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  1. Don't know what the protocol is as he was on a PTO. Regardless, he is likely not being signed.
  2. Is pettersson playing today? Having a hard time finding him...#40 right?
  3. Maybe a bit of a homer since I drunkenly stumbled on Theodore's foot a couple years back but I feel like he's going to slot right into their top 4 and get good pp time. Guy has been buried behind the Ducks stacked D for last couple years, time to shine. I'd predict a 35+pt season.
  4. If the report is accurate, not exactly a great start for the McPhee management team. Also there goes Sbisa's chance to hear his name called out at the NHL awards.
  5. A few mentions of Liljegren here, were the nucks not one of three teams that didn't interview him at the combine? I feel like that's a pretty clear statement of zero interest.
  6. Rather have Gaunce than Sbisa. The trade Tanev contingent likely not too pleased...unless LVGK pulls a fast one and scoops Boucher
  7. This isn't a sociology experiment, it's a billion dollar entertainment industry and you need to pay to play. Unless you're a vegan monk* who donates all your resources and time to helping the needy get off your high horse. *disclaimer...If you're the reincarnation of mother theresa then I apologize. It's not how you start, it's how you finish. I agree the previous expansion teams paved the way and this is seemingly the best start a team has got outside of the original 6, but it's a marathon not a sprint. Most teams have a handful of new players each year and it can throw off chemistry, it will be very interesting to see how a team of players that have never played together gels. I'm predicting a bottom 6 finish, they are picking up teams 11th best/most valued player with a few exceptions.
  8. Damn, I spaced out and forgot about it. Did anybody end up going and pick up some goodies?
  9. Smith had a down year (37pts -13) and is on the books for 5 more years at 5milly. Looks like Fla has designs on another winger to replace these 2. I wouldn't say either are impact players and Tallon is fairly adept at trading players away with value and keeping his squad competitive.
  10. I'm shocked by this as well. But good for Shea, gonna be given a fair shake at top pairing and top pp mins in Vegas if this shakes out as stated above. He was buried in Ana and after the playoffs it looked like the ducks preferred Montour.
  11. At least the NHL isn't where the NBA is...yet
  12. Can't see philly doing this, unless they're getting a stud goalie in return...Fleury stays in Pennsylvania
  13. 30 teams and if all was fair each team would win once every 30yrs. sounds dumb right.
  14. So stoked for today. The birth of the 31st franchise in the NHL! and it looks like its a big boy with a full head of hair and a hammer.