah you might find and absolute gem at #17, but you can also find an absolute plug. I'm happy with this trade. He fits our roster well. I'm excited to see him playing with Petey or Brock.
  6. I like them. Like a poster above said, I think the 3rd Jersey will be nice in full gear.
  7. I'd rather spend big money on Panarin vs. Karlsson.
  8. What an effort by Ben Bishop. I'm not a Dallas fan by any means... but goaltending performances like this are what make the playoffs. Watching guys like J.S Giguere and Cam Ward put on clinics in the playoffs are what made me become a goalie. I hope the Stars win and Bishop walks away with the Conn Smyth.
  9. Dallas won the cup in '99 with the infamous Brett Hull "skate in the crease" goal.
  10. It hurts my brain too much thinking about it. #inbenningwetrust
  11. Skated Into the Blue paint. Any regular-season game that's an automatic penalty.