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  1. I've been preoccupied sorting my recycling during the game (wife's orders) lol. So I'm saying this from a 50% sample size! GCG!!
  2. Even Bo a little frustrated with Leivo judging by that stick slap on the ice. Leivo just doesnt have the hockey IQ to be in the top 6. Love him on the 3rd line, but Sutter - Gaudette -Virt is strong. Leivo is expendable.
  3. Guys a beauty. I love wearing my Willie Mitchell jersey. Especially to Flames home games
  4. Bear - Petey - Miller Pearson - Bo - Brock Ferland - Gaud - Virtanen Sutter - Beagle - Leivo Eventually subbing Rousell & Motte in when healthy.
  5. Does someone have a gif of Giordano diving? Asking for a friend.
  6. One thing that makes me sad is Edler wont be replaced by Hughes on the PP. He is a great defender, but unfortunately the old boys club rules apply... Line combos outside of Pearson/Bo/Miller are rough. However Gaudette played well. Lots to be frustrated about, but also I'm sure there are changes coming. Onto the next one. Cant wait for: Beartschi - Petey - Miller Pearson - Bo - Brock Ferland - Gaudette - Virtanen Rousell - Sutter - Motte It's only a matter of time.