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  1. Hahaha, I'm actually very serious about it. The taste of suffering is awful. I enjoyed my DOTS and gelatin free Jubes-Jubes.
  2. What are you listening to?

  3. [article] NHL 30 thoughts - Elliotte Friedman

    Scratch that, how about both? Thoughts?
  4. [article] NHL 30 thoughts - Elliotte Friedman

    7. A GM on the Vancouver Canucks: “One of the free-agent wingers is going there. Just have to figure out which one.” Word out of the combine was Boston and Loui Eriksson would take a final run at a deal. Please be Lucic and not Eriksson
  5. Goodbye to Jannick Hansen

    welcome to the boards lol
  6. Tanev, Edler, Tryamkin, Hutton, Gudbranson, Sbisa, Biega. I like it but we still lack offense from the blueline. Time will tell. And to everybody hating on JB.. You have to give assets to get assets. The thought of having two monsters in Tryamkin and Gudbranson on our blueline already has me drooling. We need that to compete in the west.
  7. Sign, Trade, Waive

    wut. Sign - Kane Trade - Teows Waive - Kopitar --------------------- Gaudreau / Ekblad / Kuznetsov
  8. Wow, your sig. Feels like ages ago. 

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      ooo is that still up haha wonder how I can take it down

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      Dont!!! My sig is of Kesler kissing Luongo :P Been up for years

  9. I'll take it, seems like a win-win hockey trade.
  10. [Trade] Kassian to EDM

    Addiction is a disease. It can however be treated by going to various groups and rehab. I have been clean for 18 months and trust me, I have been an addict all my life. My addiction only manifested through different means before touching drugs. In those 18 months clean I have done more with my life then the previous 20 years I have been on this planet. If Kassian accepts that he has a problem and starts living in the solution I have no doubt he will be a force. We had the pleasure of seeing spurts of his skill in a Canucks uniform, all while he was in active addiction. I truly wish the best for Kass. At this point it seems like he can either go two ways.. One would be to keep living in insanity and sabotage his once promising career only to become a drifter with a sob story. Or, seize this fresh start and build a foundation in Edmonton. Edmonton is starting to come around with strong play and seems to be a great place to readjust. Please, anybody referring to addiction as a moral dilemma, educate yourself.
  11. I saw him at the youngsters vs. jets. He was noticeable obviously because of his size, but he was pretty mean and intimidating out there. I can definitely see him getting a shot on the 4th line in the next few years, id say his upside is a solid 3rd liner. Regardless of his skills he would be valuable in the locker room.
  12. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Laurence Anyways 8/10. This film is about a mans journey of becoming a woman. If you have a bit of a quirky indie side to you, watch it. If not you'll probably judge it and quit watching 30 minutes in. Oh by the way it's a French Canadian film with english subtitles, it can be found on Netflix.