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  1. Although touted as a tough guy, I always thought Sestito had some silky mitts.
  2. I didn't watch the game. At work on break right now. The only input I have is... how did we allow 40+ shots AGAIN? Totally unacceptable to be allowing so many shots night after night. It's like every 3rd game is a 40+ shot night. That is not a recipe to win.
  3. The steak had to end eventually. 2-1 or 7-2, a loss is a loss. They are a good team who played the better game. Onto the next one.
  4. So we all vote for Dylan Larkin and make him go??
  5. Yes I agree with you. It's a fairly new thing. Growing up I am used to coaches being very involved and animated behind the bench. So, it is hard to read the room as a fan. Even the execution of mid game timeouts over this win streak is showing me that a fire was lit under Travis' @$$.
  6. How can you blame anyone though? We were playing like crap. From a fans perspective I didn't see much coaching being done. Not much energy from behind the bench. Since our last loss I have seen Travis be more involved than ever. Timeouts are being called, and he is using his voice more. I personally always had faith in him, but was becoming increasingly skeptical. We seemed doomed to repeat the same results as last year, even though we brought in some proven new faces, and our roster had ripened another year. Change is inevitable for everything. Coaches get fired all the time. People have opinions. I'm just glad we Canucks fans have a place to make our voice heard and to discuss topics together. No one is "asinine".
  7. Wow I didn't realize he fell off a cliff this hard. Haven't watched a devils game all year except for against the Canucks. Anyone have any insight as to what has changed in his game? Just looked at stats and it looks like hes having a rough year. However, could it just be the Devils system? He had a pretty good year last year. I still think he can be a productive odd-man and add more positive than negative.
  8. Grew up in Alberta, but would visit cousins every year in Langley. One Easter the Canucks were in the playoffs and I got hooked. That next Christmas I got my first Canucks jersey.
  9. Fantenberg > Benn I will be upset if he is taken out the lineup upon Eddie's return.
  10. I kinda agree with you. I am a fan of Stetcher, but have been questioning how much he benefits the team compared to Fantenberg. He brings a bit of a spark but sometimes makes I'll advised passes IMO.