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  1. Scratch that, how about both? Thoughts?
  2. 7. A GM on the Vancouver Canucks: “One of the free-agent wingers is going there. Just have to figure out which one.” Word out of the combine was Boston and Loui Eriksson would take a final run at a deal. Please be Lucic and not Eriksson
  3. welcome to the boards lol
  4. Tanev, Edler, Tryamkin, Hutton, Gudbranson, Sbisa, Biega. I like it but we still lack offense from the blueline. Time will tell. And to everybody hating on JB.. You have to give assets to get assets. The thought of having two monsters in Tryamkin and Gudbranson on our blueline already has me drooling. We need that to compete in the west.
  5. I see where you're coming from, and I agree. We have some solid pieces in the Sedins, Hansen, Markstrom, Edler, and Sutter. We have some young guns in Horvat, Virtanen, McCann, and Tryamkin. The way I see it, if we acquire the right players we can be competitive. Some scoring forwards with grit ex) Okposo, Ladd, Weise, Lucic, Abdelkader and maybe a top 4 defenceman. I know I will get the "we will get knocked out in the first round or barely make the post-season", but the reality is once you make the playoffs anything can happen. We have already hit our bottom as OP has stated with two top 10 picks in the last three years. There is no need to sink down any further, we have a solid foundation. Besides, as we have seen there is no guarantee in landing a top 3 pick in the lottery. What Dallas has done takes guts but I believe in Benning.
  6. It has been said many times by management that the goal every year is to make the playoffs. After that anything can happen. This year we had some long term injuries to key players which created a diluted perception of the Canucks competitiveness. Virt, Baer, Bo, and McCann will come back stronger. We will have a healthy lineup, especially due to only 82 games being played. Marky will likely get more games (I think he is the better of our two tenders). Tryamkin will be here for all 82. Yes I think he is that big of a game changer. And we will have a very healthy internally competitive training camp with young players driving for roster spots. I see where people are coming with the premeditated 16-17 tank, but we have already hit our bottom. We have many young studs including a 5th overall to come. I would be very content with any of Okposo, Wiese, Lucic, Abdelkader, Ladd.
  7. There are no quick fixes to building a persistently competitive team. It has to be built up from the foundation up. This happens through good scouting, good drafting, and most importantly... time, which apparently is an anomoly to most Canucks fans.
  8. I wonder how his +/- stats are without Vrbata on his wing...
  9. By the looks of it a lot of CDCers are going to be UNsatisfied
  10. Very entertaining game to end this abysmal season. It feels like the end of an era. Burr, Hammer, Higgy, we'll miss you guys. Bring on some new faces and exciting hockey!!
  11. This. Weve already proven to ourselves playing soft doesn't win the cup. The Virtanen hit was late but it still doesn't change that fact.