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  1. Steve Moore on the Island is one of my favourite artists. Would love to get work done by him. https://www.instagram.com/getmooretattoos/
  2. Ducks make sense, Sharks don't as Dell has been solid in a backup roll. GMJB has a history of trading with Murray and it would fit his mo of sending players back home..burr within driving distance of pincourt and millsy close to his wife and kid.
  3. Can you feel the funk
  4. The ol Pivonka, what a blast from the past. I'm going to pull some of my cards out of storage after reading this thread!
  5. Way better not having to listen to Stevie goat her way through it.
  6. That's using your head. Maybe he gets the horvat treatment...opens up the year in the AHL.
  7. They've only had 8 years to work on the chemistry with burrows and almost a full season with vrbata. These guys are consumate pro's and if they feel they need more ice time to prep they're going to let Willie know.
  8. I'd rather have a wrecking ball flying around out there instead of a cerebral pylon.
  9. Time to show and prove, roster spots on the line tonight. You can be sure for Saturday's game they will be going with as close to the regular season lineup as possible. Stoked to see what the young'ns will do tonight
  10. He's 24 and has had 3 seasons in the A. He needs to prove his worth in the NHL, this year.
  11. What happened to Nurse? I haven't followed the Oil this preseason, is he looking like he will stick around? I value him higher then Reinhart.